Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 33


Recap: 1 week later….

The episode starts with Ragini and Shanaya meeting,
Ragini: Why did you call me?
Shanaya: I wanted help
Ragini: What help?
Shanaya: Help in reuniting Swara and Laksh.
Ragini: What?
Shanaya then tells her about Laksh and Swara, she gets shocked.

Then the scene shifts to Laksh, he reaches the Baadi, just then he turns to see Swara leaving in the auto rickshaw. He quickly gets in his car and follows her,
Laksh: Today I will help you realise your love for me.
Swara meets with an accident which shocks Laksh, he stops his car and goes towards her,
Laksh: Swara….
He picks her up and takes her to the hospital.

Ragini: K, don’t wrry, I’ll help.
Shanaya smiles and nods. She then walks towards her house and sees people crowded. She goes inside and gets confused.
Shanaya: Am I in my house?
She then moves people out of the way and gets shocked. She falls on the floor with the shock. Shaurya is shown lying down and covered in a white cloth (dead)
Man: He had an accident and died.
Shanaya is shocked and can’t even move.

34 years later:
Laksh is seen playing with his and Sanskaars grandchildren. Swara comes from behind.
Swara: Laksh…come inside, it’s cold.
Laksh: Swara…don’t worry I know I’m gone old but I’m still young at heart.
Swara: Okay, when you get pains in the knees then don’t come to me!
Swara goes inside and looks at a photo. A flashback is shown. After Laksh taking Swara to the hospital made Swara realise that he like her. She confesses she likes him too and they get married. Shekhar gradually accepts them. Then Sanskar and RP die and Ragini couldn’t bare it and she dies. Shanaya decides to take care of Ansh with Swara but later Shanaya dies of heart attack. End of FB.

Swara is looking at her and Lakshs photos and then looking at Ragini, Sanskaar, Shaurya and Shanayas photo. Then Ansh comes from behind and hugs Swara.
Ansh: Mom….
Swara turns around and smiles.
DP is shown sleeping and he breathes his last.

The end.

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  1. a strange and nice ending

  2. That’s a sad ending…

  3. Different ending, your story is awesome

  4. Your precap was different!!! This is very bad ending!!! we were waiting for you ff since long and u updated this!!!?????

  5. Sad ending but it was gud

  6. It just looks like you made an end in hurry. I was waiting for your ff but you made ending. Thats sad. Anyway Thank you for beautiful ff.

  7. I expected more but that’s okay..

  8. Pls pls pls change the story plss plss its very disappointing!!!!!

  9. strange
    don’t mind I don’t like ending of this ff

  10. seriously y everyone died at the end
    what rubbish i burst it out laughing after reading this,my parents thought m going crazy

  11. I feel like this was a really rushed ending but it’s very unique and it’s still nice

  12. Strange :-/ all my fav’s died and pls tell me where is preeti ,radha, shaan ,dev :-/ i am really sad

  13. Not an appropriate ending…. But it’s OK at least you updated and didn’t left the ff in middle like most others do best of luck for your future but I am going to miss you very much this was one of my favorite ff

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