Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 26


Recap: Ragini and Sanskaar consummate and Shanaya and Shaurya moment.

Today’s episode starts with the sun rising and MM shown:
Shanaya is sleeping, she then gets disturbed by Shaurya as his stubble touch her face and prick her,
Shanaya: (With eyes closed) Oh God! He wont even let me sleep.
She then slowly opens her eyes and finds her self in the same position,
Shanaya: Still same? Why do I have a feeling that someone would walk through that door?
Shanaya pushes him but all goes in vain,
Shanaya: I need to wake him up, how many bottles did he drink?
She pulls her arm up with great difficulty and lets out a sigh.
Shanaya:Finally I got my arm out but I need to get him off.

Sakshi then walks out of her room, she thinks to check on Shaurya and call him for breakfast, she then gets stopped by Rajnath.

Shanaya uses her hand and wobbles Shauryas head,
Shanaya: Shaurya……..?
Shaurya doesn’t respond so she wobbles his head again,
Shanaya: Shaurya…!
Shaurya (asleep): hmm?
Shanaya: Um…could you move…please?

Sakshi finishes talking to Rajnath and walks towards Shauryas room.

Shanaya: Please…
Shaurya (asleep): Hmm…
Shanaya: Get off me!
Shaurya then moves his head,
Shanaya: Shaurya please….someone will come!
Sakshi comes closer to the door, Sakshi opens the door and gets in and is shocked.

Ragini wakes up and sees Sanskaar sleeping,
Ragini: Oh god, I’m going to get late.
She sits up but Sanskaar pulls her closer and she falls on him. He then gives her a peck on the cheeks and she smiles,
Ragini; You’re awake?
She sees Sanskaar smiling with his eyes open, she rests her head on his chest,
Ragini: I need to get dressed and go after taking a shower.
Sanskaar: You’re in a hurry to meet the family more. What about me?
Ragini gets up, she tries to go but Sanskaar holds her hand,
Ragini: Please Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar closes his eyes, Ragini looks around and sees water next to her and smiles,she then takes it and spills it on Sanskaar. Sanskaar then wakes up in shock. Ragini then smiles and rushes in to the bathroom, Sanskaar looks on.Sanskaar checks the time and its 7:54am.
Sanskaar: I might as well go to sleep, any ways I need to get up at 8:15am and go for breakfast and 8:29am.
Sanskaar then lies down,
Ragini opens a bit of the bathroom door,
Ragini: Sanskaar… Can you please pass the towel and my clothes.
Sanskaar thinks: I haven’t had a bath so why not today?
He then smiles and gets up and takes a towel out from the cupboard and walks in the bathroom shocking Ragini, he then locks the door,
Sanskaar: What happened?
Ragini nods no.

Sakshi looks at Shanaya and Shaurya, she sees Shanaya sitting up while Shaurya is sleeping behind her,
Sakshi: Well any ways, I came here to warn you and just because Shaurya married you it does not mean that I have accepted you!
Shanaya nods,
Sakshi: Also you would never get the responsibilities of this house as a daughter in law!
Shanaya nods her head again and Sakshi looks on.
Sakshi: I’m forced to see you and endure you because of my son, I don’t know why he married you! Don’t take advantage of this! Any ways bring Shaurya for breakfast!
Shanaya nods and Sakshi leaves looking surprised and Shanaya lets out a sigh of relieve.
Shanaya: Thank god he moved before or else…..
It goes in to a flashback when Shanaya tells Shaurya to move, he doesn’t and she tries pushing him, he then moves and his cheeks touch Shanaya’s cheeks which shivers her, he then turns the other way on his belly and Shanaya sits up and then Sakshi comes. End of Flashback.

