Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 32

Recap: Shanaya, Shaurya and Laksh leave the house….

1 week later:
The episode starts with Shanaya checking the time, it’s 5:40pm,
Shanaya: It’s already 5:40pm and this bechara is still crying. Oh god….does he actually love her? He’s been crying for 1 whole week.
Shanaya then enters Lakshs room, he sees her and then looks away,
Laksh: Why are you here?! Now what plan did you make? What’s left to break? Aren’t you happy after breaking my heart?
Shanaya: Why are you crying…? You’re such a baby.. You know that? If you want her then get her, don’t just sit here and waste time! Are you going to get up after she’s married and had kids?
Laksh wipes his tears and looks at her,
Laksh: What the point now? She doesn’t love me….. You might also think it’s fake love!
Shanaya: So? Listen it’s true that I think it’s fake love but…. But they way you’re crying and regretting and repenting…it makes it seem like you actually like her…
Laksh: Love!
Shanaya: Okay…love her…I don’t know anything about love so I won’t say if your love is true or not….
Laksh: When you fall in love then you would know how it feels to be left heart broken and…
Shanaya: Chill roadside Romeo! You’re too serious, come on cheer up.
Laksh: Why are you here anyways?
Shanaya: I don’t have anywhere to go. It’s been a week and you’re still crying and siting there like a dead Romeo, don’t actually make your self roadside. Anyways come down, the foods ready.
Laksh: Who gave it this time?
Shanaya: As usual the neighbour on our left…..they’re so sweet. But the sad thing is that they’re leaving today for a vacation. But you don’t even eat so….
Laksh: I’ll take the Paratha and daal.
Shanaya: Okay, I’ll bring it.
Laksh: Where’s Shaurya?
Shanaya: Where he usually is….ugh! Doesn’t he get tired sleeping all day?
Laksh: He’s tired….
Shanaya: What does he do that he gets tired? I didn’t know that people get tired of lying!
Laksh: Why..? Do you get bored alone?
Shanaya: Haa, you’re here crying like roadside Romeo and he’s there lying like he never slept, he should get up and work so at least we get food after the neighbours leave.
Laksh: Why don’t you go out?
Shanaya: Where? I don’t know this place much….. Anyways, wipe your tears and I decided something….
Laksh: What?
Shanaya: That I would unite you with your premika putra!
Laksh: Yeh Kaise ho sake ha Baba? (How would this happen Baba?)
Shanaya: Don’t worry Putra, leave this to this Baba….well I’m known as Love Baba or guru.
Laksh: What made this Baba want to help me?
Shanaya: Your love putra! I feel that you love your premika to bits and would do anything for her…. What else would Swara need? Anyways her sister forgave you too and you should get up and freshen…. You changed from the past week. Instead of a roadside Romeo, be a heart wanted Romeo.
Laksh: Okay Baba…but what’s the plan?
Shanaya: Pehle freshen up and come outside, toh bataon ga. (firstly…..then I will tell you)
Shanaya leaves and Laksh gets happy and excited and shouts yes.
Laksh: But….well I will make you mine Swara, I will love you again…. but is Shanaya helping me or….?

Ragini is fixing the bed, she then gets a phone call and attends it,
Ragini: Hello? When are you coming back Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: Maybe in a year.
Ragini: No…you can’t do this! I have waited for a week for you and….
Sanskaar: Chill Ragini….I’m coming next week and if this work gets finished quickly then in the next 4 days…..how’s Ansh?
Ragini: He’s fine….he’s not missing his Papa much but he is missing his Daadu.
Sanskaar: Only Daadu?
Ragini: Haa, only his Daadu.
Sanskaar: I bet everyone misses me….
Sujata then comes in with Ansh in his arms.
Sujata: Ragini… Are you talking on the phone? I’ll come back later
Ragini nods: Nahi Maa, it’s just Sanskaar.
Sujata: Oh…it’s Sanskaar? Tell him how’s his Papa….I wanted to call but what do they call it in English….? Sa…Haa sarvace…. There wasn’t sarvace
Ragini: Service mom…
Sujata: Haa vahi…. Anyways where’s Anshs clothes?
Ragini: In the cupboard.
Sujata: If you don’t mind then could you take out some….
Ragini nods yes,
Sujata: When are they coming back?
Ragini: They said in a week and if the work finishes early then in 4 days.
Suajta: Okay, give me the phone…I will talk with him for a bit.
Ragini nods and gives the phone to Sujata.
Sujata: Haylo?
Sanskaar: Haa Maa?
Sujata: Chore…how is it there?
Sanskaar: It’s good here, what about there?
Sujata: It’s good….are you bringing anything for me from Khannadda?
Sanskaar: Mom..it’s Canada…
Sujata: Haa Vahi…
Sanskaar: Yes Mom, I’ll get you something.
Sujata: Good…anyways where’s your Papa?
Sanskaar: He’s gone to check the construction work.
Sujata: Hai….Aadarsh was there for 4 years and it still hasn’t finished?
Sanskaar: Haa mom…it’s about to finish.
Sujata: Chall, talk to Ragini, I’ll go change Anshs clothes.
Sanskaar: Okay Mom, take care.
Sujata hands the phone to Ragini and walks out with Ansh and the clothes.
Sanskaar: Okay Ragini, I’ll talk to you later…maybe at 7.
Ragini: At 7? But wouldn’t that be late?
Sanskaar: I can spend the whole day without sleeping just to talk to you….
Ragini: Aww….
Sanskaar: But I’m not like you who would go to sleep!
Ragini: What? I wouldn’t…. You…!
Sanskaar cuts the call and Ragini looks on,
Ragini: Come back Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari…I will sort you out.

