Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 28


Recap: Shaurya had to make Kheer… All shocked to see DP’s nice behaviour towards Shanaya…

The episode begins with the family waiting for Shaurya,
DP: Has he made it or not?
Sakshi: Pateint Bhaisa….
Shanaya: I don’t think he can do it….well I’ll just go and….
Sakshi: No need!
Sakshi in her head: I hope he helps Shaurya….

The kheer is finished being made, Shaurya quickly makes himself messy, he sprinkles water on his face to make it seem he worked hard, then he wore a apron and got a little kheer being dropped on his hand,
Shaurya: Have you added the things I asked?
Servant: Yes sir…only in two…not the rest and the two with spoons in are the ones.
Shaurya nods and comes out.

He places the Kheer on the table and serves Shanaya and DP first, Shanaya and DP get confused.
He then gives kheer to everyone, they all taste it, DP gets shocked while Shanaya makes a face, the family then smile and nod yes,
Sujata: JiJi, it’s good, wow, this is the nicest kheer I ever tasted.
DP: Is this kheer?!
All look at him, Shaurya smirks,
Sujata: What else is it Bhaisa?
AP: What happened Ji?
Dp: Give me water!
Tears fall out of Shanayas eyes and DP realises that Shaurya mixed something in her and his kheer,
Ragini notices,
Ragini: Shanaya….? What happened?
Shanaya: Nothing Ragini…
She wipes her tears,
Shanaya: The kheer was so good that I couldn’t stop myself, I didn’t know he could make such a good kheer. Right Bade Papa…?
DP thinks: It’s rubbish but since she’s saying this then….and nods yes.
Shanaya: Then we should feed him Na bade Papa? He has rights to taste his own kheer….
DP looks at her and nods, DP gets happy from the inside,
DP: You’re right Beta, we should feed him.
Shaurya gets shocked.
DP in his head: Unbelievable, this girl made my day….now Shaurya will taste his own rubbish. (Gets more happy from the inside)

Shaurya: I’ll have some later.
Shanaya: Arey…you’ve got the opportunity to be fed by Bade Papa, I bet no one else got fed by him…?
Laksh: She’s right….you would be the first one to be fed by him.
Shaurya: I’m fine….
DP in his head: Now I will feed him the rubbish he fed me! I don’t know what good deed I did to see this day…!
Shanaya: Come Na….taste your handmade kheer.
Sakshi: Come on Shaurya….he’s willing to feed you…!
Shaurya in his head: Oh god….how do I tell them that this Kheer has salt and spice in it….this Shanaya…! I won’t spare her…
Shanaya: Come Na….
Shanaya stands up and makes Shaurya sit near DP,
Shaurya: No….

DP fills the spoon with his kheer and is bringing it towards Shaurya, he tries to leave but Shanaya blocks the way, DP then quickly shoves the kheer in his mouth, Shanaya smirks,
Ragini: Arey Shanaya…you feed him too Naa….
Shanaya: No…
DP: Ha feed him….
All get shocked to hear DP,
Shaurya in his head: Shit!!! Her kheer has more in it….oh god! I’m
Going to get high BP.
Shaurya swallows the other one and makes a face, Shanaya feeds him and Shaurya breathes heavily, tears fall out of his eyes and he hides them but DP sees and smiles from the inside and says: These were the revenge tears, you made me cry and now I’m feeling so happy that I can even throw a party…. Your bad days have arrived Shaurya…I don’t know which manoos time and day you were born because you brought bad luck in my house….!
Shaurya in his head: You have to pay for this Shanaya! And Bade Papa….don’t get to happy because I can also turn the tables!

Shaurya (fake smiles): Now it’s my turn to feed you…..
He fills his spoon with Shanayas kheer but before he gave it to DP Shanaya held it…,
Shanaya: You can’t feed him and I won’t even let you feed him!
All look at her,
Shanaya (fake smiles): You all got serious, I was trying to say that Badi Maa has rights to feed Bade Papa.
All look at AP,
Shanaya: Come Na Badi Maa.
Shanaya eats the one in Shaurya spoon and fake smiles, Shaurya glares at her.
Sanskaar: Please go Na Badi Maa….after you someone else might come and feed me…I mean us.
Sakshi smiles,
Sakshi: Since we are feeding each other you might as well Ragini,
Ragini: Me…?
Sanskaar smiles,
Sakshi: Go… Don’t be shy!
Rajnath: Then you should feed me too.
Sakshi: Don’t be stupid Raj…
Rajnath: Then how do you accept Ragini to feed Sanskaar..?
Sakshi thinks and says: You’re right Raj…
Sakshi feeds Rajnath and he feeds her back. Ragini looks at Sanskaar and smiles shyly, she then feeds him and he feeds her back.

