Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 9


Recap: Rajnath and Sakshi come home.

The episode begins with Laksh getting shocked, Laksh thinks and looks at Ragini,
Laksh: Okay Papa, I’m ready!
DP is shocked, Rajnath looks at RP and RP looks at him back, Ragini is dazed, Sanskaar smiles,
Dev: Okay, we don’t have time, we need to start now.
Sakshi comes down,
Sakshi: What’s so hurrying Dev beta?
Dev: Mom, we need to crack this deal, this deal means everything to us, Sanskaar cracked the other one, I need to crack this one and Laksh can crack the other one if he wants.
Laksh looks at him,
Sakshi: We just came back Dev, relax Dev beta, all you think is about work, who will give family his time?
Dev: But Mom…..
Sakshi: Please Dev, at least have breakfast!
Dev nods, Sakshi smiles,
Sakshi: So Bhaisa, how have you been?
DP: How were you?
Sakshi lets a fake smile out: I was fine Bhaisa.
Sakshi looks at Ragini,
Sakshi: Bhabhi, you is this?
AP: This is Ragini.
Sakshi: Ragini?
Sujata: Yes, my chore Sanskaars wife!
Shaan: Bhai, you got married?
Dev: Congrats, when?
Sanskaar: Yesterday.
Sakshi: How comes you didn’t inform us Bhaisa?
RP: It happened it a hurry so what would’ve we told you Bhabhi?
Sakshi: What do you mean?
RP tells Sakshi and Sakshi looks at Ragini,
Sakshi: Okay, Congrats Sanskaar, we didn’t know you were in a hurry to marry, it’s Laksh’s marriage happening right?
AP nods,
Sakshi walks up to Ragini,
Sakshi: Well since everyone chose you then I don’t have a problem, so welcome to the Maheshwari family, Ra…?
Ragini: Ragini
Sakshi: Haa, I hope you know the expectations?
Sujata: Haa Bhabhi, we taught her what we know so I think she knows everything.
Sakshi looks at Sujata,
Sakshi: I was asking her Sujata, well anyways if she knows the rules and expectations then she should know who I am!
Sakshi looks back at Ragini,
Sakshi: Where are you from?
Ragini: I was born in Kolkata.
Sakshi: Really? Where?
Ragini remembers Shekhar and Sumi,
Ragini: Here.
Sakshi: In this house?
Ragini: No, in this city.
Sakshi: What language can you speak?
Ragini: I can speak Hindi, Marwari, Bengali and Panjabi.
Sakshi gets surprised,
Sakshi: Bengali?
All get surprised,
Ragini: My Maa is Bengali and My Baba is Marwari.
Sakshi says something in Bengali and Ragini replies in Bengali, Sakshi gets impressed, Sanskaar looks tensed, Laksh smiles.
Sakshi: I’m a Bengalan too but I’m full.
DP looks up, Rajnath looks at DP,
Sakshi lets a smile out: I might be wasting everyone’s time so shall we go for breakfast?
Sanskaar lets a sigh out,
AP: Come.
Sujata thinks: She knows Bengali too, she is impressed Sakshi Bhabhi, but her parents,….
AP: Sujata?!
Sujata looks at AP,
Sujata: Sorry JiJi.
AP: Where is your focus?
Sujata: Nothing JiJi, come lets go.

They all sit for breakfast, Shaurya calls Laksh and Laksh picks it up and DP looks at him, Laksh then notices DP and cuts the call and sends him a message. DP is glaring at Laksh, Laksh looks away,
Laksh: So Shaan, have you found a school yet?
Shaan: Haa Bhai, I’m going to study in Kolkatas best and renowned school.
Laksh: That’s good.
Shaan: I can’t wait till I finish, I’m 17 so when I’m 19 I’ll finish.
Laksh: Why 19?
Shaan: Because I have to spend 1 more year in school.
Laksh: Oh, like I did?
Shaan: Your reason was different and my reason is different!
Ragini comes out and places food on the table, Sanskaar looks at her, him and Dev talk about business stuff, Sanskaar is lost in Ragini,
Dev: Are you even listening?!
Sanskaar comes back to sense,
Sanskaar: Haa, uh…this….
Dev: If you stop looking at her then you would hear me!
Sanskaar smiles and scratches the back of his head and Ragini smiles,
Laksh: How can Bhai control?
Sanskaar glares at Laksh,
DP: What do you mean?!
Laksh: Nothing!
DP: Tell me!
Laksh looks at Dev,
Laksh: Papa, Sanskaar needs a toilet!
DP: You can go Sanskaar but be quick!
Sanskaar nods and goes to the toilet, he waits outside for 2 minuets.

Sakshi puts some food on her plate, everyone put food on their plate, Sanskaar comes back and sits down, he sees his plate full up with the food, Dev leans in,
Dev: Don’t look confused, your wife had put it there for you!
Sanskaar nods,
DP: We can start now!
They all nod and Sakshi tastes it,
Sakshi: Who made this?!
All looks at her,
Sujata: Ragini did, why?
Ragini looks at her nervously, Sanskaar looks at Sakshi,
Sanskaar: What happened Choti Ma?
Sakshi smiles: No need to worry Sanskaar, your wife made such a tasty food, I’m impressed.
Ragini and Sanskaar smiles, Laksh looks on,
Sakshi: Have you have her a gift Bhaisa?
DP nods no,
Sakshi: Come on Bhaisa, she should deserve her gift, stop being stingy!
DP looks at her, Sakshi fake smiles,
Sakshi: Bhaisa, I was joking, but anyways Ragini should get a gift.
DP nods, he takes money out and gives it to Ragini but Ragini refuses,
Sujata: Take it Chori! Bhaisa never gave that much money, take it!
Ragini nods and takes it.
Sakshi: Hasn’t Aadarsh and Parineeta come back from America?
DP nods no.

Breakfast is over, DP, Dev, Rajnath, Sanskaar and Laksh leave for office.
In office:
Everyone get shocked to see Dev that they stood up as soon as they saw him,
Employer: Dev Sirs back!
2: I know!
3: Oh God!
1: If it was Rajnath sir only or Sanskaar sir the I would’ve said its okay but Dev sir?’
2: Is that Laksh?
3: Yes, he came too?
Dev hears them,
Dev: Your here to work! Not waste time and talk! Get working!
They nod
Dev: Are you just going to stand here or do some work?!
They sit down and start doing their work, Laksh smiles.

They come back home, Sakshi comes down wearing designer saree,
Sakshi: It’s my friends birthday party today, so I’m going.
Ragini brings water, she was about to give it to Sakshi when Laksh accidentally pushes DP while coming and the water falls on Sakshi, Sakshi gets and and Ragini gets shocked.
Sakshi: What the hell?!
Ragini: Sorry, I….
Sakshi: I brought this saree today and now look, Bhaisa!
All look at Sakshi,
Sakshi: It’s not your fault Ragini, Bhaisa, you spilt this by purpose because you didn’t want me to go!
Rajnath: What are you saying Sakshi?!
Sakshi: Okay Sorry, it was an accident, I’ll go and change!
Sakshi goes in,
AP: There is one good news.
RP: What Bhabhi?
AP: We spoke to pandit Ji and pandit Ji said….
Sujata (sad): He said that the Laksh’s wedding would be in 3 days.
Laksh, Ragini and Sanskaar are shocked.

Precap: Ragini thinks to meet Swara and tell her the truth.

Credit to: Halima

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