Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 21


Recap: Holi and Ragini gives birth to a boy.

Preeti, Shanaya, Radha and Swara go in, they see the baby sleeping and Ragini awake,
Preeti: Congrats Rags
Shanaya: Haa Di, congrats!
Swara sees Ragini and Ragini sees Swara,
Swara: Ragini!
Swara hugs Ragini and Ragini hugs Swara back,
Swara: I missed you so much Ragini.
Ragini: I did too Swara.
Swara: Where have you been?
Ragini breaks the hug,
Swara: You need rest, I’ll ask you later.

Swara looks at the Baby,
Swara: He’s soo cute!
Preeti: You all go home I’ll stay with Rags.
Radha: But Di….
Preeti: No Radha, you all go I’ll stay with Rags.
Shanaya: Okay Di!
Swara, Shanaya and Radha leave, Preeti: Take rest.
Ragini smiles and nods, Preeti then makes Ragini go to sleep.

Sakshi comes with the Shaguns Stuff, Preeti wakes up, Sakshi talks to Ragini and Preeti sits up and stands near the sofa,
Sakshi: We missed you Ragini.
Ragini: I did too.
Sakshi: You were mistaken that day.
Ragini looks at her,
Sakshi tells Ragini and a flashback is shown when they are at the hotel and Sanskaar wakes up and touches his head, he looks at his family and they are glaring at him, he then looks at the girl next to him and gets shocked,
DP: What is this Sanskaar?!

She hears sounds and gets up, she looks at them,
Girl: Who are you all?!
The girl stands up and they are stunned to see her wearing clothes, she is wearing a br*ast with no strips or hanger shirt with leggings.
Ram: Hey Chori, what is this and what is he doing here?!
Girl: Oh you’re here for him?
They nod,
Laksh: Who are you and what are you doing here?!
Girl: I’m Kavya and I brought him here because I found him drunk on the road, don’t worry nothing happened between us!
Sujata: Thank God!
Kangana: Where’s Bhabhi?!
Sanskaar looks at Kangana,
They then take Sanskaar home and FB ends.

Sakshi: You were gone!
Ragini gets teary eyed and she thinks that she didn’t believe Sanskaar.
Sakshi: Anyways, you two are getting married today!

Ragini looks at her,
Ragini: But….
Sakshi: Here is your Shagun Ka Joda, bye see you at the Mandap with Sanskaar!
Sakshi smiles and leaves, Ragini and Preeti look on.

3 hours later:
The doctor discharges Ragini, Ragini goes home, she sees the Maheshwari house decorated, Preeti knocks and Swara opens the door,
Swara: Surprise! I know your surprised to see me here but don’t worry.
Preeti: Did Shanaya go office?
Swara: No, they gave a leave to everyone.
Preeti in her head: Good.
Swara: Come Ragini, I’ll dress you for the wedding.
Ragini: But…
Swara: No buts or Vuts!!
Ragini hands the baby to Preeti and Swara takes Ragini, Preeti then goes to Shanayas room.

2 hours later:
Ragini is dressed, she is looking pretty, Swara is wearing a royal blue ghaghra choli,

Swara: You look beautiful Ragini! I hope no one puts Nazar on you.
Ragini smiles, Swara puts the Kala tika under Raginis eye,
Ragini: Only if Maa and Baba were here.
Swara: Don’t worry, they would be there and trust me, they will forget the bitterness!
Ragini nods, Swaragini…..tune…..plays……
Swara: Okay, let’s go, the Baraat must be waiting!
Ragini thinks about Sanskaar.

Sanskaar is seen excited, he is sitting in the Mandap smiling and thinking about Ragini,
Sujata: They will be married! I need to do something!
DP comes back and looks at the decorations confusingly.
Sujata sees him and goes there,
Sujata: Bhaisa!
DP looks at her,
Sujata: Look Bhaisa, Bhabhi is getting my chora Sanskaar married again!
DP gets shocked, he stares at Sakshi angrily, just then Swara brings Ragini and places her in the Mandap, DP looks on, Sujata smirks, DP sees the brides face and looks on,
Sujata in her head: Now Bhaisa would stop the wedding!
Sujata then thinks: But my Pauta??
Sumi and Shekhar are shocked to see Ragini in the Mandap with Sanskaar.
Sumi: Ragini?
Daadi: What?!

