Swaragini (you are my soul) episode 2


Thank you so much guys for your adorable comments and seenu di sorry if you didn’t like the story I’ll try to make it better
So here it is

Sanlak open the door and are shocked to see swarag sitting in the cabin paying full attention to their work
(Swarag share the same cabin and table )
Swarag see them and
Swarag and sanlak:tum what are you doing here
They all said at the same time
Swara:what are you doing here following us see ragini I told you that they are not good
Laksh:oh hello madam I’m not following you I’m not in so bad condition also that I will follow you huh
Ragini:Swara keep quite
Sanskar:Laksh you also
Ragini:so Sanskar how come you’ll both are here
Sanskar:actually we are here to do deal with the gadodias
Swara(shocked):it means you are maheswaris
Laksh also see her name plate and says
Laksh(shocked):you are swaragini gadodia the owner of this company
Swara :yes ofcouse
Ragini:I’m glad that we will sign this deal
Sanskar:me too
Swara:wait first we have to discuss and introduce ourselves formally
Laksh:ok done
Ragsan:thank god you both agreed on
And they smile at each other
Swara:hi I’m Swara Swara gadodia
Laksh I’m Laksh maheswari aka lucky
And they shake hands shooting daggers at each other
Ragini :hi I’m ragini gadodia nice to meet you
Sanskar:hi I’m Sanskar maheswari
And they shake hands smilingly
Then raglak and swasan shake hands with each other
Swara:so Mr maheswari let’s begin with the meeting
Sanskar:actually miss gadodia you can call us by our name
Laksh:yes And don’t think this is special treatment for you we don’t allow any of our clients to call us Mr maheshwari
Ragini:ok so from now on we will call you both by your names but we have a condition
Laksh:look now this sister will also keep conditions but not her fault what to do when her elder sister is only like this (indicating Swara)
Swara:oh hello don’t tell anything to my sister
Sanskar:lucky we are here to sign a deal not to fight tell ms gadodia what is your condition
Ragini:you also have to call us by our names ok

Swara:so now we will begin with our meeting
And they were busy with their meeting for nearly 3 hrs
After that Ragsan and swalak congratulate each other
Sankaa:I’m very happy that now we are business partners
Swarag:we also
Sanskar :so now when we are business partners can we be friends
He extended his hands towards ragini
Ragini accepted his friendship
Ragini:I’ll be glad to become your friend Sanskar
Then sankar asks Swara for friendship and she also agreed
Laksh:ragini acn we be friends
Ragini:sure Laksh
Laksh:waise Swara if you want we can be friends
Swara:who will become your friend
Laksh fine then
Then they all exchange numbers
Now all of them have each others number swalak also have each others number
Just then Laksh gets a call
Laksh:excuse me
And he attends the call
Laksh on the call:yes mom don’t worry we are fine and we will eat are food on time and yes pls take your medicine on time ok bye take care
Phone call over

Laksh:sorry actually mom is very caring So
And he saw Swara is crying and ragini is teary eyed
Laksh:why are you crying swarag Sanskar why’s happen to them
Sanskar:I don’t know lucky
Laksh:why are you crying Swara tell something
Swara runs out of the cabin
Ragini:Swara where are you going swara
Laksh:what happen ragini
Ragini:Sanskar Laksh I’ll tell you everything but not now pls help me to find shins my Swara
And she crys
Sanskar:don’t worry ragini we’ll help you to find Swara
Laksh:yes ragini I’m going to find her she must be near only you don’t worry
Saying this Laksh went out to find Swara he was searching her everywhere
Rafsanjani were also searching her
Ragini started crying
Sanskar:ragini don’t cry well find her
Ragini:where is she
And she crys and hugs Sanskar
Sanskar doesn’t know what to do
So he doesn’t react
Ragini comes in her senses
Ragini:I’m sorry I didn’t know I umm
Sanskar:it’s ok ragini
Again they were finding her
Laksh was finding Swara and he saw her sitting on the bridge where ragini pushed her
He went near her and saw her crying he didn’t know why he was feeling bad by seeing her crying
Laksh Sat beside her and offered hanky to her
Swara saw him and accepted the hanky she wiped her tears
Swara :I’m sorry, ragini must have send you to search me right because of me your time is wasted
Laksh:no don’t say sorry it’s ok but why were you crying
Swara:I don’t know why but I feel like sharing this with you when I was 15 yrs old my parents died in a accident I and ragini were totally broken but we somehow consoled ourselves because we had to fulfil our parents dream

They wanted us to be successful in life and see now we are in the top 10 leading companies of India I cried because when you were talking to your mom I remembered my mom she also used to take care of us like this only
Laksh was teary eyed listening to her
Laksh:I’m sorry because of me you cried
Swara:no need to say sorry it’s not your fault and yes you are very lucky to get such a caring mom
Laksh:yes I’m indeed lucky
Swara:I’m sorry for my today’s behavior
Laksh:I’m also sorry so friends
Swara:yes friends
Then Laksh calls Sanskar and tells him that he got Swara
Sanskar tells ragini that Laksh is bringing Swara to office we will also go there
When they reach office ragini tells about the reason why Swara ran
Sanskar felt bad for her
After sometime swalak enter office smiling
Ragini hugs Swara
Ragini :where you went you know I was so scared
And she made an innocent face
Then swarag hug each other while sanlak admire their bond
Swaragini plays in background

Precap:swalak and Ragsan having dinner together and some light moments

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Credit to: Sumi

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