Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 3


Recap: Ragini tells Sanskaar about Lakshs deeds.

The episode begins with Ragini waking up, she looks around and sees Sanskaar missing, she looks around, she sees a man and stops him,
Ragini: Excuse me?
The man stops,
Man: Ji?
Ragini: Did we reach Kolkata?
Man: No, Kolkata is coming in the next station.
Ragini: Okay thank you.
The man nods and leaves, Sanskaar comes back with tea and biscuits
Sanskaar: Come, quickly eat your breakfast!
Ragini smiles and takes the tea, Sanskaar sits down,
Ragini: I thought you were gone.
Sanskaar: I can’t go because I need to reach Kolkata.
Ragini: Why are you so eager?
Sanskaar: My family is there.
Ragini: Oh, so why were you in Mumbai?
Sanskaar: I came for a meeting.
Ragini: Meeting?
Sanskaar: Yh, it was a meeting and we nailed the contract.
Ragini: Oh congrats.
Sanskaar: Thank you, it was my first time as well, can’t wait to give this good news to Bade Papa.
Ragini: Bade Papa?
Sanskaar: Yes Bade Papa, he is like my father too.
Ragini: So who do you have in your family?
Sanskaar: I have Mom, Dad, Badi Maa, Bade Papa, Uttra, Aadarsh Bhaiya, Parineeta Bhabhi, Bhabhi and La….
Ragini: And?
Sanskaar remembers, he stops and changes the topic,
Sanskaar: So where are you going to stay Ragini?
Ragini: I don’t know.
The train starts moving,
Sanskaar: Drink your tea before it gets cold.
Ragini nods and starts drinking,

1 hour later:
Sanskaar and Ragini hear an announcement that is saying: We have reached Kolkata.
They both get up and take their bags out, Ragini and Sanskaar collide, Sanskaar lets Ragini go first and she smiles and goes, both of them come out, they start walking,
Ragini: Isn’t your family here?
Sanskaar: No, they don’t know I’m here, I was meant to come tomorrow.
Ragini: So surprise huh?
Sanskaar nods,
Sanskaar: So Ragini, where are you going?
Ragini: I might go Delhi or find some arrangements, don’t worry.
Sanskaar: How can you go Dehli? Why don’t you go meet your father?
Ragini: He will never let me in the house.
Sanskaar: I’ll come with you.
Ragini: He won’t listen, he will think that I found another one.
Sanskaar: He’s your father, he will forgive you, come lets go.
Ragini: No Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar thinks: I will find out the truth at any cost.
Sanskaar grabs her hand and takes her in the taxi,
Ragini: Please Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Even I want to meet your father, I want to ask him why he didn’t believe you!
Ragini: There is no point Sanskaar.
Sanskaar: Please Ragini.
Ragini: Okay.
Sanskaar calls a taxi driver and they sit in it, Ragini tells the address and they leave.

They reach the Baadi, Ragini looks outside and tears fall out of her eyes, she remembers her old moments, Sanskaar gets out of the car and asks Ragini to get out, Ragini nods no but Sanskaar forwards his hand and nods, she holds on to his hand and he pulls her out, she stands out and Swaragini….tune….plays……
Sanskaar: So this is your house?
Ragini nods, two ladies come out, they start talking about how good the mendhi/sangeet was, Ragini gets thinking, one of the lady notices her, she walks up to her,
Lady 1: Your Ragini, right?
Ragini nods,
Lady 2: Is this Ragini?
Lady 1: Where were you?
Lady 2: Today was your sisters mendhi.
Ragini: What?
Lady 1: Didn’t you know?
Ragini nods no,
Lady 2: I must say, your sister is Lucky to have a good and handsome life partner.
Lady 1: Haa, I heard that it’s a love marriage, the boy’s father was opposing it but now he is suddenly ready.
Sanskaar: Who’s the groom?
Lady 2: What was his name? It starts with an L.
Lady 1: I think it was Laksh.
Ragini and Sanskaar get shocked,
Lady 2: Yes, it is Laksh Maheshwari, Annapurnas son.
Sanskaar gets doubled shock,
Lady 2: I hope you get someone like him too.
Lady 1: We will leave now.
They leave while talking,
Ragini looks at Sanskaar: Sanskaar, Laksh…..
Sanskaar: Oh no Ragini.
Ragini: Swaras life will be ruined.
Sanskaar thinks that Laksh is going to get married but I didn’t know it was with Raginis sister.
Ragini: Sanskaar, I need to do something, I don’t know how to fix it, Sanskaar please help me….
Sanskaar: Calm down Ragini, I promise I’ll help you.
Ragini nods,
Sanskaar: We need to tell them what Laksh did.
Ragini: They won’t believe me, they need evidence.
Sanskaar: Try to talk to them, go in.
Ragini: Are you mad? I’m not going in.
Sanskaar: Go in!
Ragini: No!
Sanskaar: Do you want me to take you?
Ragini: Look, poor taxi Bhai is waiting, let’s go.
Sanskaar: Not until you go in!
Ragini: I don’t want my family to feel embarrassed!
Sanskaar: Why will they feel embarrassed?
Ragini: Look at what I’m wearing!
Sanskaar: It’s nice and your wearing clothes!
Ragini: They never seen me in these clothes!
Sanskaar: Look Ragini, there is no time for us to argue, go in, it’s only jeans, shirt and jacket!

Sanskaar grabs Raginis hand and walks up, he pushes her in and stands and the door step and signals her to go in, she looks around and walks, Sumi sees her and gets happy, Daadi is shocked.

Precap: Shekhar doesn’t let Ragini in the house and Ragsan make a plan to expose Laksh.

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