She looks there and finds Ragini in the Mandap,
Shekhar: Raginis getting married to Sanskaar?
Pandit calls the father for Kanyadaan, Sumi and Swara look at Shekhar but he looks away,
Sumi: I’ll go!
Shekhar stops her and walks up to them, Swara and Sumi smile while Daadi looks on,
Sujata: Why is he going?….
Sujata then remembers Ragini being Swaras sister.
Sujata: Why isn’t Bhaisa doing anything?!
Sakshi smiles and looks on,
Sakshi: Finally Sanskaar can live his life with his loved ones peacefully, I hope nothing else separated them!

Laksh and Sanskaar come in,
Shaurya: Who’s wedding is it Bhai?
DP looks at Shaurya and glares at him, they come forward and stand next to Sujata,
Laksh: Bhai?!
Shaurya looks there,
Shaurya: I thought he’s already married!
Laksh gets shocked to see the bride,

Laksh: It’s the same bride!
Shaurya: What?!
Sujata: Why are you two shocked?!
Ragini smiles seeing Shekhar do her Kanyadaan.

Shanaya: Di please….
Preeti: No Shanaya! I said it so its final! Go give the baby back to Rags and come straight BACK!
Shanaya folds her arms,
Shanaya: I’m not going there!
Preeti: Fine I’ll go!
Shanaya: No it’s okay, I’ll go! At least I will see Ragu Di for the last time!
Shanaya takes the baby angrily from Preeti and leaves, Preeti looks on.

Sanskaar and Ragini finish the wedding rounds, Sanskaar smiles and puts Mangalsutra on Ragini, Ragini remembers her old marriage with Sanskaar, Sanskaar the applies Sindoor in Raginis hairline and everyone clap,
Pandit: Wedding is completed.
Laksh and Shaurya stand there shocked.
Shanaya comes in, she sees Ragini and Sanskaar married and looks on, she smiles and then sees
Shanaya: Aunty!

Sakshi stops and looks at her,
Sakshi: Yeah?!
Shanaya: This is Ragu Dis baby, I’m here to return it.
Sakshi: Raginis right?
Shanaya nods,
Sakshi: Okay, give him to me.
Shanaya gives the baby to Sakshi and smiles and leaves.
Sakshi smiles looking at the baby.

Precap: Ragsan moments. Sujata taking care of her grandson.

(I’m going to end it soon so I thought why don’t I end it in a better manner as you all think it’s gone boring and not good, I found out that some of you are missing it? So I thought that I might as we’ll continue and then end it, thank you and enjoy and I’m sorry if I hurt any of you)

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    1. Are you sure you’re actually enjoying it? I think it’s gone abit boring, I didn’t know you liked it….. I’ll think about it Priya……

  2. awesome yaar i missed ur ff so much its so good plsz don’t end it fast its really so good not at all boring its superb plsz update next part soon………….

    1. I didn’t know that this FF had a value….. Thanks anyways…. I’ll think about it Poonam but IMO (In my Opinion) it’s gone boring……

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  4. This is not at all fair….every time I open this website I just hope to see your ff and today when I saw your ff I was so happy but u are saying u will end it……..I was a silent reader of your ff and it was never boring u only saw the comments which said boring u must also consider the people who like your ff ……pls pls pls continue…….but I am happy that atleast u are going to end it properly….sorry if I have hurt u…..but I seriously was waiting so much for your ff…..if possible pls continue and don’t leave your ff in between

    1. I’m sorry Nikki….. I’ll think about it…. And you haven’t hurt me…..

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  5. Its awesome yaar..i missed it a lot n its not at all boring ???

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