swaragini my soul episode 4

recap: virat thinking about ragini…

all r worried for ragini as she has not yet come to home…
all tried to ragini but her mob is swiched off…
shekhar: maa ragini dudnt cum yet its already 9:00pm i hope everything is okay with her
sumi: let us in form to police they may help us

ragini: sir how long should we wait here my parents will be worried i didnt even called them from so long
virat: dnt worry miss gadodia i called my friend he will be coming

at d same time a car came virat called ragini n asked to sit at back
ragini was shocked to c that person

virat:chalo bhai chalte hain…
laksh:ya sure by d way virat when did u cum back to india u didnt informed me
(guys virat n his mom wre in u.s knw they shifted here only)

virat n laksh convo ragini feeling uncomfortable
laksha: by d way who is dis girl
ragini was shocked to here that

virat introduced ragini
raglak were starring each other through mirror…
laksha recalled how she slapped n insulted him
ragini: y god y i am trying to forget my past but y this man will cum back n hurt me..i cant bare this anymore
virat: thought something wiered but ignored

they reached baadi
ragini:thank you sir
virat:ur welcum
while going sge was about to fall when virat hold her they shared a cute eyelock (sanja na ve song played in bg)

laksh felt very angry on virat he was about to beat when they heard swara calling ragini
virag came to there sense

swara:ragu whete were u??u didnt even called me ???ru fine???
y ur cloths r wet???ragu reply me???y ru silent u knw how much u scared us ragu reply na n took a deep breath
ragini:shona calm down ntg happened to me y ru so tensed n sir was with me he only dropped me he was so caring n….
ragini realised wat she told but didnt wat was happening
virat felt very happy to hear that
swara in a teasing tone:caring sir haa…thank you sir for taking care of my laado….
virat didnt knw how to react ge gave a blank smile

laksh was fuming what the hell is dis how can this happen she changed so much in one day..
she didnt even thanked me i was d one who dropped her…but why i feel bad when she was taliking about virat…why i am feeling to kill him..what is happening to me????

swara then saw laksh standing n was shocked when she was about to tell something but she was stopped by ragini…
ragini signed to be calm
ragini thanked virat n asked him to go knw coz it was already 10:30…
virat: bye ragu… i..mean ragini n bye swara…

swaragini said bye n went….

swara:what did laksh doing here??y did u stopped me???
ragini relax shona i will tell everything first let us get in…

here both virat n laksh thinking about how she admired virat….

to be continued….

precap: swasan…..

guys i hope u liked it ….plz guys tell me if ur liking or not….coz i am not getting much comments.. next episode i will be posting 2mrw….as i am in 12th n my exams r cuming so i have to prepare for that also i hope it is okay….guys plz plz comment…

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  1. Too good… Loved it.. Keep writing..
    And all the best for your exams

    1. thank you joona…

  2. amazing…

    1. thank you cute girl..

    1. sindhu my ff is good or not tell me???coz u have written many ff…n one more thing swathi n roshni r same…i hope u knw swathi…thank you for commenting

    1. thank you arthi

  3. Please make virat and ragini as a couple I don’t want to see raglak in ur ff even though I’m a huge raglak fan. And who is playing virat role???is it Karan tacker??

    1. yes it will be virag only dnt worry…it is karan tacker i had mentioned that in epi 2….thank you for commenting..

    2. it is virag only dnt worry…n virat is played by karan i think i mentioned that in epi 2…thanks for ur comment….

    1. thank you…keira

    2. thank you keira

  4. very nice

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  5. superb n all the best for ur xams

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  6. Good one…..go on writing…… atb

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  7. Nice episode… Make Laksh feel jealous… Want to see him jealous…

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  8. Superb I am loving your story and virag…

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