Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 25


The episode starts with Daadi and Swara looking, Laksh also looks, Shaurya checks the time
Shaurya: Unbelievable!
and goes inside to check.
He bumps into someone,
Shaurya: Shanaya….
He looks up and is right, it was Shanaya who was standing in front of him in a shock.
Shanaya: Tu…Tum yaha? I mean what…how?
Shaurya: Why are you leaving? Without telling me?
Shanaya: Telling you what?
Preeti and Radha come there,
Shaurya: Vo…
Swara, Laksh and Daadi come there, Preeti gets shocked.
Daadi: Where are you going?
Preeti: Vo…Daadi…him log…
Shanaya: Hum log Nahi, you Di, you want to go and you’re taking us.
Swara and Daadi talk to Preeti, Shaurya takes Shanaya to the side,
Shaurya: What the hell?!
Shanaya: What? Anyways enough okay.
Preeti comes there along with Daadi and Swara,
Preeti: Do you want to go?
Shanaya looks at Daadi,
Daadi: Chori, say the truth.
Shanaya: Naani, I don’t want to go.
Preeti: Shanaya!
Shanaya: I told the truth.
Preeti: We are going and that’s final.
Daadi: You grew too big that you forgot your Naani.
Preeti: Naani….
Daadi: If you really liked me then you would’ve respected my decision.

Shaurya: Will you leave?
They hear an announcement,
Preeti: It’s our train.
Shanaya: What the hell? We are here tensed and you’re there thinking about some next up thing?
Shaurya: Okay, you tell then?
Shanaya: Just leave okay!
Shanaya turns around, Shaurya tries talking to her but she gets angry and pushes him, Shaurya falls back and on the train tracks,
Shaurya: Aah….
Then suddenly the train starts moving and is coming towards Shaurya in full speed, all are shocked, the train comes closer and all turn around and the train hits Shaurya, all are shocked,
Shanaya: Shit! Oh god.
They turn around and see the train leaving,
Preeti: What did you do Shanaya?
Shanaya: Di…I didn’t do it on purpose I….
Preeti slaps Shanaya and all are shocked.
Shanaya: Di…
Preeti: Enough!
Daadi: It wasn’t her fault….
Swara: What would we say to his family?
Tears fall out of Shanayas eyes.

4 days later in Kolkata……
MM is shown and inside Ragini is holding Aansh. Sujata comes,
Sujata: Where is our newly wedded couple?
Ragini: They are in their room.
Sujata: Well it’s night, I won’t say anything.
Ragini: Maa, do you need any help?
Sujata: Go to Bhabhi, she needs to be handled and give Aansh to me.
Ragini nods and gives Aansh to Sujata and walks towards Sakshis room.

Then Shauryas room is shown, Shanaya is inside sitting on the bed and thinking, she has Mangalsutra around her neck and Sindoor in her hairline, she is wearing red saree with gold blouse.
Shanaya: I can’t believe this happened.
Just then someone comes in and she quickly stands up facing towards the window, the guy locks the door and turns around, his face is shown and Shauryas whistle tune plays… His face is shown and its Shaurya who is also drunk.
Shaurya walks towards her and she gets insecure,
Shanaya: Listen..stay in your limits!
Shaurya laughs,
Shaurya: You crossed yours!
He gets closer to her and grabs her hand, she jerks it off, Shanaya turns to him and points her finger at him,
Shanaya: Listen….
He pins her to the wall and she is shocked, he then comes closer to her and leans to kiss her but she moves her head, Shaurya smiles and leans more in and kisses her cheeks.

Ragsan room:
Ragini comes in and shuts the door, she surprisingly finds the room empty,
Ragini: Sanskaar…?
She hears the door shut and looks back but finds no one. She then feels someone hugging from behind, she smiles and Sanskaar turns her,
Ragini: Sanskaar?
Sanskaar: What happened?
Ragini surprised: What happened?
Sanskaar: I’m in love.
Ragini smiles: Achcha? With who?
Sanskaar: My wife….
Ragini: Who is your wife?
Sanskaar: Ragini.
Ragini: Then you should probably go to her, she needs you.
Sanskaar hugs Ragini and she hugs him back.
She then breaks the hug and he brings her closer and closer and gives her a peck on the lips which shocks her.
Ragini: S…
He lets go and runs, she chases him.

Shanaya gets shocked,
Shanaya: Listen, your not in your senses and….
He then slides down to her neck and she shivers, she is breathing heavily,
Shanaya: Shaurya! Stay in your limits!
Shaurya moves back,
Shaurya: You’re my wife now!
Shanaya: So? You married me and I’m your wife not your mistress!

