Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 30


Recap: Laksh proposing to Swara and Swara slaps Laksh…

The episode begins with Shanaya getting changed and coming down, she sees the family dining, she quickly comes there,
Sakshi: You’re late!
Shanaya: Sorry, I was….
DP: Never mind, sit down.
Shanaya nods and sits while everyone get shocked.
Shanaya looks at Shaurya and Shaurya ignores her.
Shaurya: Where’s Laksh?
Laksh comes angrily and sees Shaurya,
Laksh: Shaurya, I need to talk to you!
Shaurya: Me…? Now?
Laksh: Haa!
Shaurya walks up to him,
Shaurya: Why are you looking angry, it looks like you can even punch me…? What’s wrong?
Laksh: Did you talk to Swara?
Shaurya: No…why?
Laksh: Stop lying!
Shaurya: Why would I lie? I’m not lying.
Laksh: Who phoned her then?!
Shaurya: How would I know? I don’t have we phone!
Laksh: Show me your phone!
Shaurya: It’s upstairs on charge.
Laksh: I want to see it!
The family stand up, Shaurya was about to go up but Laksh stops him,
Laksh: You’re not going! I don’t trust you…Ramu! Go get Shauryas phone from his room!
Ramu comes out and goes up and gets his phone,
Shaurya: What do you want to see?
Laksh: Wait…!
Ramu comes down and gives the phone to Laksh and goes.
Laksh opens his phone and checks his call history and gets shocked,
Laksh: Did you phone her or not?
Shaurya: No!
Laksh: Well it says here!
He shows the call history to Shaurya and Shaurya looks on, he then looks at Shanaya and she avoids eye contact with him.
Shaurya: Listen Lucky…I didn’t all her and….
Laksh slaps Shaurya, all get shocked,
Laksh: Then who was it?!!
Laksh then starts punching Shaurya and he pushes him,
Sakshi: Stop it both of you!
Shaurya: For that girl you’re hitting your brother?! Who is she?!
Laksh: Shut up!! You ruined my life…I hate you!
Shaurya: I didn’t do anything!
Laksh holds him from the collar while Sakshi and AP try to stop the fight,
Shanaya in her head: Why do I feel bad? I shouldn’t!
Laksh: You told her everything!
Shaurya holds his collar: You’re gone mad after that girl! I didn’t even tell her anything! What did I tell her?!
Laksh: Of what we did and I did! You couldn’t even see me settle in happiness?!
Shaurya: Am I that crazy to expose you?!

The family get confused.
Then while pushing each other they reveal their plans and shocks everybody.
Shaurya: It was you who brought your friends first!
Laksh: Well it was you who had the idea to separate them!
Laksh punches Shaurya and he starts bleeding,
Shanaya in her head: Why? Why can’t I see him like that? Oh god!
Shanaya goes there,
Shanaya: Listen you two…you
Laksh accident my pushes her in anger which angers Shaurya and he punches him which makes Laksh nose bleed, he then sees Shekhar and the family there and Swara including.
Shaurya in his head: Did I just punch him for her? No! This can’t happen!
Shanaya then gets up, Shekhar slaps Laksh hard, DP does too, Sakshi slaps Shaurya and so does Daadi.
Sakshi: You ashamed me Shaurya! I can’t believe I gave both to you!
Shaurya: Mom…
Sakshi: Enough!
DP: You also bowed my head down in shame! I can’t believe you ruined a girls life! I’m ashamed of calling you my son!
Sakshi: Same! Get out of here you two!
DP: I agree, I can’t let you stay here for a bit!
Sanskaar gets angry and slaps Laksh and Shaurya.
Sanskaar: Leave before I loose my cool!
Swara hugs Ragini,
Daadi: You chore are unbelievable. Disgusting!
Shekhar: If I see you anywhere near my daughters then I would kill you!
Shekhar looks at Shanaya,
Shekhar: You married him?!
Preeti: I can’t believe you… You married this?!
Shanaya doesn’t say anything.
Shekhar: I was going crazy to get my daughter married to you! I can’t let Shanaya stay here!

Dev comes back, he sees the scene and gets confused,
Dev: Did I miss anything?
Shaan: A lot Bhai, when you went for the business meeting to Canada, a lot of things happened and today you would also feel ashamed of calling them our brothers the way I do!
Shaurya gets shocked,
DP apologises to Shekhar and he says it’s not your fault, you didn’t know. DP nods.

DP: Leave! You can start packing! In fact you can leave like this!
Shaurya tries talking to Sakshi but she ignores him. Laksh heads up being heart broken. Shaurya also heads up. As soon as they reach there room, they see a note on the door, everyone tell Dev everything and he is shocked, angry and ashamed.

The note says come to the terrace, there’s a secret awaiting!
They head towards the terrace and see each other,
Laksh: It’s all your fault!
Shaurya: My fault? Really? Who was the 1 that was beating me up and provoking me?
Shanaya comes in and says me, they look at her. Swara also comes in. They looks at them confusingly.
Shanaya: Confused? Well let me tell you…oh sorry, let us tell you!
Swara: Where should we start it from?
Shanaya: You start from the beginning.
Swara nods,
Swara: Okay….here it goes.
It goes into a flashback when Swara and Shanaya meet, Shanaya tells her about Shaurya and Lakah truth, she doesn’t believe her but later does, their plan was to make Shaurya and Laksh fall in love and betray them, then on Holi, Shanaya made Shaurya and Laksh drunk and took them to Ragini to confess what they had done, Sanskaar even he’s shocked. Then after Ragini gets married again, there was a slightly difficulty but it got sorted out. End of FB.

