Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 5


The episode begins with Ragini and Sanskaar standing up for the pehres, Sujata worries, she thinks to do something, she was about to move when RP holds her hand and pulls her back,
RP: Where are you going Sujata?
Sujata: Ji, I was…I was…I was, Haa, I was going to get something
RP: It took you so long to say one thing? I don’t trust you at all, now stand here quietly.
Sujata: Ji, but…
RP: Shut up!
Sujata thinks: Now my chora(son) is going to get married and he will think that his mother won’t be able to do anything, there’s only one way left.
Ragini comes forward for the pehres, Sujata starts acting,
Sujata: Ji my tummy hurts,
RP: Just watch Sujata, you don’t need to talk!
Sujata shouts and screams in pain, all look at her and they are shocked, Ragini and Sanskaar look at her too, RP gets shocked,
Sujata: Aaah, my stomach, my stomach, Ji I don’t feel well!!!
DP: Ram!
RP: Bhaisa, don’t worry, continue the wedding, I’ll take Sujata upstairs, Sujata, Sanskaar and Raginj gets shocked,
Sujata: Ji, it hurts a lot.
RP: Come with me!
RP takes Sujata with him,
DP: Pandit Ji, please start.
Pandit nods and starts reading the mantras, RP and Sujata reach their room, RP makes Sujata lie down,
Sujata: Ji…
RP: Shut Up Sujata!
Sujata: Ji?
RP: I know this is your trick to stop this wedding, but I won’t let this happen!
Sujata stands up,
Sujata: What else can I do Ji?
RP: What’s your problem with that girl?
Sujata: Look Ji, I have no problem with that girl but I have rights to choose a girl for my son too, hai na?
Sujata thinks that she can’t tell him the real reason, RP leaves in anger and locks the door from the outside, Sujaa rushes and knocks and shouts to open the door. Sujata: Now my choras gone and that chorus life will be ruined too.
She bangs on the door and gives up.

Shekhar and the family reach there, Swara does not come, Sanskaar fills Raginis Maang and Shekhar and the family miss seeing her as her ghunghat was on her face, he then puts Mangalsutra on her and everyone clap while tears fall out of Raginis eyes and Sanskaar is in shock,
Pandit: The marriage is completed. You may take blessing from your elders, Sanskaar and Ragini stand up, they walk towards DP and take his blessing, they then take APs then RPs Shekhar comes forward and they take his blessings unknowingly, DP looks at them, Ragini and Shekhar both feel something, Ragini gets up and is shocked to see her father, Shekhar doesn’t see her, then they take Sumis, Daadi’s and DaadaJis,
Sanskaar: Dad, where’s mom?
RP: Your Mom is in her room.
Sanskaar: Okay, we will go and take her blessings.
RP and DP nod and Ragini and Sanskaar leave.

Swara is sitting down in her room bored, she hears a knock on the door and is shocked, she goes to open it and sees Laksh,
Swara: You?
Laksh: Yeah me, why aren’t you happy?
Swara: It’s not good seeing each other before marriage! It’s considered ashubh!
Laksh: Oh please, don’t tell me you also believe in that Shubh ashubh stuff?
Swara: What do you mean by that stuff?
Laksh: I meant it’s all old traditional beliefs!
Swara:Say if something bad happens before our wedding.
Laksh: Swara, be positive and think positive
Swara nods, he comes close to her and she moves back,
Swara: Not so soon Laksh
Laksh: Oh Really?
Swara: Haa!
Swara runs and Laksh smiles, he chases her,
Laksh: This house is empty.
Swara: So?
Laksh catches up to her and they reach in Daadi’s room, Swara tries to run when he grabs her hand and pushes her against the wall, he comes close to her and Swara smiles, he moves in to kiss her but she pushes him, she runs and locks her room door,
Laksh: Okay fine Swara, I will leave, Swara: Find go, I’ll meet you after marriage, Swara blushes and Laksh lets out a fake smile.

Ragini and Sanskaar reach Sujatas room, they get shocked to see the door locked from the outside, Sanskaar opens the lock and Ragini pushes the door open, the see Sujata lying down on the bed and sleeping, they turn to leave,
Sujata: Chore?
The stop and turn around, they enter the room,
Sujata: Lock the door.
Sanskaar nods and locks the door, Sujata gets up,
Sujata: Chore, forgive me, I didn’t know that this plan would fail, it all happened because of your Dad, he locked me in the room and went to enjoy the wedding!
Sanskaar: It’s okay Maa, what happened already happened, there’s no point to mourn over it.
Sujata: Who said I’m mourning over it?
Sanskaar looks at Ragini and Ragini looks down,
Sujata: Don’t worry, I’m not going to let that chora Laksh win.
AP knocks on the door,
DP: Sujata!
Sujata hurriedly rushes to her bed and lies down and acts to be ill, Sanskaar opens the door and Ragini pulls her blanket up.
Sujata: Who is it?
Ragini: Aunty, you rest.
AP, RP, DP, Parineeta, Aadarsh and Uttra come in,
AP: The guests left, they were asking for you, how are you feeling?
Sujata (acts): JiJi, I’m feeling a little better.
Sujata puts her hand on Raginis head,
Sanskaar comes forward and she blesses him too,
DP: Okay we will leave.
Sujata in her head: Thank god Bhaisa is leaving, but how did Bhaisa suddenly get concerned about me?
DP: Ram, where is the file I gave you yesterday?
RP: It’s here Bhaisa
RP gets the files and picks it up,
Sujata in her head: He wasn’t here for me, he was here for his file.
DP and the family leave, Sujata glares at Sanskaar and Sanskaar and Ragini leave too.

Precap: Laksh comes home.

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