Shaurya lets go,
Shanaya: Listen Shaurya, stay in your limits otherwise….!
Shaurya gets angry,
Shaurya: Otherwise what?
He grabs her hand and pushes her to the bed, she falls there and gets her head up, he takes his jacket off and throws it, he comes close and Shanaya senses it and gets shocked, Shanaya turns towards him.

Ragini gets tired and stands there, she then gets an idea, the song tune starts playing and it shows both Shanaya and Ragini,
Song: Give me give me love n give me more
Thoda sa mujhse love le bhi aao
My lover gave you dounce and I feelin’ low
It shows both Ragini and Shanaya, the wind blows on Shanayas face and Sanskaar looks on at Ragini.
Again and again and again
What’s danger, what danger, what danger
Take me down, down, down
What danger, what danger, what danger
Take me down, down, down
Take me down, down, down
Take me down, down, down
It flashes between Ragini and Shanaya.

Ragini starts off with singing,
Ragini walks towards Sanskaar: Aaj dikhade mujhe love karke
Oh baby baahon mein bharke
Oh jo bhi sohca sapnon mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke

Then shifts to Shanaya, she gets up and Shaurya looks on: Aaj dikhade mujhe love karke
Oh baby baahon mein bharke
Oh jo bhi sohca sapnon mein
Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke.

Sanskaar looks at Ragini, she comes close to him and Sanskaar is speechless and mesmerised.
Ragini: Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya huaa jisam jagaa
She hugs him.

Shaurya stands there and looks on, Shanaya forwards her hand and pulls him towards her,
Shanaya: Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya huaa jisam jagaa.
Shanaya stands in front of Shaurya, he tries touching her but she moves and he smiles,

That reason that I can not love no other
Tera pyaar
This life I’m gonna live it longer
Tera pyaar
I made a spell girl, I’m down under
Tera pyaar
I keep coming for more n more n more (x2)
Sanskaar hugs Ragini back.

Ragini breaks the hug and mouths: aali raaton mein
Crazy aankhon ne chuaa
Kuch mujhko kuch meri saanson ko huaa
While touching Sanskaar: Kaali raaton mein
Crazy aankhon ne chuaa
Kuch tezz asar lazy saanson ko huaa
Tu ishq mera, tu ishq mera
Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya huaa jism jagaa (x2)
Ragini kisses Sanskaar on the cheeks and the gives a kiss on the lips and he is shocked, he then kisses her back.

Shanaya pushes Shaurya on the bed and mouths: Sardi mein garmi hai
Poori besharmi hai
Jaanam jaayaz jo
Humne woh
Ghalati ki hai (x2)

Please dikhade tu gazab karke
Labon ke paas lab karke
Socha hai jo bhi sapno mein
Shanaya comes closer: Woh aaj dikhade mujhe sab karke

Ragini breaks the kiss and Sanskaar looks at her: Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Tuhi meri raaton ka nasha
Tu isaq mera, tu isaq mera
Soya hua jisam jaga (x2)

Sanskaar carries her to the bed and make love…..

Shanaya lies down and Shaurya comes forward and Tu hi meri raaton ka nasha
Soya huaa jisam jagaa.. Plays
Then Shaurya falls on her, she gets relieved,
Shanaya: Thank god he dozed off or else he would’ve….
She tries getting up but she can’t, she even tries pushing him but it goes in vain.
Shanaya: Oh god! Mere upar hi so Gaya! (He slept on me) how do I take him off?
Shanaya tries one more time,
Shanaya: He’s quite strong, because of the song this happened, I should’ve thought of another song to make him tired and doze of without doing anything.

Sanskaar and Ragini are draped in a blanket and are hugging, he pushes her closer,
Ragini with closed eyes,
Ragini: Sanskaar…..
Sanskaar: Hmm..?
She hugs him even tighter and he kisses her neck and she smiles.
She then opens her eyes and sees the moon and smiles.
Ragini in her head: Thank you for coming in my live Sanskaar…
Ragini shivers so she moves closer to Sanskaar and puts the blanket more up.

Shanaya tries getting out but everything goes in vain,
Shanaya: I think I have to stay like this in the morning, but say if someone comes in? Idiot!
She tries reaching the blanket and going under his arm but she couldn’t, Shaurya rests his head on the bed but facing towards her neck and she moves her head and neck abit far.
Shanaya: I guess I wouldn’t be alive tomorrow.
She lets out a sigh and closes her eyes and thinks: I feel safe in his arms but I hate him….why?

Precap: Morning……Sakshi enters Shauryas room.

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Vatsal Sheth – Shaurya.
Tanya Sharma – Shanaya

Preeti – Sanjeeda Sheikh
Radha – Barbie Jain

Hope you lot enjoy today’s Epi…..

Credit to: ???

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