Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 31

Recap: Shaurya and Laksh fight…they reveal their evil plans and get kicked out.

The episode begins with Shaurya moving Shekhar out of the way,
Shekhar: You’re not taking her….I will file a divorce case.
Shaurya: Good luck, anyways they would ask us to stay together for 6 months!
Shaurya grabs Shanayas hand, Shekhar pushes him, they start shouting at Shaurya. Shaurya still doesn’t let go of her hand, she tries freeing it.
DP: She doesn’t want to go.
Shaurya: She married me with her choice now she has to stay with me…she can’t leave me….we took 7 pehres….exchanged vows and now if she backs up then….
Shanaya in her head: You never valued those vows. I…I can’t go with you!
Preeti glares at Shanaya,
Shanaya then thinks: Wait…I don’t have anywhere to go..Preeti Di kicked me out and they won’t accept me and neither would these Maheshwaris. But Mamu is….
She then looks at Shaurya.
Shaurya thinks: You did the wrong thing by messing with me! Don’t forget I’m the Shaurya and I don’t loose against anyone! You ruined my peace and you’d think I’ll let you stay in peace? No!
Shaurya: Shall we go?
Shekhar: Don’t you understand once? She’s not going!
Shaurya drags Shanaya but Shekhar separates their hand and punches Shaurya. Shaurya touches his nose and sees blood on his fingers, but doesn’t respond back to that attack. Sanskaar even shouts at Shaurya.

Preeti walks up to Shanaya,
Preeti: Are you happy seeing this? This is what you wanted right?
Shanaya nods no, Ragini walks there.
Ragini: It’s not her fault….
Preeti: If she didn’t marry him then this wouldn’t have happened! She claims she loves him…now what happened to that? She left us for him…..
Shanaya: Di…
Preeti: Oh please….at least stop acting today!
Shanaya: You know what….whatever!
Shanaya then goes and stops Shekhar,
Shanaya: Enough!

All look at her,
Shanaya: Please don’t hit him! What wrong did he say? He’s my husband and no one can change that fact!
Shekhar: But….
Shanaya: Please…. Let’s leave.
She holds his hand and walks up.
Ragini was about to go after her but Sanskaar stops her,
Sanskaar: She made her decision.
Ragini looks there and Shanaya hears, Daadi nods her head and looks away. They pick the suitcases up and head out.

Swara wipes her tears and stands up, she then sees Shanaya,
Swara: Where are you going?
Shanaya doesn’t say anything.
Swara: Shanaya….?
Shanaya: I’m tired of answering you all! If no one wants to accept me then where should I go?!
Shanaya then goes out, Shaurya smirks,
Shaurya: She made a mistake by underestimating Shaurya….you must have heard the phrase Tit for Tat?
Shaurya then leaves and Swara looks on.

Shanaya sees Laksh sitting lifeless on the floor with tears falling out of his eyes.
Shanaya: What happened to him?
Shaurya comes there,
Shaurya: Lucky…?
Laksh doesn’t respond, Shaurya bends down and looks at Laksh, his eyes are red and Shaurya touches his shoulder and Laksh hugs him and breaks down in his shoulder,
Laksh: She left me……
Shaurya: Shh…
Shanaya in her head: He’s such a baby! Is this another of his plan?
Just then Ragini comes near the window and looks out.
Laksh: Now I know how what Ragini must have felt….what she must have been through.
Ragini hears this and looks on,
Laksh: I’m so unlucky that I can’t even ask for forgiveness.
Ragini then quickly writes something and throws it out, Shanaya sees the paper. She picks it up and reads it.
Shanaya: She forgave you.
Laksh breaks the hug and looks at her, Shanaya gives the letter to Laksh and he wipes his tears and reads it.
Shanaya: If it was me then I would’ve slapped you 20 times but will never forgive you but…but she’s Ragini…she forgives everyone.
Laksh looks up and sees Ragini, Ragini nods and he folds his hands.
Shanaya in her head: Laksh regrets but Shaurya…. Unbelievable!

Shaurya makes Laksh stand, they then start heading out and Shaurya also reads the letter which says that Ragini forgives him for everything he had done because he had done it in anger not in his senses, she would also like to apologise for slapping him without knowing anything.
Ragini in her head: The reason behind this letter is to keep Shanaya protected.

Then they go out of the gate,
Shaurya: Where would we go?
Shanaya: There! (Pointing at their old house)
Shaurya: How?!
Shanaya: It’s the companies gift and the people nearby know me because I used to stay there and we can live there for free without paying but we have to get our own food.
Shaurya: How are we going to get in?
Shanaya: By the front door.
They then head towards the house, Shanaya: Pick up that flower pot.
Shaurya: No…why? Is there a secret tunnel?
Shanaya: Oh god, you can’t even do one thing without arguing!
Shanaya then picks up the pot and takes the key from underneath it.
She opens the door and Shaurya looks on,
Shanaya: We kept an extra key so that we don’t get locked out.
Shanaya then enters and so does Laksh and Shaurya.
Shanaya: Choose your rooms and don’t come into mine at any cost!
Shanaya then heads to one of the room.

Ragini is thinking, Sanskaar comes in,
Sanskaar: I know you’re worried for Shanaya but she made her decision.
Ragini: But she made it out of anger….she married Shaurya to get his truth out in front of everyone and now people are taunting her so she had no choice but to go with him to save her family from court.
Sanskaar looks at her,
Sanskaar: Ragini….
Ragini hugs Sanskaar,
Ragini: It’s all my fault….if I didn’t…
Sanskaar: Stop blaming yourself! It’s not your fault and as far as I know them then they wouldn’t do anything bad to her. But now I’m ashamed if calling them my brothers.
Sanskaar closes his eyes and hugs Ragini tighter.

Laksh goes inside the room and sits on the bed, he closes his eyes and remembers Swara.
Teri yaad plays….(Tera suroor)
He remembers Swara laughing, smiling, talking. Tears fall out of his eyes,
Laksh: Why Swara? Why did you give me so much pain?
Shanaya walks past and stops,
Laksh: Don’t you love me? For the first time I…I loved someone so much….. And I got hatred, pain and revenge in return.

Swara reaches the Baadi and rushes to her room and starts crying,
Swara: Why did my heart make this mistake? It costed me so much that I feel pain every time I breath. Why did my heart make the mistake of falling for him? Why does it pain? I should be hating him.
Swara closes her eyes and tears roll down.
Teri yaad continues playing…..

Precap: 1 week later…..Shanaya decides to help Laksh.

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Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth
Shanaya: Tanya Sharma

Credit to: ???


  1. lovely

    hey please want to see sanskar ragini love story
    first story starts with them but this shanaya shourya occupied whole plot, now swalak!!!

    plz yar more scenes of ràgßàn

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