Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 7


Recap: Raginis Moh dikhayi and Laksh seeing Ragini.

The episode begins with Laksh getting shocked to see Ragini, Ragini looks up and is stunned to see Laksh, Laksh breaks the hug and looks at Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: What happened Laksh?
Ragini is confused and shocked,
Laksh: Nothing Bhai, congrats.
Laksh leaves in a hurry, he takes his phone out and calls someone, Ragini: What is he doing here?
Sanskaar: I wanted to tell you Ragini but I didn’t get the chance.
Ragini: Say what you want to say clearly!
Sanskaar: Laksh is my brother.
Ragini (shocked): What?!
Sanskaar nods yes,
Ragini: I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you were related to him!
Sanskaar: I wanted to but….
Ragini leaves upset and Sanskaar looks on.

Ragini wakes up from a shock, she looks around and breathes heavily, a women comes in and gives her water,
Woman: You had the same dream again right?
Ragini takes the water and nods, she starts drinking, she finishes and the woman takes the glass and puts it on the table,
Ragini: Thanks Preeti
Preeti: It’s okay Rags, no need to say thanks.
Ragini: Where’s Shanaya and Radha?
Preeti: Where they would usually be.
Ragini gets out of bed and stands near the window, she sees Shanaya and Radha playing with the children outside and smiles.
Preeti: Rags, are you okay?
Ragini nods,
Preeti: Look at me and say yes, then I’ll believe you.
Ragini: I don’t know why I met him, I don’t know why I told him, I don’t know why I shared my heart with him, that was my biggest mistake till now!
Ragini touches her stomach and feels the baby bump,
Preeti: It’s been 12 months since that happened, why don’t you tell me the full story?
Ragini looks at her,
Ragini: I don’t think it’s the right time.
Preeti: Oh come on Rags, just tell me that mans name and I will kill him for you.
Shanaya and Radha walk in,
Shanaya: If not today then never!
Radha: Please Ragini Di, tell us.
Shanaya comes in with a cricket bat.
Ragini: What were you doing with the kids Shanaya?
Preeti: She’s a kid too, remember.
Shanaya: Stop changing the topic Rags.
Preeti: She’s older than you!
Shanaya: She’s older than you too!
Preeti: Yh, only 2 years!
Radha: Stop fighting!
Shanaya: She’s 4 years older than me!
Radha: Ragini Di is 26, Preeti Di is 24 and Shanaya is 22, now problem solved!
Preeti: Shanayas older that you, your 16 so you should call her Di too!
Radha: Okay sorry, Shanaya Di.
Shanaya: Rags, Di! Tell us na, please!
Ragini thinks she then asks the that do they really want to know, they nod yes.
Shanaya: We got up to the part where you left upset because he didn’t tell you Laksh or someone was his brother.

Ragini starts talking and it goes in to a flashback, Ragini sees Laksh talking on the phone, he disconnects it and turns around, he is dazed to see Ragini,
Ragini: What happened Laksh?
Laksh: What are you doing here?
Ragini: I’m back to take revenge Laksh!
Laksh is shocked,
Ragini: I still haven’t forgotten what you did to me Laksh, now your bad days will start!
Laksh: What are you trying to say?
Ragini: I will expose you in front of everyone, including Swara!
Laksh looks at her,
Laksh: You can’t do this Ragini!
Ragini: You haven’t seen what I’m capable of doing, Laksh!!
Laksh: Please Ragini, I love her.
Ragini: Yeah sure, you are playing with her feelings, I won’t let you do this!
Laksh: No Ragini, please forgive me, I’m sorry, don’t do this to me, my whole life would be ruined, Swara wouldn’t want to marry me!
Ragini: Swara was a bet for you right?
Laksh is shocked,
Ragini: Why are you shocked, what happened? You must be wondering how I found out right?!
Laksh: Ra…
Ragini: It’s obvious Laksh.
Laksh: Okay, I agree that it was a bet but I promise Ragini I fell for her
Ragini: Why should I believe you, what makes me want to trust you?
Laksh: I know I done wrong to you but please Ragini!
He gets on his knees and folds his hands,
Laksh: I can’t live without Swara, please Ragini, her and my life would be ruined.
Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: Do whatever you want but I’m not going to fall for that Mr Laksh Maheshwari!
Ragini leaves, Laksh looks on.