Shaurya and Laksh are shocked,
Swara: What did you think you saw me there accidentally? Well no, I was there my self ready for your car to come!
Laksh gets shocked and remembers .
Shanaya: Yaa, I made a mistake by calling you Shaurya…that’s what you thought Na? Well it was my plan, when I heard we were leaving Kolkata, I quickly made this plan, what did you think that you married me? Well no Mr Shaurya Maheshwari I married you!
Shaurya gets shocked at thinks,
Shanaya: Confused..? Let me clear it. So the girl you paid to play the role of Preeti was also paid by me!
It the goes in to a flashback when the girl Shaurya paid was already paid by Shanaya, Shaurya thought Shanaya fell in his trap but he fell in hers. End of FB.
Shanaya: I had no other choice but to marry you to do this! How would I be so close to you and your phone?
Shanaya smirks,
Swara: Haa Laksh, that call was made by Shanaya not Shaurya! But she used Shauryas phone to provoke you two in to admitting your mistakes! My drama was also a plan!
Laksh: But were your feelings also a plan?
Swara doesn’t look at him and says yes.
Laksh: You’re lying!
Swara: Who would want to like you?
Shanaya: My revenge is still not over! I don’t know why I’m so hungry!
Shaurya: You should learn to control your hunger! Wasn’t this enough?
Shanaya: I don’t know why I want more!
Shanaya and Swara leave leaving Laksh heart broken and shocked while Shaurya angry and shocked.

After a while….Laksh walks down lifeless with his suitcase, Shaurya also comes down with two suitcases and glares at the family members, Shanaya smirks and Swara tries to avoid eye contact with Laksh, AP turns around as she wouldn’t be able to see Laksh leave. All of the others are angry and disgusted.
Ragini: Papa..please forg….
DP: No!
Shekhar: After what they done with you, they should be punished!
Sanskaar: They’re right! If they can do this once then they wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!
Laksh heads out, Shaurya still stands there. Swara walks from the back to check if Laksh left. No one noticed.
DP: Leave or I will call the police!
Shaurya doesn’t stay anything and just stands there and looks in the air.
Sakshi: Can’t you hear?! Leave!
Shaurya: How can I?
DP: By turning around and walking out from that door that’s behind you!
Shaurya looks at Shanaya,
Shaurya: When my wife is here then how can I leave without her?
Shanaya looks on, all look at Shanaya,
Shaurya: Come Shanaya, I packed your suitcase up, look it’s here( showing a suitcase).
Shekhar: She’s not going with you!
Dev: Leave with respect or….
Shaurya: Chill bro….. I can’t leave without my wife…..
Shekhar: You lost that right!
Shaurya lets out a 2 second laugh and all look at him,
Shaurya: I lost that right? When?
DP: Right now, this moment!
Shaurya: No I haven’t.
He then walks towards Shanaya when Shekhar blocks his way.
Shekhar: You can’t take her!
Shaurya: Then I’m sorry, I have to call the police…..
All look at him,
Shaurya: You’re separating me from my wife illegally! I can even take you court……
DP: We will get you arrested!
Shaurya: Where’s the proof?
All get shocked.

Then it shifts outside when Laksh is walking lifeless, Swara is behind him but watching secretly. Laksh stops and says: I know you’re there, you can come in front of me!
Swara gets shocked: Is he talking to me?
Laksh opens the gate and looks behind and sees Swara standing.
Laksh: Why are you here now? What is there left to say?
Laksh puts his suitcase aside and makes it lean on the gate. He walks towards Swara.
Laksh: You must be thinking how I knew it was you…?
Swara looks away,
Laksh comes closer to her, she feels his breathing on her cheeks and moves back but he holds her by the waist and pulls her closer, his forehead is touching hers and her nose is touching his,
Swara: Laksh…..
Laskh: Why did you do this? Tell me you don’t love me.
Swara tries pushing Laksh and escaping but he puts all his strength in, Laksh has tears in his eyes,
Laksh keeps on saying: Tell me you don’t love me……
Swara: Haa, I don’t love you! And I will never love you!
Swara closes her eyes,
Laksh: Look me in the eyes and say it…
Tears fall out of Swaras eyes,
Swara opens her eyes and looks at his: Haa Laksh…I hate you…I will never love you…. You never loved me too! This must be another game for you right? First you trapped my sister and now you found me to play with? How many girls Laksh?
Laksh gets shocked and moves back,
Swara: I don’t love you and I never will! You won’t understand what love is when all you do is deceiving!
Laksh: Enough!
Swara: It hurt Na? Well truth is bitter!
By saying this Swara turns around and leaves, Laksh is crying and breaks down on the floor.

Bekhudi starts playing…..

Swara is outside the door and breaks down too and falls on the floor.
Swara: Haa Laksh…I don’t love you and I will never fall for anyone like you but…but my heart fell for you….my heart started to like you…my heart wants you…but I can’t let that happen.
Swara cries.

Bekhudi continues playing.

The episode ends with Swara and Lakshs crying faces.

Precap: Didn’t know what to put.

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