Swaragini (you are my soul) episode 3


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Let’s begin
Swarag break the hug and wipe each others tears
Swara:you na laado I hate tears (she said in a dramatic way)
Ragini laughs
Ragini:ok ok sorry baba
Sanskar:you both love each other a lot right
Laksh:but seriously Swara I never thought that a jungli billi like you can cry also
Sanskar:you are right lucky and you know what ragini has a water tank in her eyes she was crying and crying but her tears were not stopping only
And both the brothers agve a hifi to each other only to gain a you are dead look from swarag
Swara:lucky you
And she started chasing her

(It is night and all the employee went from the office so no one is there in the office)
Ragini:Sanskar you teased me
And she also started chasing him
Now swarag and sanlak were running in the whole office while running ragini looses her balance and is about to fall but two muscular hands held her
Ragini closes her eyes due to fear and Sanskar admires her beauty
Ragini opens her eyes and sees herself in Sanskar embrace so she quickly composes herself
Ragini:umm wo thank you
Sanskar:your most welcome and sorry for teasing you
Ragini:it’s ok
Sanskar:actually ragini if you dont mind can we have dinner together I mean with swalak
Ragini:will swalak agree
Swalak:we have already agreed ragini
Ragini:ok then let’s go
All of them go to a nearby hotel and sit
Waiter:hello mam hello sir what will you take
Ragsan:fried rice
And they both smile at each other
Waiter:oh ho madam and sit I think you both are made for each other your likes are also same
Ragsan blushes
Laksh:ok now go

Then the food comes they have the food and leave after sometime
When they come out of the hotel it starts raining
Swara:wow it’s raining
And she goes in the rain and spreads her hands in the rain
Ragsanlak also join her all of them have fun in the rain
After sometime Swara start sneezing
Raglak get concerned about her
Ragini:Swara what was the need of getting wet in the rain you know na you are so sensitive
Laksh:yes swraa ragini is correct you should be careful
Swara:offo guys chill it’s only sneeze nothing is gonna happen let me enjoy the rain
And she again started enjoying the rain
After sometime all of them sit in the car
(Swarag car is in garage so sanlak are going to drop them)
Swara start sneezing badly
Ragini and Laksh stare at her
Swara:I’m sory yaar I was very happy to stand in the rain
Ragini:see now you catched cold
Saying this ragini also started sneezing
Swara:ragini you know na get cold very fast then why you got wet in the rain
And both the sisters strted to argue for Evan other health
Sanskar:enough now stop it and swarag if you don’t mind pls come to our house there mom will make her special kaada for you both and you’ll will feel good
After lot of argument swarag finally agreed for going to sanlak house

Sanlak house
Swarag and sanlak eneter the house
Uttara sees them and shouts
Uttara:mom see Bhai has come with bhabhi
Swarag were confused but sanlak were angry
Sanlak:Uttara ki bacchi they are not your bhabhi they are our friend
Uttara:if they are not my bhabhi so what they can beacome my bhabhi
And she winks at them and they give her a dead glare
Uttara:ok ok sorry
Ap comes down and sees swarag she asks sanlak about them
Sanlak tell her every thing
Ap agrees to make kaada for them
Ap and Uttara go towards swarag to greet them as soon as swarag see ap they hug her tightly
Everyone was confused at their sudden act
Swarag break the hug and say
Swara:ap aunty you don’t remember us
Ragini:yes aunty see we remember you after 13 yrs and you forgot your laado and shona
Ap thinks and she smiles brightly
Ap:shona laado my daughter how are you both
And how is shekar bhaisa and sumi bhabhi
Swara crys and says
Swara:they are very far away aunty they left us
Ap crys
Ap:don’t cry my bacchi
And she hugs her
Ragini:aunty you forgot me
Ap:no my laado
And she hugs her also
Then they break the hug
And see sanlakutt confused faces
Ap:aree beta they are swaragini your child hood best friend remember when we shifted to us you were so sad because you didn’t want to leave them
Uttara:but mom I don’t remember
Ap:you were small that time that’s why
Uttara:oh ok
Sanlak remember their childhood
And hug ragini and Swara respectively

All of them are very happy because they got their childhood friend
Ap:Swara ragini you go and change Uttara give them your clothes and show them the guest room
You both are going to stay here tonight
Ap:no its and bits
Rehydration both agree
After sometime swaragini come out wearing Uttara’s night suit and they were looking beautiful
Ap brings kaada for them and makes them drink it forcefully
They make weird faces after drinking it
Swara:aunty it’s so bitter
Ap:ok now I’m very tired I’m going to sleep you all also sleep
Everyone go to sleep
In sanlak room sanlak are thinking about ragini and Swara respectively
Swarag are also thinking about them
After sometime they sleep

Precap:Ragsan scene Sanskar takes care of ragini

I know today there were no Ragsan and swalak scene but I promise tomorrow there will be both the couple scene

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Credit to: Sumi

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