Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 29


Recap: Cham cham(DP doesn’t mind) Shaurya shocked……Ragsan.

The episode begins with Sanskaar bringing Ragini to the terrace, he opens her blindfold and sees the terrace decorated,
Sanskaar: Thank god it stopped Raining or else this plan would’ve got ruined.
Ragini smiles seeing a tent and inside that tent is candle and a table, she then sees another tent which has cushions, blanket and a projector.
Sanskaar makes Ragini stand in front of a big mirror and she sees a diamond necklace and smiles,
Ragini: It’s beautiful.
She turns around and hugs Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: I knew you would like it.
He then breaks the hug and makes her sit on the chair and ticks her in, he then sits on his, they eat and talk, then they dance on the song Sab tera…..
Sanskaar: Sab tera…..
Ragini: Sab tera….
after a while they stop dancing and singing and they sit down in the other tent, Sanskaar turns the projector on and they watch their moments from beginning to end and watch their old and new marriage video and pics.
Sab tera….continues playing…..
Ragini hugs Sanskaar,
Ragini: Thank you Sanskaar….
Sanskaar: I love you too.
Ragini smiles.

Shaurya comes to his room and sees it empty,
Shaurya: Where is she?
He then sits on the bed,
Shaurya: What’s it to me?
He then lies down, suds belt he gets a call,
Shaurya: (picks it up and places it on shoulder) Hello?
Guy: Hello….do you know anyone called Shanaya?
Shaurya: Yeah why?
He then a hears Shanaya shouting awesome.
Guy: Uh….sir she’s drunk and is at the cities wanted pub.
Shaurya: What?! I’ll be there.
Shaurya disconnects the phone,
Shaurya: What is she doing there? Oh god, hope she doesn’t create another scene but anyways it’s her life, she can do whatever she wants….
Shaurya then wears his jacket and shoes and heads out.

He reaches the pub and sees her dancing in drama queen.
Shaurya: Doesn’t she get tired of dancing?! She didn’t even let me rest in peace.
He sees her wearing a knee length black dress. Shaurya goes forward,
Shaurya: Come!
Shanaya continues dancing, then the song finishes.
Shanaya: Once more!
Shaurya: You’re the only one here! Let’s go!
Shanaya: No…look it’s them too.
Shaurya: Come!
Shanaya doesn’t listen, he then picks her up and takes her,
Shanaya: Leave me! Please I want to dance more!
Shaurya ignores her and puts her in the car.

They reach home and Shaurya brings her in the room and makes her stand.
Shanaya: What the hell? I want to…
Shaurya: Shut up!
Shanaya puts her finger on her lips and makes a puppy face.

Ragini and Sanskaar tuck in, Sanskaar then finds Ragini asleep, he then puts the blanket more up and switches off the projector and lies besides her and smiles looking at her.
Sanskaar: I love you Ragini. I always will. You were my first love and you always would be.

Shaurya takes out the clothes from the wardrobe,
Shaurya: Here, get changed!
Shanaya nods no, she then turns on the music and Phatte tak play…..
Shaurya: Shhh! What the wall are you doing?! Everyone’s asleep!
Shanaya dances and sticks her tongue out at Shaurya.

Sujata and RP are sleeping, suddenly RP opens his eyes,
RP: Sujata..! Can you hear that? Is that you?
Sujata: What Ji?
Sujata then opens her eyes,
Sujata: I can’t hear anything, you must be imagining!
RP: Na Na Sujata, I can never be imagining!
Sujata then hears the sound and looks around.

Sakshi and Rajnath are sleeping, Sakshi is wearing blindfold on her eyes, she gets disturbed too.
Sakshi: Raj..?!
Rajnath wakes up and wears his glasses,
Sakshi: What is that sound Raj?
Rajnath: I don’t know Sakshi…
Sakshi: I bet you its that girl! Oh god!

Shaan comes outside Shauryas room half sleep,
Shaan: What is this bahi?!
Shaurya sits down and smacks his hand on his head,
Shaurya: It’s her, she wont even stop!
Shaan: Bhabhi….
Shanaya smiles.

DP hears the music and wakes up, he sees AP sitting up an wears his glasses,
DP: What sound is this?
AP: It sounds like music.
DP: What?! Who put this music on..?

Ragsan also get disturbed and both open their eyes as the music was load.

Shaurya: Shaan, switch the music off!
Shaan heads towards the box but Shanaya blocks it while dancing.
Shaurya stands up and pulls Shanaya,
Shaurya: Enough! Stop it.
Shanaya makes a face.
Shaan quickly stops the music and Shanaya gets sad,
Shaurya: Lie down!
Shanaya nods no,
Shaurya makes her lie down, he then covers her with the blanket. Shanaya then closes her eyes, Shaan and Shaurya walk towards the door.
DP and everyone come there, they see Shanaya sleeping,
DP: I knew it was him!
Shaurya: What?
RP: Did you put that music on?
DP: Who else was it?
Sakshi: I bet it was that girl!
DP: But she’s sleeping!
DP glares at Shaurya and leaves, all then nod their heads and leave,
Shaan: Bhabhi is unbelievable!
Shaan lets out a sigh and walks towards his room.
Shaurya closes the door,
Shaurya: Because of her I got blamed!


Ragini gets changed and walks down, she sees Shauryas room, Shaurya comes out and Ragini walks up to him,
Ragini: Enough! I know Shanaya didn’t marry you with her permission!
Shaurya: So?
Ragini: For a moment o thought you changed but now I found out how wrong I was!
Shaurya: Well I am 2 steps ahead of all of you and you will never be able to fool me!
Ragini: Seriously, how could you!
Shaurya: Correction! I already did!
Shaurya then leaves an Ragini looks at him disgustedly.

Laksh meets Swara,
Swara: Why did you call me here early morning?
Laksh: I want to say something to you.
Swara: Haa?
Laksh takes deep breaths,
Laksh: Swara..I…I love you.
Swara gets shocked while Laksh closes his eyes,
Laksh: If it’s a no then you can go….
Laksh then slowly opens his eyes, he doesn’t find Swara there and gets sad, Swara is seen talking on the phone, she nods and disconnects the phone.
Laksh was about to go when Swara comes, he smiles seeing her and she hugs him and tears fall out of her eyes. Laksh smiles and hugs Swara tighter,
Laksh: I knew you would say yes Swara…
Swara smiles.

Shanaya drinks the lemon Juice and sees a note, she picks it up and reads it, it says ‘Danced enough or is there anything else to do? Well anyways, I don’t want you to act crazy today!’
Shanaya: Shaurya wrote this? But why didn’t he do anything yesterday even though he had a great opportunity?

Just then Swara gets a call and breaks the hug, she answers the call and gets shocked,
Swara: What?! I…I don’t believe you…
The call gets disconnected and Swara looks at Laksh, she then slaps him hard which shocks him,
Laksh looks at her,
Swara: Did you ruin my sisters life?
Laksh gets shocked,
Swara: Were you the one who hired those boys and planned this?
Laksh: Vo Swara…
Swara: Haa or Naa?
Laksh: Vo…
Swara: HAA ya NAA?!!
Laksh looks down and nods yes, Swara cries,
Swara: I can’t believe you…this means Shau….
Laksh looks at her,
Swara: He was right!
Swara then leaves from there,
Laksh: Shau..? Shaurya?! Did he tell her? But why would he I mean…

Precap: Laksh and Shaurya fight…..Laksh and Shaurya spill out their plans and…..

Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya
Tanya Sharma – Shanaya

Credit to: ???

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