Shanaya breathes in and out: Badi Maa…come Na please….!
AP stands up and walks towards DP with her kheer, she then shyly makes DP eat it and he feeds her back.
DP: Beta…you come too.
Shanaya: Me…? No bade papa…I…
DP: Come.
Sujatas mouth in shock opened while Sakshi, Laksh and Sanskaar look on, RPs mouth also drops in shock, Raj gets shocked. DP then feeds Shanaya the kheer AP got and she smiles,
Shaurya in his head: Bahot Lad Pyaar aaraha hai Na? I will ruin that! (A lot of love and affections happening?)
DP stands up and Shanaya takes his blessings and he happily blesses her.
Shanaya in her head: Give me blessing to take revenge from Shaurya for his bad deeds.

Sanskaar, DP, Laksh, Raj and RP leave for office, Ragini stops Shanaya,
Ragini: I need to talk to you..

Shanaya: Now…?
Ragini nods, Ragini takes her to the side.
Ragini: Is everything alright?
Shanaya: Haa, why?
Ragini: You and Shaurya married all of a sudden and….
Shanaya: Oh…that was love marriage and….
Ragini: You’re lying to me! Tell me the truth, a person like you can never marry Shaurya!
Ragini then takes Shanayas hand and places it on her head,
Ragini: For my sake tell the truth.
Shanaya gets shocked,
Shanaya: Vo…
Ragini: Why are you avoiding eye contact?
Shanaya: I…I need to go.
Ragini: Did you marry Shaurya with your will?
Shanaya nods no and Ragini gets shocked, Shanaya then takes her hand away and walks away from there.
Ragini: I knew something was wrong. But why did she marry him..?
Sujata calls Ragini and Ragini goes.

Shanaya enters her room and gets shocked to see Shaurya, she bites her tongue,
Shanaya: Now he won’t spare me.
She was about to leave when he says stop,
Shaurya: What did you do?!
Shanaya turns around (acting): What did I do?
Shaurya: Don’t act like you don’t know!
Shanaya: Um….I don’t remember.
Shaurya: Stay in your limits!
Shanaya: Cham Cham!
Shaurya (confused): What?
Shanaya: Main nachun aaj Cham Cham Cham! Have you heard the song? It’s nice, you should hear it. Wait you do listen to music….?
Shaurya: Are you serious?!
Shanaya: Yaa, it’s actually a great song! Trust you would love it….I think but it’s recommended.
Shanaya then gets a call,
Shanaya: Hello?

Shanaya smiles,
Shanaya: Wow, she’s starting the job Na? Um…okay. Swara….thank you.
Swara: Why?
Shanaya: You didn’t give up.
Swara: Take care!
Shanaya: U 2….bye.
Shanaya disconnects the phone.
Shaurya: Whatever! (And leaves)
Shanaya lets out a sigh.

Shaan and Radha become friends in school after arguing, Radha doesn’t tell anyone in the Baadi but she also has a classmate living in the Badi and her name is Ridhi and they’re friends.

DP and the men come back home, Sanskaar goes to his room and freshens up.
Laksh goes to his room and texts Swara,
Laksh: Do I love her…? But I’m scared. I don’t know why…
He then freshens up and heads outside.

Shaurya hears music from his news and goes to check, he sees Shanaya dancing on Cham Cham. She doesn’t notice him.
Shaurya: What the hell is this girl doing?
He looks at her, Shanaya is mouthing and dancing,

Shaurya: She’s dancing like she never danced before.
Just the DP walks past and hears the music, Shaurya notices DP and smirks,
Shaurya: Now you’re gone.
DP comes and sees Shanaya dancing and looks on. Shanaya notices him,
Shanaya mouths: Iss pal ko mein aj jee loon?
DP nods yes and shocks Shaurya, Shanaya smiles and DP leaves,
DP in his head: Yes, enjoy every moment of this day…I didn’t stop you because even I feel like dancing.
Shanaya asks Shaurya to come, he nods no and Shanaya continues dancing. She looks outside and sees the rain and says Cham Cham Cham.

Shanaya stops dancing and drinks water, the music stops on time.
Shaurya: This is unfair….bade papa would’ve shouted at us and he didn’t even say a word to her? Something’s wrong!
Shanaya: Did you say anything?
Shaurya: Come down for dinner and behave! I don’t want them to find out it was forced!
Shanaya nods and Shaurya leaves
Shanaya: After all I need to take revenge! If I say it’s forced then there would be divorce issue but I will make you regret marrying me and you would beg for divorce and I will make you cry and torture you Mr Shaurya Maheshwari!

After dinner in Ragsan’s room:
Ragini is thinking, Sanskaar comes from behind and hugs her and kisses her cheeks, she smiles,
Sanskaar makes her turn,
Sanskaar: I’ve got something for you.
Ragini: What?
Sanskaar: Not like this….first close your eyes.
Ragini closes her eyes, Sanskaar makes her wear something,
Sanskaar: No cheating!
He the puts blindfold on her eyes and takes her somewhere.

Precap: Ragsan moments…. Shaurya and Raginis confrontation, Laksh proposes to Swara…..Swara is shocked…….

Vatsal Sheth: Shaurya
Tanya Sharma: Shanaya

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