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Recap: Ragsan moments, FB of what happened and Ragini colliding with Sakshi.

The episode begins with Ragini apologising to Sakshi,
Sakshi: It’s okay…..anyways the breakfast needs to be made….
Ragini: Are you okay?
Sakshi: Yes..what happened?
Ragini: Nothing…
Sakshi touches Raginis shoulder and let’s out a smile: I’ll go and refresh up and I’ll join you later.
Ragini nods and Sakshi leaves.
Ragini: I’ll see if Shanaya needs help.

Shanaya comes out wearing a light blue plain Anarkali suit with boarder on the bottom and sleeveless. She pins the stole on her shoulder and sits in front of the mirror and dries her hair.
After a while she straightens her hair and wears two gold bangles, she remembers AP giving it to her, she then picks the Mangalsutra up and looks at it, she then adorns her self with it and Sindoor. She wears light make up and smiles. She stands up and moves a little back and looks at her, Shaurya gets up and looks around, he then sees her,
She touches her belly and checks herself out while switching sides, Shaurya looks at her confusingly,.

Ragini is outside their door, she sees a little bit open and was about to open full but hears Shaurya,
Shaurya (confused): What are you doing?
Shanaya: Checking if I look fat in it or not….
Shaurya: What? Who does that?!
Shanaya: I do! Why? Do you have a problem with it? Well deal with it!
Shaurya: Calm your tone!
Shanaya: I will if you calm your actions!
Shanaya glares at him and Ragini is thinking: I don’t feel anything right…there’s something wrong and I need to find out what exactly!
Ragini then knocks on the door and Shanaya says enter,
Ragini opens the door fully,
Ragini: Are you ready?
Shanaya: Ya, I’m ready. I’ll come in two minuets.
Ragini nods: Okay, I’m going down.
Shanaya nods and Ragini leaves.
Shaurya gets up and touches his head, he stands up and walks towards the bathroom, he was about to leave when he falls on Shanayas shoulder,
Shanaya (makes a face): What is your problem now?
Shanaya turns around and helps him stand still,
Shanaya: You shouldn’t have drank much!
She helps him enter the bathroom and goes, Shaurya looks on.

Everyone are at the dining table, Shanaya comes down and smiles,
Sakshi ignores her,
AP: Come beta, take a seat.
Shanaya uncomfortably walks towards AP while others look at her.

Sanskaar looks at Ragini and smiles, she blushes. Shaurya comes down and sits in his place, Sujata looks at Sakshi and smiles, in her head: Tit for tat Bhabhi, my words have come true….now you’re in the same position that you put me! But I had to agree for my Pauta but you…. Sujata enjoys it and gets happy from inside.

Sujata: JiJi, is there anything sweet being made?
Sakshi then thinks of something,
Sakshi: You’re right Sujata, anyways it’s a tradition that new Bahus have to make sweet dish for everyone so why not her…?
Shanaya gets shocked,
Shanaya: But you said that in not allowed to take responsibility of being a daughter in law in this house so how can I….?
Sakshi: Well now I want you to!
Shanaya in her head: Fish! I don’t know how to make any food.
Shaurya smirks,
Shaurya: Well it’s not hard to make a dish, even me and Bade Papa can make one!
Shanaya fake smiles and looks at him, DP glares at him,
Shanaya: You’re right, it’s not hard and since you know how to make it you might as well.
Shaurya looks at her,
Shanaya: Haa, anyways it’s always girls that have to follow this tradition, why not you today?
Sakshi in her head: She wants to torture my baby? How dare she, I will never allow her to do this!
Shanaya: Be the change that you would like to see in the world! That’s what a Mahan person said…Mahatma Ghandi and you can be the change you want to see in us and this world.
DP gets impressed,
Shaurya: No, I’m not making it….
DP: You were saying you could…
Shaurya: I could but…
Shanaya thinks: This would be the best opportunity, Shanaya, hit a sixer on this opportunity and give him tot for tat!
Shanaya: But what? It’s okay…I’ll go like always. Well uncle he was just saying…he can’t actually make a sweet dish.
Shaurya stands up,
Shaurya: You’re challenging me?
Shanaya: You challenged yourself, I didn’t say anything….. Well uncle…
Shaurya: What the hell?!
Shanaya: Uncle… Forget it… Anyways he should get a chance in the kitchen right?
DP: You’re right but I don’t want the kitchen to get damaged or ruined.
Shanaya giggles and Shaurya glares, Sujata enjoys it and eats to stop herself from laughing.
Sakshi: Excuse me Bhaisa? You’re trying to say that Shaurya would damage the kitchen? Well you’re mistaken.
DP: I know I can never be mistaken!
Sakshi: Well I guess my son has to prove it to you.
Shaurya: Mom….
Shanaya smirks and looks at Shaurya,
Sakshi: My son would go in the kitchen today!
Shaurya: To that logic, even you should come bade papa.
DP gets angry and Sakshi smiles,
Shanaya: But uncle isn’t newly wedded Shaurya and he just wants to see how good you make it….
DP in his head: No one knows how happy I am from the inside, what I couldn’t do, this girl has done it, bless this girl, Shauryas painful days begin while my peaceful days start!
Dp smirks from the inside.
DP: Bas! Enough! Shaurya isn’t going in the kitchen because he doesn’t know anything and he will burn the kitchen instead and today no sweet dish!
Sujata: But Bhaisa…
DP: I said it and its final!
Sakshi: He would not burn the kitchen!
Shaurya in his head: Mom please, why are you inviting problems for me?!
Sakshi: My son would not burn the kitchen.
Shaurya: I will cook and show you all!
All get shocked and Shanaya smirks, Shaurya heads towards the kitchen and Sakshi glares at Shanaya.
Shanaya in her head: Now watch Shaurya!

Sanskaar looks at Ragini, Ragini looks at Shanaya.

Shaurya in the kitchen: What the hell?! It’s all because of Shanaya! I would not spare her!
Shaurya looks at the kitchen and sits down on the table and eats Apple, a servant comes in and shits the door, Shaurya smiles,
Shaurya (smiles): Now cook me kheer.
The servant nods and starts making it while Shaurya smiles.

Shanaya is thinking, DP is happy,
DP: Beta, come sit down.
Sakshi, Sujata, Laksh and RP get surprised,
Shanaya nods and sits besides DP,
DP (nicely): What is your name?
Shanaya: My name is Shanaya…
DP: You can call me Bade Papa, you don’t need to call me uncle.
All are shocked,
Sujata: JiJi! When did Bhaisa become so nice? Did the sun rise from the earth?
RP: To all of us strictly while to that girl nicely? This can’t get in my brain….
Laksh: What has happened to him? I never heard him talk to us in that tone.
Sujata: JiJi, pinch me…I think I might be dreaming.
RP pinches Sujata and she shouts, all look at her,
DP: What happened Sujata?!
Sujata: Ahh, nothing Bahisa.
DP nods his head no in anger.

Shanaya in her head: How did he say yes so easily? No…there is something wrong!
Ragini in her head: There is something wrong and I need to find out, but did Shanaya marry him with her permission?
Screen freezes on Raginis thinking face.

Precap: Everyone loved the kheer, Shanaya and DP taste it and DP gets shocked and tears fall out of Shanayas eyes while Shaurya smirks….

Thank you for liking.
Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth
Shanaya: Tanya Sharma

Credit to: ???

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