Laksh gets ready and comes down, he sees the table packed with food.
Shanaya gets surprised: You actually came down? I thought you would be in your room. But why did you trust me so quick?
Laksh: Uh…I don’t trust you….
Shanaya: Hmm…well you shouldn’t but that’s good you did…now I have to make Swara yours.(teasing tone) It looks like you want your premika soon Huh?
Laksh tries not to smile,
Laksh: Vo….
Shanaya (teasing): It’s okay Devar Ji…. Anyways I’m bored alone and I need a devarani..soon….
Laksh looks at her and both laugh…
Shanaya: It’s good you laughed… I won’t say sorry for what I did because you made a mistake….
Laksh: It’s okay…anyways the person that should’ve done this forgave me…..
Shanaya: Good….anyways we don’t have to be friends…come sit.
Laksh: So much food?
Shanaya: The neighbours gave it..
Laksh: Now what lie?
Shanaya makes a face and touches her stomach, Laksh smiles,
Laksh: When Bhabhi?
Shanaya: Never Devar Ji!
Laksh: I can’t believe he lied you’re pregnant….
Shanaya: Shhhh, if they hear then gent wouldn’t give us food.
Laksh nods and sits down.
Shaurya comes and sits down and is surprised to see Laksh.
Shanaya then sits down.

They start eating,
Shanaya: If you want your premika then you have to forget what happened ages ago and start afresh…like you just saw her now and started liking her…you know?
Laksh nods yes,
Laksh: But…
Shanaya: Chill, it would work….just give it a try….
Shaurya gets confused.
They finish eating…..
Shanaya: Now help me put this food in the fridge…
Shaurya: No…
Shanaya: At least wash your plate then!
Shaurya: I’ll take this plate…
They put all the leftover food in the fridge and put the plate in the sink.

Shanaya and Laksh talk and make plans, Shaurya says whatever and leaves.

Ragini and Sanskaar talk on the phone. While talking to Ragini, Sanskaar falls asleep and Ragini disconnects the phone and smiles.
Ragini: Buddhu. (Stupid?)

Laksh wakes up and looks around, he gets changed and heads down.
He sees Shanaya standing there angrily,
Laksh: What happened?
Shanaya: Where is the food?
Laksh: Uh..what food?
Shanaya: Really? What food? The food we ate yesterday?
Laksh: It must be in the fridge….
Shanaya: Fridge? Then why can’t I see the food?
Laksh: Check…it must be in the fridge….
Shanaya: Why don’t you come and check? It’s not their!
Shaurya comes down,
Shaurya: We ate the food, why what are you going to do?
Shanaya: What! You are all the food? Bhukhar kahike! How did you manage to store that much food in your stomach?!
Shaurya: We ate it! Last night we felt hungry and we were talking so we ate!
Shanaya: You didn’t even leave a single piece of the food! I’m so hungry!
Shaurya: So?
Shanaya: So huh? Now I will show you!
Shanaya gets angry and looks around, she sees a marble and picks it up and throws it, it misses them,
Shaurya: Oye! Are you gone Pagal?!
She then picks the vase up and they look on,
Laksh: I have a work to do..I’m going.
Shaurya: Why would you leave me alone and go?
Laksh quickly rushes out and Shanaya throws it, Laksh lets out a breath of relief,
Laksh: Crazy women…
He then heads out.

Shanaya then picks up the cushion and throws at Shaurya, he walks up to her while she throws things at him, she then picks the lamp up,
Shaurya: No…. What’s that? (Pointing behind her)
Shanaya then puts the lamp down and looks behind, Shaurya quickly goes to her and pins her to the wall. Shanaya then looks at him, she gets calm and feels something,
Shaurya: Calm down!
Shanaya: I’m calmed…..
He looks at her and they share an eyelock….after a while….
Shanaya: I’m hungry….
Shaurya: Why did you have to act all violently?
Shanaya: I was hungry so I…I got angry because you two ate all the food!
Shaurya grabs her closer by her waist and she feels a current and closes her eyes, his face touches her cheeks, Shaurya leans in and whispers: If you’re that hungry…then make food for yourself….
Shanaya: I..I don’t know how to cook….
Shaurya: So? You can learn and you’d be prefect….
Shanaya: Not everybody’s perfect….
Shaurya: I’ll ask the neighbours.
Shanaya opens her eyes: What lie would you say now? Don’t you get tired.
Shaurya lets go,
Shaurya: Yeah…I get so tired don’t I?
Shanaya: I can see that…!
They glare at each other,
Shanaya: Anyways you made that kheer that day, you might as well make it today.
Shaurya thinks: I can’t make the kheer.
Shanaya: What happened?
Shaurya: I got work to do.
Shanaya: What work?
Shaurya: Some work!
Shanaya: Don’t worry, I know you didn’t make the kheer!
Shaurya looks at her.

Precap: Swalak meet…Laksh sings a song for her…. They spend a night…..

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Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth
Shanaya: Tanya Sharma

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