Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 6


The episode begins with Ragini and Sanskaar coming to Sanskaars room, Ragini sits down on the bed and thinks,
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Ragini, I didn’t know that Bade Papa would actually get us married.
Ragini: I didn’t expect that too but how will this help expose Laksh?
Sanskaar: I have one truth to tell you.
Ragini looks at him: What?
Sanskaar: Laksh is my b……
AP comes and knocks on the door and Sanskaar stops,
AP: Ragini beta, today is your Moh dikhayi, please get ready soon, I kept your clothes there.
Ragini: Okay!
AP leaves, Ragini gets up and takes the clothes and goes to the bathroom to get changed, Sanskaar thinks what will happen if Ragini gets to know Laksh is my brother.

Ragini gets changed and comes out, Sanskaar looks at her,

Sanskaar: Our wedding happened at 12:00pm that’s why these rituals are happening quick.
Ragini: I know, but the best thing is that Baba gave me blessings.
Sanskaar: Baba?
Ragini: Haa Baba, he came to the wedding and we took his blessings.
Sanskaar looks confused,
Ragini: Don’t worry, I’ll show my Baba to you next time.
Sanskaar: Okay.
Ragini leaves and Sanskaar smiles.
Ragini comes downstairs with Pallu around her head and over her face, AP stands up and makes her sit on the couch, ladies one by one come and see Raginis face and give her gifts,
Lady1: I must say Annapurna Ji, you chose a good Bahu.
Lady 2: Sujata Ji’s lucky to have a Bahu like her.
Sanskaar is watching from upstairs,

Lady 3: Sanskaar is lucky to have a wife like Ragini?
AP: Ji, Ragini.
Lady4: If her name is Ragini then she must be so good.
AP and Raginj smile,
Lady2: Where is Sujata Ji?
AP: She’s not feeling well so she’s resting in her room.
Lady4: We have to leave now, please give us the permission.
AP: Sit for a while.
Lady2: No, we need to go.
AP nods and they leave.
AP: Ragini, you can go rest and get changed to whatever you feel comfortable in.
Ragini nods and AP gets worried.

Ragini leaves and Laksh arrives.
Laksh: Maa, I’m hungry give me something to eat.
AP: Have patience, where were you?
Laksh: I was somewhere.
DP comes out,
DP: Somewhere where?!
Laksh: Papa….
DP: No need! You need to think before you answer because you have no answer! Your brother go married and you don’t even know!

Laksh: What? Aadarsh Bhaiya got married again?
DP looks at him: Nahi! Use your brain and then you will find out!
Laksh: Oh, Bhai?
DP: Haa!
RP comes out,
RP: Chore (son) you missed the wedding but meet your Bhai at least.
Laksh nods and smiles, Sanskaar is watching from upstairs and gets shocked.
Laksh goes up and Sanskaar rushes to his room, he goes in and closes the door, he sees Ragini wearing a Saree and gets memorised, she has Pallu on her head.
Sanskaar: I thought you will never wear these type of clothing?
Ragini: I will have to, to expose Laksh
Sanskaar: Good point but he’s coming here.

Ragini: What?!
Before Sanskaar could say anything Laksh knocks on the door and shouts Bhai, both Ragini and Sanskaar are shocked.
Sanskaar: Are you ready Ragini?
Ragini looks at Sanskaar with anger and with evils. Sanskaar opens the door and Laksh hugs him, he looks up and is shocked to see Ragini.

Precap: Ragini and Laksh talk.

(Sorry for the late and short update, I will tey to update longer, thank you)

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