Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 4

The episode begins with Sumi rushing to Ragini, she was about to hug her when Shekhar shouts stop, Sumi turns around and Ragini looks at him, Shekhar is standing in anger,
Shekhar: What are you doing Sharmishta?
Sumi: Shekhar….
Shekhar: No! We don’t know her!
Ragini gets teary eyed, Sumi gets shocked, Swara looks from upstairs,
Shekhar: Come here Sumi, you have to choose one, her or me!
Sumi gets shocked,
Ragini: Maa, go to Papa and don’t worry about me.
Sumi: But Laado…..

Ragini: Nahi Maa, Papa is more important for you.
Sumi walks slowly towards Shekhar, Swaragini….sad….tune….plays…..
Swara is also in tears,
Shekhar: There is no space for her in our house!
Everyone look, Ragini cries and leaves, she comes out and sees Sanskaar, he walks up to her,
Sanskaar: What happened?
Ragini: He didn’t let me in.
Sanskaar (Shocked): What!
Ragini: You were there, why are you acting?
Sanskaar: Okay fine, yes I did listen but he didn’t let you in?
Ragini nods yes,
Ragini: He’s not even ready to see my face, how will I talk to Swara?
Sanskaar thinks, he looks at Ragini,
Sanskaar: I have an idea, you might not like it.
Ragini: What?
Sanskaar tells her the plan and she gets shocked,
Ragini: I’m not doing this and how is this related to exposing Laksh?
Sanskaar: It will be fake and trust me, it will help a lot.
Ragini thinks, she looks at Sanskaar,
Ragini: If it doesn’t work then your dead!

Sanskaar: Haa meri Maa, you can kill me.
Ragini: I will if it’s not going in the correct direction!
They both smile,
Sanskaar: Okay, get ready.
Ragini: Okay.

Sanskaar and Ragini reach MM, Sanskaar goes in, Sujata sees him and gets happy,
Sujata: My Chora(son) is here, Bhaisa, Ji, JiJi, Uttra, Parineeta, Aadarsh!
They all come out, DP looks at him, RP is happy,
Sanskaar: There is one more person who you should meet.
He puts his hand out and Ragini holds it, she comes out and all are shocked, she is wearing bridal dress with Mangalsutra and Sindoor and varmala, Sanskaar is wearing a sherwani and a varmala.
Sujata: What is this Sanskaar?
RP: You got married?
Sanskaar nods,
Sujata: When?
Sanskaar: Yesterday.
Sujata: Yesterday?
DP: Sanskaar!
AP: Who is she?
Sanskaar: Ra…..
DP stops him by bringing his hand up.
DP: She will tell us who she is!

Ragini: My name is Ragini.
DP: Ragini what?!
Ragini: Ragini Sanskaar Maheshwari.
All are shocked, DP looks at Sanskaar angrily,
Sujata: Chori(Girl) are you Marwari?
Ragini nods yes,
Sujata: Really? Speak it to me!
Ragini looks at Sanskaar,
Sujata: What happened Chori? Can’t you speak it?
Sanskaar nods yes and Ragini starts speaking in Marwari,
Ragini: Yes, I am Marwari, why? Are you people as well?
Sujata gets shocked,
Sanskaar: See Maa, she is a Marwari!

RP: Sujata she is from our samaaj(society)!
AP: Ji, do you have a problem with it?
DP thinks: One son is bringing a Bengali and the other one brought a Marwari, at least one son kept our respect in the samaaj!
DP: I want this marriage to happen again in front of the whole society!
Sanskaar and Ragini get shocked,
Sanskaar: But Bade Papa…..
DP: If you have a problem then you should’ve thought about it before you got married, we will get you two married today it self!
Sujata is stunned, Sujata is thinking: What has happened to Bhaisa, he should be opposing this wedding but he is supporting it, I will see how this Chori will become part of this family!
RP: Get the arrangements done!
AP, Parineeta and Uttra leave to get arrangements done, Sanskaar and Ragini look at each other in shock, Sujata notices and thinks that somethings fishy, DP and RP leave and start talking about who to invite, Sujata comes up the stairs, she grabs Raginis hand and takes her up the stairs, Sanskaar asks her to stop and follows them, Sujata takes Ragini to the Mandir and asks her that is this marriage real? Sanskaar and Ragini look on shocked.
Sujata: Chori! Is this real?

Ragini nods no and Sujata and Sanskaar are shocked.
Sujata: Then what is all this?
Sanskaar: We will tell you Mom, but not here.

Sujata takes Ragini and Sanskaar to her room and Sanskaar locks the door,
Sujata: Now tell me what has happened!
Ragini tells her about what Lakshya did to her, Sujata is surprised,
Sujata: What?!
Sanskaar: So I made this plan to expose Laksh.
Ragini: But I don’t know how this plan will help expose Laksh
Sujata looks at Sanskaar and he nods no,
Sujata: Chori, don’t worry, I’m with you, whatever Laksh did was wrong and he should get punished!
Ragini smiles,
Sanskaar: Promise you won’t tell anyone.
Sujata: Haa, Haa promise, now I’m with you in this battle and I will see how Laksh will survive!
Sanskaar: Mom, this battle isn’t an actual war.
Sujata: I know, it’s fun using these terms.
Ragini: But what shall we do?
Sujata: About what?
Sanskaar: About the marriage!
Sujata thinks,

Sujata: Leave it to me.
AP comes to Sujatas room and knocks on the door,
AP: Sujata, is the new bride with you?
Sujata: Haa JiJi, she’s here.
AP: The preparations have been done, the Pandit Ji is calling the groom and the bride.
All three get shocked,
Sujata: Haa JiJi, we will come!
AP leaves,
Sujata: They done the preparations so quick? They even called the Pandit Ji, now what?
Sanskaar: Mom….
Sujata: Let’s go out and I will think of something.
Sujata takes Raginis Mangalsutra off and wipes her Sindoor, she pulls the Ghunghat down and sends Sanskaar out, he goes out and sits in the Mandap.

Sujata brings Ragini out and puts her near Sanskaar, she smiles and gives the Mangalsutra to the pandit. RP thinks that somethings fishy because Sujata was not happy with it and now she’s smiling, Sujata stands near RP and nervously smiles, RP gets suspicious.

Precap: Sanskaar and Ragini take the pehres, Sujata thinks to do something.

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