Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 22


Recap: Ragsan Marriage.

The episode begins with Ragini and Sanskaar takes Shekhars blessing, Shekhar gets emotional and hugs them, Sumi hugs them too and Daadi blesses them, Sakshi walks up to Sujata.
Sakshi: Sujata, handle your grandson!
Sujata: Haa Bhabhi, give him here.
Sakshi gives Sujata the baby,
Sakshi: I’ll check the other arrangements.
Sujata: Okay Bhabhi.
Sakshi leaves and Sujata smiles seeing her grandson.

Shekhar: Stay happy, keep my daughter happy!
Sanskaar nods,
Sujata comes there,
Sujata: You have a grandson too.
Sumi smiles,
Daadi: What?!
Sujata: Haa, they had a child.
Shekhar smiles and Sumi kisses the baby, Swara smiles, she sees Laksh and waves, Laksh sees her and let’s a fake smile out, Swara asks him to come but he nods no and Swara walks up to him,
Shaurya: I can’t get too much shocks in 1 day, first they got married and now they had a child and got married again! I can’t take more!
Shaurya leaves,
Swara: What was he saying?
Laksh: Nothing, Congrats you’re a Maasi now.
Swara: I know, I’m happy, congrats, your a Chachu now!
Laksh lets out a weird laugh,
Laksh: Thanks.
Laksh thinks,
Swara: Are you okay Laksh?
Laksh: Yh, I’m fine, I don’t feel well.
Swara: Oh, okay take rest then!
Laksh nods,
Laksh: I’ll meet you tomorrow.
Swara: Okay!
Laksh leaves and Swara smirks.

The guest start leaving,
Shekhar: We will leave now.
AP: You could stay for more time.
Daadi: No we need to leave.
Swara: Daadi, I’m staying around Preetis today.
Daadi: Why?!
Swara: Daadi, why can’t I go?
Daadi: Not now, go tomorrow, your friend can wait!
Swara: Not that Preeti, our Preeti.
Daadi: Our Preeti?
Swara: Haa Dadi, our Bua’s daughter.
Daadi: What? They came and no one told me!

Shekhar: I didn’t know either Maa.
Daadi (happy): My daughters daughter are here and I’m standing here, I need to meet them.
Shekhar: Haa Maa, I’ll come too, they lost their parents.
Daadi: I did ask them to come here but they didn’t listen, now I won’t let them leave! After their Mum, I’m here for them.
Shekhar: We are!
Daadi: We will leave!
Daadi goes out and Shekhar folds his hand and leaves with his family, Swara waves bye and leaves, Ragini smiles.

DP: When did this happen?!
Sakshi: What else would’ve I’ve done Bhaisa?!
DP: You done the arrangements and didn’t tell us!
Sakshi: What are you saying Bhaisa? I told Sujata to tell everyone!
DP looks at Sujata and she looks down,
DP: Well they got married and now we can’t do anything!
Sakshi: Thats what I’m trying to say Bhaisa!
DP leaves to his room, Ragini and Sanskaar complete all the rituals.

Ragini and Sanskaar come to their room, Ragini looks around,
Sanskaar: Welcome back!
Ragini smiles, Sanskaar closes the door,
Ragini: Where’s……?
Sanskaar: Don’t worry he’s with Mom.
Ragini: She must be finding it hard….
Sanskaar: Don’t worry, she knows how to handle the kids, she handled all of us.
Ragini: I missed……
Sanskaar looks at her and smiles,

Ragini: I missed this room so much!
Sanskaars smiles disappears and he looks at Ragini and she laughs.
Sanskaar: Go get changed.
Ragini nods and takes her clothes and gets changed, Sanskaar gets changed, he turns around and sees Ragini in her night dress, she’s wearing a thigh length Salwar with loose Harlem pants.
Sanskaar smiles, he walks up to Ragini, he hugs her,
Sanskaar: I missed you so much Ragini, I don’t know how I managed to live without you!
Ragini hugs him back, she relaxes her head on his chest and closes her eyes,
Ragini: I missed you too, I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.
Sanskaar: No Ragini, thank you for coming back to my life.
Ragini smiles and Sanskaar hugs her tight.
Sanskaar: Ragini!
Ragini doesn’t respond, Sanskaar breaks the hug but Ragini falls back and he catches her,
Sanskaar: She’s gone to sleep.
He smiles and Hamdard…..plays….
He picks her up in his arms and looks at her, hamdard…..plays…..
He smiles and places her on the bed, he was about to go but she holds his hand,
Ragini (with her eyes closed): You said you were going to stay with me?!
He smiles and lies next to her, she rests her head on his shoulder and they share a cuddle and go to sleep.