Laksh’s room:
Laksh comes in his room and locks the door, he jumps on the bed and lies down with his back on the bed, he thinks about Ragini, he then gets a call and answers it,
Laksh: Hello, Omi?
Omi: Yh, why did you call?
Laksh: I’m in a problem.
Omi: What problem?
Laksh: Raginis back!
Omi: What?!
Laksh: Yeah, not only this, she is my Bhabhi now.
Omi: Sanskaars wife?
Laksh: Haa.
Omi: She’s Swaras sister right?
Laksh: Yeah
Omi: Your gone then Laksh, good luck.
Laksh: Your meant to help me not discourage me!
Omi: She’s back for revenge and she will complete it, whatever we did was wrong but make sure she doesn’t find about you.
Laksh: I hope my drama works or else I’m gone, Papa will kick me out of this world.
Omi: I don’t think she has enough proof against you unless your family believes on words rather than proofs?
Laksh: Don’t worry but help me think of a new act to convince Ragini that I’m madly in love with Swara.
Omi: Only Shaurya can help you with this, he’s a professional player!
Laksh thinks,
Laksh: Your right, I’m calling Shaurya now.
Omi: Okay, bye.
Laksh disconnects the phone and thinks about Shaurya, he then smirks. He calls Shaurya,
Laksh: Hello Shaurya?
Shaurya: Yes, Lucky tell me why you remembered me?
Laksh: Where are you?
Shaurya: With Roma.
Laksh laughs,
Laksh: Saale, yesterday it was Sartaj and today Roma?
Shaurya: What can I say? People fall for me!
Laksh: Your a Casanova you know that?
Shaurya: Well, I won’t deny it!
Laksh: Unbelievable man, your a professional.
Shaurya: Thanks.
Laksh: I need your help.
Shaurya: What help?
Laksh: When are you coming back?
Shaurya: I’m not finished yet in London, I might come back in 12 months or 8 months.
Laksh: How will you be done when your darlings are there?
Shaurya: Plus Maama Ji is mad! Anyways what help does a brother need from a brother?
Laksh tells Shaurya and its muted, Laksh smirks and cuts the call,
Laksh: Now the real fun would begin!

Night in MM:
Sanskaar is waiting for Ragini in their room, Ragini comes in, she ignores Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: Sorry Ragini.
Ragini: You didn’t tell me!
Sanskaar: He’s Bade Papas son
Ragini: He’s still related to you.
Sanskaar: Come on Ragini, don’t get mad for no reason, we are friends.
Ragini: Your right, I get mad over small reasons right? I’m moody?
Sanskaar: No that’s not what I was trying to say….
Ragini: Please Sanskaar, it’s my fault for even talking to you!
Ragini moves away, Sanskaar he’s annoyed,
Sanskaar: Your fault for talking to me? Well it’s my fault for apologising to the person that won’t accept it!
Ragini glares at him,
Sanskaar: What?!
Ragini then looks away,
Sanskaar: I was going to tell you but Badi Maa came in between!
Sanskaar lies down on the bed angrily and Ragini remembers, she then tries to say something but stops and lies down on her sides, they have some cushions and pillows between them.

Precap: Sakshi and Rajnath come home, Laksh to get shocked to find out something.

( Thank you for liking and commenting and also supporting, The Goenka family are known as the Maheshwaris in my FF because Rajnath, DP and RP are brothers, I like Shaurya Goenka so I thought to add him in this FF. I hope you have no problem,
Shaurya Maheshwari: Vatsal Sheth
Rajnath Maheshwari: Ayub Khan
Sakshi Maheswari: Simone Singh
Kangana Maheshwari: Poonam Preet
Dev Maheshwari: Barun Sobti
Shaan Maheshwari: Aryan Khan

Preeti Raheja: Sanjeeda Sheikh
Shanaya Raheja: Tanya Sharma
Radha Raheja: Barbie Jain

I hope you like it. )

Credit to: ???

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