Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 23


Recap: Ragsan moments.

The episode begins with Ragini waking up, she smiles seeing Sanskaar next to her, his hand is on her waist and her arm is around him under his arm,
Ragini in her head: I’m so lucky to have a caring husband like you, thank you Sanskaar for coming into my life. Without you my life would’ve been nothing.
Ragini then takes her hand out and puts Sanskaars hand back and crunches up, she looks at Sanskaar with love, she then kisses him on the cheek while he was sleeping, Ragini then gets up and goes to get changed, Sanskaar smiles and pulls the blanket up.

Shaurya is sleeping on his stomach with his legs sticking out and he has no blanket, he is wearing his shoes and clothes and is dreaming, Laksh comes in,
Laksh: He’s here sleeping peacefully while my peace is taken.
He kicks Shauryas legs and he wakes up in shock,
Shaurya: What happened?!
He then opens his eyes and looks at Laksh,
Shaurya: What the hell?!

Ragini comes out of the Baathroom, she wears a gold and pink saree, she puts her necklace and Mangalsutra and Sindoor on, she dries her hair and brushes it.
Sanskaar opens his eyes, Ragini sees a rose on the desk with a note, she opens the note and reads it and smile, it says: Good Morning, welcome back, you look beautiful as always but there’s one thing that’s missing!
Ragini thinks what’s missing, she looks at herself from the mirror, Sanskaar gets up,
Sanskaar: You must be wondering what that thing is, right?
Ragini turns around and nods yes,
Sanskaar: Come here I’ll tell you.
Ragini thinks,
Sanskaar: You’re wasting time by standing there.
Ragini then walks towards him and he makes her sit,
Sanskaar: You’re wearing Sindoor, Mangalsutra, earnings, you have your hair open but still there’s something missing.

Ragini: What?!
Sanskaar takes a Ring box from the under of the pillow, she looks at it, he opens it and shows it to her, she smiles,
Ragini: Why did you spend so much for a small ring?
Sanskaar: Why can’t I spend money for my wife? This is the first time I brought something for you!
Ragini: Thank you!
Sanskaar smiles and makes her wear it, it is a diamond ring, she looks at the ring that’s on her finger and smiles.
Sanskaar goes near her cheeks and kisses her, she looks on stunned, she then blushes and walks out, Sanskaar smiles and falls back thinking about her.

Ragini comes down and sees Sujata playing with Sujata,
AP sees her, Ragini comes near them,
AP: Beta, it’s your reception today and your Paghpehra and the babies name ceremony and Moh dikhayi.
Ragini: So much in 1 day?
Sakshi comes out,
Sakshi: Yes, you don’t need to go to your house for Pagpehra, your family is coming here, get ready quick!
Ragini: But Chachi….
Sakshi: No! You go get change and leave the tension on us.
Ragini nods,
Sakshi: It would be the name ceremony and then reception!

Swara wakes up, she doesn’t find Shanaya near her and looks around, she walks out and hears Preeti shouting and goes near the door,
Preeti: I said NO Shanaya!
Shanaya: But Di please.
Preeti: My decision isn’t going to change!
Shanaya: Why did you lie to Naani that you can’t leave this house until 1 month because of the company?

Preeti: Because I did!
Shanaya: Because you knew Naani wouldn’t let us go that’s why!
Preeti: What’s wrong with you Shanaya? Why do you want to stay here?!
Shanaya: I….I want to complete 1 task and then I’ll go, please Di!
Preeti: No!
Swara comes in,
Preeti sees her, Shanaya is shocked to see her,
Swara: What’s……what’s going on?
Preeti leaves in anger,
Swara: Shanaya? Your leaving me?!
Shanaya: I tried!

Swara: How can I do it alone?
Shanaya: I’m sorry.
Shanaya goes out and Swara looks on.

Ragini comes out wearing a gold and green Lengha with her hair out and jewellery, she sees the decorations and smiles, the pandit is sitting and waiting, all the family members arrive, including Sanskaar, he sees Ragini and smiles, he leans in,
Sanskaar: You’re looking hot!
Ragini blushes,
Sanskaar: I didn’t know my wife looked hot!
Ragini: What are you saying? I don’t look nice the other times?
Sanskaar: Yh
Ragini opens her mouth and gets sad,
Sanskaar: Because you look beautiful the rest of the time.
Ragini smiles,
Ragini: Really?
Sanskaar: Haa
Ragini: Then say it in front of everyone!
Sanskaar shocked: What?! In front of everyone?
Laksh and Shaurya come down,
Shaurya whispers: They’re romancing while we are tensed!
Laksh: How do you know?

Shaurya: Look at their faces, it clearly say on their face! Look how she’s smiling and he’s talking!
Sanskaar was about to say something when Ragini presses his hand and nods no, he smiles and she smiles, Laksh and Shaurya look on,
Laksh: Your right, they’re romancing after giving us a stroke!
Shaurya: They’re fond of romancing? Watch how I will make it go!
Laksh looks at Shaurya,
Shaurya loud: Bhai, Bhabhi, why are you whispering, share it with us too!
He smiles, Sanskaar and Ragini look at him, DP, AP and all look at them.
Sanskaar: I was asking her about….

Shaurya: About?
Sanskaar: Uh….about breakfast!
Shaurya: Breakfast? Bhai, you could’ve asked us, we didn’t have any too!
Sakshi: You would get it after the name ceremony!
Laksh: Chachi, you will surely starve us to death!
Sakshi looks at him,
Laksh: Joking.
Sakshi: We should get the name ceremony going so that the guest can arrive in the reception!
Shaurya and Laksh: Reception?!
Sakshi: Whatever! We are starting the name ceremony! Ragini, Sanskaar, come!
They nod and sit down and Sanskaar hold the baby.
Shaan comes there, Dev does too.
Dev: I wonder when this would finish, I need to get some work done, mom had to give everyone leave!
Shaan: Chill bro!
Dev: How can I?

Pandit: What would you name your son?
Sanskaar looks at Ragini, Gadodia family arrives, Swara doesn’t, Laksh looks for Swara while Shaurya thinks,
Sanskaar: I would like Choti Maa to decide the babies name.
All look on,
Sakshi: Me?
Ragini nods,
Sanskaar: Haa Choti Maa, because of you they are back in this house so please could you do this task?
Sakshi smiles: Why not! Let me think.
They nod, Sakshi thinks of the name and whispers it into Raginis ears, Ragini then smiles and whispers it in Sanskaars ears,
Sanskaar: Not bad, it’s a good name!
Sakshi: After all your Choti maas taste isn’t that bad!
Sanskaar: Yh, I can see that.
Sanskaar looks at Rajnath and he smiles.
Pandit: Please whisper the name in the child’s ear three times and share it with us afterwards.
Sanskaar whispers the babies name in his ears three times and then Sanskaar looks up at him and smiles.
Pandit: Kindly share the name please.
Sanskaar: The babies name would be……
All look at him,
Sanskaar: It would be Aansh

They all smiles and clap.
The ceremony finishes and Laksh phones Swara.
Laksh: Hello Swara, where are you?
Swara: Laksh? I’m coming.
Laksh: What happened Swara?
Swara: What happened? Nothing happened.
Laksh: Why do you sound like you’ve been crying?
Swara: Nahi toh….I wasn’t crying.
Laksh: I don’t believe you, tell me!
Swara breaths: Nothing Laksh, I’m just coming!
Swara disconnects the phone and Laksh looks on.

Precap: Swara comes to MM and Daadi asks her where the rest are and Swara looks on.

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