Swaragini (you are my soul) epi 1

Thank you so much guys for your overwhelming comments and yes there is a small change in the intro rohya (rohit and riya) are not engaged they are going to get engaged

Let’s begin
Swara is in her cabin she is telling something to her patient
Patient:thank you Dr bcuz if you my daughter is fine
Swara:it’s ok Mr sharma it’s my duty and yes take care of simran
Mr sharma:yes Dr
Mr sharma goes out
Swara assistant comes in
Rushi:mam all the patient are over now you can go
Swara:ok thank you rushi
Swara goes outside the hospital she is about to sit in her car but suddenly she sees a man is fallen down she quickly goes to that man and is going to help him stand up but a handsome guy also comes to help they both make the man stand
Man:thank you children may God bless you
Swasan:it’s ok it’s my duty
They both look at eo
Swara:uncle are you ok
Man:yes beta I’m fine
And the man goes

Swara also goes and sits in her and is going to start the car when she sees that Sanskar car tyre is punctured
She lowers the window and asks
Swara:excuse me do you need lift
Sanskar:umm yes no I mean yes
Swara:ok sit I’ll drop you
Sanskar:thank you
And he sits in teh car
Swara start to drive
Swara:so where do want to go
Sanskar:gc road columbus street
(I have just written any road so pls don’t be confused)
Swara:ok well I’m Swara gadodia
Sanky:I’m Sanskar mitra
Swara(shocked):what you are the owner of the mitra hospital right
Sanskar:yes and if I’m not mistaken you are Dr Swara cancer specialist
Swara:yes well do you stay in Columbus street
Sanskar:no why
Swara:because I live there but I dint see you
Sanskar:yes actually today is my sister’s engagement so I’m going there the groom family lived there

They reach the street
Sanskar:thank Dr Swara now I’ll go from here
Swara:ok Dr Sanskar bye
And Sanskar leave Swara also goes to her home
Swara reaches first and goes to her room to get ready
Swara room
Ragini:shona you are late I’m waiting from so long
Swara:sorry rags I was busy
Rags:ok now get ready fast I’m ready and I’m going down bhabhi’s family will come anytime
Swara:ok I’ll get ready fast
Ragini goes down and Swara gets ready

Precap:swasan shocked to see eo raglak first meet

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  1. Sorry for no raglak scenes but there will be raglak scenes in the next chapter

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