Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 24

The episode starts with Swara coming to MM, Daadi sees her,
Laksh smiles but then notices that Swara is upset, Swara tries avoiding eye contact, Daadi walks up to her,
Daadi: Where’s Preeti, Shanaya and Radha?
Swara nods no,
Daadi: What?
Swara: Vo Nahi ainge Daadi. (They won’t come Daadi)
Daadi: Why? I will make them come.
Daadi was about to leave when Swara stops her,
Swara: Daadi…they….they left Kolkata.
Daadi gets shocked,
Laksh walks there,
Laksh: Is there any problem?

Swara looks forward and sees the family talking, Sakshi makes Ragsan sit on the designer chairs and gives Aansh to Sujata.

Swara: It’s not that late Daadi, we can still catch them if we leave now.
Daadi: Haa, let’s go.
Daadi rushes out, Swara follows her and Laksh goes out too.
Shaurya: Where is he going? Leaving me here to Rot!
Shaurya follows out too.
Shaurya: Where are you lot off to?
Swara: Train station.
Laksh: I’ll take you.
Laksh goes to get the car out,
Shaurya: Why train station?
Laksh brings the car, Daadi and Swara hurriedly get in, Shaurya also gets in and Laksh starts driving,
Laksh: What happened?
Shaurya: Are you planning to go?
Daadi: Instead of here focus on the road and drive fast!
Laksh increases the speed.

Swara closes her eyes and it goes in to a flashback,
Swara: You can’t leave me Shanaya, how will I do it alone?
Shanaya: I’m sorry Swara…I….I can’t, Preeti Di is not going to let me stay here.
Swara: But…
Shanaya looks at Swara,
Shanaya: Get Naani and….and Ragu Di, they can only stop us.
Swara thinks,
Shanaya: I don’t think Preeti Di is going to agree.

Preeti packs Shanayas clothes, she brings the suitcases out,
Preeti: Radha!
Radha comes out,
Radha: Ji Di?
Preeti: Are you ready?
Radha: Haa Di, but why so soon?
Preeti: There are reasons, we don’t need to stay here, our work is done.
Shanaya comes out,
Shanaya: My work isn’t done.
Preeti: Please Shanaya.
Swara: Preeti, please…..
Preeti: Swara….I’m not going to change my decision.
Preeti had already called the taxi, she starts taking the suitcases, Shanaya hugs Swara,
Shanaya: Promise me Swara, promise that you will never give up and achieve what was destined.
Shanaya breaks the hug and starts walking out, she sees Preeti and Radha already in the car sitting, Swara rushes to the door,
Swara: Please Shanaya, you…you can’t do this….I…I can’t do it without you….please….
Shanaya stops,
Preeti: Get in the taxi!!
Shanaya gets in the taxi and the taxi Driver starts driving, Swara looks on and tears fall out of her eyes.
End of Flashback.

People are giving gifts to Ragsan, Sakshi looks around,
Sakshi: Shaan, have you seen Shaurya and Laksh?
Shaan: No Mom, chill, they must be in some corner Na?
Shaan leaves and Sakshi thinks,
Sakshi: Where did these two boys go? I hope they’re not planning something big. Hey god, help them!
DP gets happy from the inside,
DP: It’s good that Shaurya is nowhere to be seen, his manoos(unlucky) face will bring trouble here. Thank you god but why did you give us such a manoos, idiot, rude, pride taking and brainless child to this family?He thinks he’s hot but no, he’s a fool!
Sakshi walks pass and sees DP getting happy from the inside,
Sakshi: Bhaisa? What happened? I never saw you this happy?
DP: Nothing!
DP leaves,
Sakshi: Weird.

Ragini looks around,
Sanskaar: What happened Ragini?
Ragini: Where’s Swara, Preeti, Shanaya, Radha and Daadi?
Sanskaar: They must be here somewhere.
Suddenly a man walks up to them,
Man: Sir, Ma’am please dance.
Sanskaar: Sorry, we won’t be able to and….
Sakshi makes an announcement: Please welcome Sanskaar and Ragini on the dance floor. Why you two, wouldn’t you dance?
Ragini gets shocked, Sanskaar stands up, he gives his hand forward and Ragini accepts it,
Sanskaar: Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho… (2)
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa
Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho
Tu Jo Paas Ho Phir Kya Yeh Jahaan Tere Pyar Mein Ho Jaaun Fanaa

Ragini: Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho Saari Jannatein Mere Saath Ho.
He twirls her and DP looks on, Sujata nudges RP and asks him to see, RP ignores her.
Then they start dancing on that song, they look at each other.

TS (Train Station):
Swara, Laksh, Shaurya and Daadi reach the train station,
Daadi: Are you sure they are going by train?
Swara: They were saying train and something.
Laksh: What happened?
Swara: Search for Shanaya, Preeti and Radha.
Swara and Daadi go inside, Shaurya leans to the car and just stands there, Laksh looks around and eventually goes inside.
Preeti drops a water bottle and she bends down and Laksh misses to see her. She gets up and is caught by Shauryas eyes,
Shaurya: I found Preeti but…..
He walks towards her, suddenly he gets pushed,
Shaurya: What the hell?! Are you blind?
He looks up,
Man: Sorry uncle….
Shaurya: Saale budhe, do you need glasses? Calling me uncle, idiot!
The man leaves and Shaurya looks around, he can’t see her, he then takes his phone out and sends a message to Laksh.


Laksh gets the message and reads it, Laksh replies: WERE YOU JUST STANDING THERE? DIDN’T YOU DO ANYTHING?

Shauryas phone buzzes and he checks the message and replies: I DID GO TOWARDS HER BUT THIS ANDHA (blind) BUDHA CAME IN THE WAY AND RUINED MY SHIRT WITH HIS BARF KA GOLA, SALA ISS UMAR MEIN BARF KA GOLA KHA RAHA HAI, MUJHE UNCLE BOLA THA USNE, MUJHE DAADA BOLNA CHAHIYE THA, (Idiot was eating barf KA GOLA in this age, he called me uncle, I should’ve called him Daada) WELL HURRY UP!

Laksh replies: CHAL TEEKHE, PECHARE KE PEECHE KYU PARA HUA HAI? (it’s okay, why are you after the poor thing?)


Laksh sees the message, he starts searching.

Ragsan finish dancing, everyone clap.
Mr Mehra: Such a beautiful couple, I can’t believe Sanskaar got married. He was 2 yesterday and now….
Mr Mehra gets emotional,
Sanskaar: Uncle, time comes so fast that I didn’t know you grew up too.
Mr Mehra laughs.
Sanskaar smiles, Sakshi calls him and he goes towards her.
Sanskaar: Ji Choti Ma?
Sakshi: Have you seen Shaurya and Laksh?
Sanskaar: No Choti Ma, is everything fine?
Sakshi: Don’t worry, you just go and enjoy.
By saying this she touches Sanskaars face and goes away, Sanskaar looks on.

Precap: Shanaya pushes Shaurya and he falls on the train track and the train is coming………. All are shocked…..

Vatsal Sheth: Shaurya

Thank you for liking and sorry for such a late update, actually I have exams coming up so I was preparing and also and the laptops battery died and I went for a holiday and that place had no internet connection at all. Sorry and I hope you enjoy today’s episode…..?

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