Swaragini (you are my soul) episode 1


Thank you so much guys for your overwhelming comments I was happy to read all your comments
Actually I’m a great raglak and swasan fan so I can’t imagine swalak and ragsan but as many of you wanted it as swalak and ragsan so this ff pairs will be swalak and ragsan
I’m sorry swasan and raglak fans but I promise after this ff I will write swasan and raglak ff
Pls support me in this ff also guys

So lets begin
A beautiful room is shown and a girl is peacefully sleeping on the bed
Then the alarm rings and the girl quickly gets up
Girl gets up and goes to another room and wakes up another beautiful girl
First girl:laado get up we have an important meeting with the maheswari’s
Yes the first girl is Swara and the other girl is ragini
Ragini:offo shona ok I’m gettin up you go and get ready

Saying this ragini gets up and goes to washroom
Swara also goes to get ready

After sometime both swarag come down to have breakfast
Swara:kaki where is our breakfast
Kaaki:here it is Swara beti
Swarag:thank you kaki

They both eat the breakfast and go to their office in their car
In the car
Swara:you know ragini if this deal is signed we will have lots of profit
Ragini:yes I hope the deal is finalized
Swara:hope so
Scene shifts to sanlak house
Laksh is 24 yrs old
Sanskar:lucky I hope this deal is signed
Lucky:yes it will bring lots of profit

Ap:ofcouse you both will get this deal after all you both are best
Sayini this she blesses them
Sanlak:thanks mom
They both also leave in their car for their clients office
Swarag and sanlak both are going.In their car suddenly dwarfs car broke down and coincidentally sanlak saw
Sanlak being kundhearted
Laksh:excuse me we can give you lift
Swara:no thanks we don’t take lift from strangers and we didn’t ask you also tbemmn why you are asking trying to flirt with us huh
Laksh:excuse me I’m being knife and you are shouting at me only I should have not asked only
Swara:so who told you to ask huh
And they both started fighting
Ragsan entered their fight
Rafsanjani:stop it

Swalak stopped and looked innocently to them
Ragini:what is this Swara you know we are getting late still you are fighting now our car also broke how will we go
Sanskar:and lucky who told you to start fighting in the middle of the road say sorry
Ragini:Swara you also say sorry
Swalk:no way ragini/Sanskar
Ragsan:I’m sorry on behalf of her/him
And they both burst out laughing
While swalak were staring at shooting daggers at each other
Sanskar:now if you don’t mind can we drop you
Ragini:umm actually yes because we are already late
Swara:but ra
Ragini:Swara we are late
Sanskar :so where should we drop you
Ragini:gadodia industrial it’s near only
Sera:why do you have any problem
Sanskar:no come sit
And the four drive off
As Soon as they reach Swarag run inside after telling thanks
Sanskar:who are they
Laksh:arre Bhai ofcouse they would be employees otherwise why will they run like this
Sanskar:maybe right come lets go
They both go inside and asks the receptionist
The way to the boss cabin

The receptionist show them the way
They both go towards the direction and knock the door of their cabin
Girl:come in
And they both enter the cabin and are shocked to see ……….

Precap:swalak nock jhock and ragsan friend ship

Guys pls comment if you want to continue

Credit to: Sumi

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  1. its really nice…n swalak fight ….keep writing

    1. Thanks pooja di

  2. Superb dear and thanks for Swalak and Ragsan

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  3. its so nice. interesting concept. pls update regularly.

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    1. Thankk you sindhura di

  4. Seenu90

    wat ya same concept and same story..dnt u have any other ideas.,

    1. I’m sorry seenu di if you didn’t like it I’ll try to write something new and interestingand your ideas are most welcome

  5. superbb…

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  6. Actually guys there is a small correction In the intro Laksh is 25 yrs and Sanskar is 23 yrs sorry for the mistake

    1. Thank you j

  7. Ragsan part is nice, try to add more ragsan scenes

    1. Thanks lovely di glad you liked it

  8. Awwww…jst loved rags…awesome episode☺☺??

  9. Awesome thanls for swalak

  10. Megha123

    Awsm loved swaragini sanlak’s nokjhok Cum friendship eagerly waiting for nxt part try to post it asap

  11. Akshata

    loved ragsan part.

  12. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely epi
    Waiting for the next one………..

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