Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 8

Recap: Shaurya and Laksh make a plan.

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The episode begins with the sun rising and MM is shown, Ragini wakes up as the Suns Ray’s hit her face, she sees Sanskaar sleeping, Sanskaar is getting disturbed by the Suns light, Ragini gets up and stands in front of the sun, she then turns around and shuts the blind, she turns around and sees Sanskaar sleeping peacefully, Ragini then gets an idea and writes a note for Sanskaar and places it next to him and gets changed and goes downstairs, she sees AP and Sujata doing preparations,
Ragini: What happened?
Sujata: You don’t know Chori, Bhabhi is coming back after 5 months.
AP: Yes, we are doing the arrangement to welcome them.
Sujata: Where’s Sanskaar?
Ragini: He’s sleeping.
Sujata: What?! quickly wake him up before Bhaisa comes, else he will be gone.
Ragini nods,
Sujata: And yes, bring Laksh as well!
Ragini looks on,
Ragini: Me?
Sujata: Naa, your saare, obviously you!
Ragini: Okay.
Sujata: Now hurry!
Ragini goes to Lakshs room, she knocks and waits, Laksh doesn’t open the door, she knocks again and Laksh opens with his clothes on,
Laksh: I’m ready Bhabhi, I think you should go to bahi.
Ragini rolls her eyes,
Laksh: If you want I’ll bring Bhai out.
Ragini: No need I’ll do it myself!
Laksh: No it’s okay Bhabhi, I’ll go.
Laksh gets a call,
Laksh: It’s Swaras call, I promised her that I will wake up early today.
Ragini looks on, Ragini leaves and Laksh smirks, he picks the call up,
Laksh: Thanks, your plan is working mere Bhai!
Shaurya: Who said Shauryas plans never work?
Laksh: You called right on time.
Shaurya: Now plan for part B!
Laksh: True, how’s your Mama Ji?
Shaurya: I told you before that Mama Ji is mad, how’s Bade Papa?
Laksh: As usual.
Shaurya: Okay bye, I have a date with Sarah.
Laksh laughs and the phone disconnects. Laksh thinks and smirks.

Ragini comes to her room and sees Sanskaar ready and smiling while reading her note, Ragini then smiles, Sanskaar sees her,
Ragini: I’m sorry, I didn’t give you a chance to speak.
Sanskaar: Its okay Ragini, I wasn’t mad.
Ragini: You weren’t mad?
Sanskaar: Yh
Ragini: You were.
Sanskaar: I wasn’t
Ragini: You were
Sanskaar: I wasn’t
Ragini: You were mad!
Sujata comes in,
Sujata: What are you two arguing about? I’m mad your mad? If you two don’t shut up then I will go mad!
Ragini and Sanskaar look at her,
Sujata: Come quick, Bhabhi and Jetji is here!
They nod and Sujata goes outside, they look at each other and start laughing.

Rajnath and Sakshi enter MM, AP smiles at them, DP stands still and Rajnath smiles at him, AP does the Aarti and welcomes them two in,
Sujata comes down,
Sujata: Bhabhi, where is Kangana and Dev and Shaurya and Shaan?
Shaan comes in,
Shaan: You called Shaan and Shaan is here!
Shaan takes blessings from AP, DP, Sujata and RP,
Sujata: It’s good you came back Shaan, the house was empty without you.
Sanskaar, Laksh and Ragini come down,
Kangana comes,
Kangana: Chachi, you didn’t miss me?
Sujata: Chori, I missed you.
Shaan: But she missed me more!
Laksh: Shaan!
Shaan goes up to Laksh and hugs him, Uttra comes and Sujata smiles,
Sujata: How was it?
Uttra: It was okay!
Laksh: How were you Shaan? I missed you the most!
Kangana: And me?
Laksh thinks, Kangana hits him on the shoulder and he hugs her,
Uttra: You missed them but not me right?
Lakshya opens his other arm and Uttra comes and hugs him, Sakshi smiles.
Sakshi: Bhabhi, I’ll go and fresh up.
AP nods and Sakshi walks up, she notices Ragini and stops, Sakshi then goes up.
Rajnath hugs DP and RP,
RP: I missed you Bhai, you don’t know how I coped without you for 5 months.
DP looks at him,
RP: Na Na, I meant to say that me and Bhaisa missed you.
DP looks away and Rajnath smiles,
DP: Where is Dev?
Rajnath: He’s coming Bhaisa.
DP: And Shaurya?
Rajnath: He’s coming after 10 months.
DP: Okay.
DP in his head: Thank God Shaurya isn’t here otherwise I had to feel ashamed because of him and Laksh. Now it’s just Laksh that needs to go.
Rajnath: What happened Bhaisa?
DP: Nothing.
Dev walks in, he is talking on the phone,
Dev: I want the meeting today!
Caller: Sir, you came back today and….
Dev: No! I want the meeting to finalise today and if you don’t do it then your fired!
Dev disconnects the phone, Sanskaar walks up to him,
Sanskaar: Dev chill.
Dev: How can I chill, you know I take work seriously.
DP looks at him proudly,
Dev: This meeting can get us to top?
Rajnath: Relax Dev.
Dev: How can I Papa?
RP: You just got back, take rest.
Dev: Sorry Chacha Ji but I can’t, I need to crack this deal!
DP: Why doesn’t Laksh join this project with you?
All get shocked, Laksh who was talking to Shaan, Kangana and Uttra didn’t hear anything.
Dev: Are you sure Bade Papa?
DP: Yes and take Sanskaar!
Dev: I’m ready to take Sanskaar but are you sure Laksh can do it?
Sujata: What are you saying Bhaisa?
DP: Why what’s wrong?!
Rajnath: Nothing but will he manage?
RP: Bhaisa, if Shaurya can’t then forget Laksh.
DP: Laksh is working with this project and that’s final!
Laksh hears that and gets shocked,
Laksh: But Papa…..
DP: If anyone has a problem with it then I don’t care, your going to get married and you should take responsibilities!
Laksh thinks how he will execute the plan if he goes office.
Ragini looks at him, she thinks that he will never accept it.

Precap: Ragini is introduced to the family, Laksh hears another shocking news.

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Shaurya Maheshwari: Vatsal Sheth
Rajnath Maheshwari: Ayub Khan
Sakshi Maheswari: Simone Singh
Kangana Maheshwari: Poonam Preet
Dev Maheshwari: Barun Sobti
Shaan Maheshwari: Aryan Khan)

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