Daadi: If you need anything then come to us!
Preeti smiles, Daadi hugs Radha, Preeti and Shanaya, Shanaya was about to say something when Preeti glares at her and signals her not to tell,
Daadi: Speak Chori! What were you going to say?!
Shanaya: Nothing Naani, I’ll miss you.
Daadi: Why, are you going anywhere?!
Shanaya looks at Preeti,

Shanaya laughs and hugs Daadi,
Shanaya: You’re funny and strict Naani, I love you!
Daadi: Your habits are not gone yet, you were 10 when I last saw you and you did the same when you were going to Dehli!
Shanaya: Love you Naani!
Shekhar: If you need anything then call us!
Preeti: Okay Mama, we will call you when we need anything!
Shekhar hugs them and blesses them,
Daadi: I’m asking one more time, come with us at the Baadi!
Preeti: No Naani, we would manage, we will come if we are in trouble.
Daadi: You better not be!

Sumi blesses them and smiles,
Shanaya: Don’t worry, Mamu and Maami and Naani, we will manage.
Daadi: If I found out that you’re in trouble or you’re lying then I will take you with me!
Sumi: We will leave, Swara is staying with you.
Preeti gets shocked and Shanaya and Radha look on.
Sumi, Shekhar and Daadi leaves and Swara looks at them.
Swara: What happened to you three?

Laksh thinks about Ragini,
Laksh: Ragini doesn’t know it was us, but now Shauryas back we would think of something!
He was about to go to sleep when he sees Swaras bracelet,
Laksh: I forgot to give it to her, she dropped it during Holi.
He thinks about Swara and smiles,
Laksh: What’s wrong with you Lucky? Why are you thinking about her?! You don’t love her!
Laksh then thinks,
Laksh: Love?!
Laksh is confused by the questions in his head,
Laksh: I’m in love with her?! Impossible!

Sujata is in her room, she places her Pauta near her, she smiles thinking about her pautas name, RP comes in,
RP: What happened Sujata? Why are you day dreaming?
Sujata: Shhh! Ji he’s sleeping!
RP comes near,
RP: What is he doing here?!
Sujata: Why?! Can’t I sleep with my Pauta? Let Ragini and Sanskaar celebrate their wedding peacefully!
RP thinks: He’s will be celebrating his happiness by snatching my!
Sujata: What happened Ji?
RP: Nothing, I’m going to get changed.

Sujata nod and lies back down, she caresses her Pauta(grandson).
RP comes back, he was about to lie down when Sujata stops him,
Sujata: What are you doing Ji?!
RP: I’m lying down, what else am I doing? Breaking mangos?!
Sujata: Your going to sleep here?
RP: Naa, I’m going to sleep in our neighbours house!
Sujata: What are you saying Ji?!
RP: Obviously I’m sleeping in my room!
RP lies down,
Sujata: Okay, make sure you don’t crush him!
RP looks at her,
RP: I will take care!
Sujata: He reminds me of Sanskaar when he was small.
RP: The difference between him and Sanskaar is that Sanskaar cried a lot and he’s quiet.
Sujata smiles. They both go to sleep.

Precap: Ragsan’s Reception.

Thanks Priya, Poonam, Mahima, Pari, Nikki, Rakhi, Abhi, Aarti, Naimi, Megha, Priya, Ammy, Venni, Mishti, Jyotii, Priya, Adu, Priya, Dhara, Lila, Asha, Akira, Greeeshma, Shamsa, Ruhanika, Pavani and Kriya. I’m sorry if I missed any of you….. There’s something I would like to tell all of you….. I’m related to Halima….. I’m Halima’s sister…..that’s why I told her to write one episodes for me and she wrote her name……

I read all of your comments and thank you….

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