Shanaya thinks and it goes in to a flashback at the TS, Preeti slaps Shanaya which shocked everyone, Just then Shaurya comes, he sees Shanaya and she sees him and smiles, she then runs up to him and hugs him which shocks everyone. Laksh had saved Shaurya from the other side. Laksh also comes there,
Shanaya: Thank god you’re fine Shaurya.
Shaurya: Why were you so worried and….
Shaurya realises she called him Shaurya and gets shocked, she also realises.
Then Preeti and Shanaya argue, Shaurya thinks,
Preeti: Get lost! I don’t want to see you!
Radha: But Preeti Di…..it was just a train.
Daadi tries talking to Preeti but Preeti doesn’t listen.
Preeti: What should we do here Naani? What is there to see here?
Daadi slaps Preeti,
Radha: Di….
Daadi: Just because Ragini got married and settled you’re going?Can’t you see her get settled?
Preeti is shocked along with Shaurya and Laksh.
Daadi: You’re so selfish Preeti….
Preeti: No Naani…we were only here to reunite Ragini and Sanskaar and since we done that….
Daadi: So What? Would you leave me?
Shaurya and Laksh look at each other,
Shaurya in his head: So Shanaya wanted to take revenge from me for what I have done to Ragini? That is why she wanted to kill me and now that she knows I’m Shaurya, she must be planning something big….. I cant believe her! She has to pay for trapping Shaurya Maheshwari and I’m not letting her go that easily!
Laksh in his head: She wanted revenge and is…is Swara involved…?
Laksh looks at Swara: No she isn’t, she forgot her memory.
Then after Daadi convinces Preeti and Shanaya smiles, they get their luggage and Daadi takes them to the Baadi as the party was over. They reach the Baadi, Laksh talks to Swara. Preeti is upset at Shanaya and does not talk to her.
Preeti: You’re not allowed.
Shanaya gets shocked, Preeti makes Swara, Daadi and Radha go in and shuts the door shocking everyone.
Daadi: What is this Preeti?
Preeti: Naani, that is her punishment and any ways you’re going to open the door so she can come after I have selected a room.
Preeti heads up.

Shaurya and Shanaya talk,
Shaurya: You made a great mistake Shanaya!
Shanaya: Punishing you is my biggest victory!
They glare at each other,
Shanaya: So you figured out that I know?
Shaurya: Yes and this is going to cost you!
Shanaya laughs: What are you going to do?
Shaurya: You don’t know what I can do!
Shanaya turns to leave,
Shaurya: Your Preeti Di is beautiful!
Shanaya gets shocked and turns back to him,
Shanaya: You wouldn’t dare!
Shaurya: You don’t know me if you’re saying this! What did you think that you would get away with this? Well no! Well where was I? Yes… Preeti, she is pretty isn’t she? Ahh, poor thing would lose her respect.
Shanaya gets thinking,
Shanaya: What do you mean?
Shaurya smiles. He then takes Shanaya a bit more out and points at the terrace, she gets shocked to see 3 men teasing Preeti, Preeti’s back is faced towards them, two of them are holding her arms and she is jerking it but in vain, one of the man closes her mouth with his hand, Shanaya tries to run up but Shaurya holds her hand,
Shaurya: This isn’t enough for me….how about Radha?
Shanaya gets even more shocked, she then looks up and sees the other man taking off her stole and throwing it on the floor, he was about to come close when Shanaya says: I….I agree to whatever you want, just stop, please!
Shaurya smiles and and sends a message, Shanaya looks up and sees the boys leaving and gets relieved, she was about to go up when Shaurya holds her hand again ans stops her, he then takes her to the temple and says you have to marry me, she gets shocked and says no, he then takes his phone out and says the 3 men are still there and 1 message away, she gets worried and agrees, they get married and shock everyone, Preeti tells Shanaya is dead for them and MM are shocked especially Sakshi while Shaurya sticks up for Shanaya to show everyone he loves her but he doesn’t and Sakshi faints.
End of flashback.

Shanaya: I’m sorry Preeti Di, I…i had no other choice.
Shanaya then sees the time and its 8:06am, she goes to the bathroom.
Shaurya opens his eyes and smirks, it then goes into a flashback of when Shaurya paid a girl and 3 men to do something and the girl that was on the terrace was not Preeti, it was the same girl Shaurya paid to play as Preeti wearing similar clothes and Shanaya believed it, end of Flashback.
Shaurya: Poor baby, she set one trap for me, I set one for her and she fell into mine but as far as I know, she wont give up. But this is the beginning! Any ways to shut Ragini’s mouth I use Shanaya and to shut Shanaya’s mouth I use Ragini and Preeti. Wow, everything is happening per my wish!
Shaurya smirks.

Ragini and Sanskaar come out of the bathroom, Ragini is wearing a green saree and Sanskaar is covered in towel, before Sanskaar could say or do anything Ragini goes out. Sanskaar smiles.
Ragini thinks while walking: Why did Shanaya marry Shaurya is she hated him? There is something wrong and I need to find out what….
She then collides with Sakshi.

Precap: Ragini finds something fishy and Shanaya finds an opportunity to get Shaurya back……. DP mad at Shaurya……

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Shaurya:Vatsal Sheth

Credit to: ???

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