Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 2

The episode begins with Sanskaar looking shocked, he gets a tissue out from his pocket and gives it to her, she takes it and wipes her tears,
Sanskaar: What did he do?
Ragini starts telling and it goes in to a flashback: 1 Year Ago in Kolkata:
Ragini and Swara are in their last year in college, it’s graduation day and it had finished and Swara arrives with her friends
Swara: Ragini, come lets go.
Ragini: Where?
Swara grabs her hand and takes her to the changing room, she gives Ragini a bag and asks her to get changed, Ragini comes out wearing a light blue knee length dress with diamond belt, she is wearing light silver earnings.
Swara: Wow Ragini, you look nice.

Ragini: Thanks Swara but don’t you think this is a bit short?
Swara: No it isn’t, look I’m wearing it too but in light green.
Ragini: But….
Swara: But there’s one problem!
Ragini looks at her: What?
Swara opens Raginis hair, Raginis long straight black hair twirl down as Swara shakes them.
Swara: Now you look nice.
Ragini smiles and nods, they leave.

They step out of the college but Ragini remembers she left her phone in the changing room,
Ragini: Swara, I left my phone, I’ll go and get it.
she goes back and picks her phone up and smiles, she walks out and clashes in to a boy, he holds her on time and Ragini opens her eyes slowly and sees the boy smiling at her, he makes her stand, he sees her phone on the floor and picks it up, he sees her legs and looks up and stands up,
Boy: Hi, my name is Laksh Maheshwari, you can call me Lucky.
Ragini nods, she was about to leave,
Laksh: Why haven’t I found you yet?
Ragini: Excuse me?

Laksh: Excused!
Ragini rolls her eyes and leaves,
Laksh: Oh hello, your phone!
Ragini stops, she comes back, snatches her phone of him and leaves,
Laksh (shouts): At least tell me your name?!
Laksh smiles and scratches the back of his head.

Ragini comes out,
Swara: Oh god Ragini, you took ages.
Ragini: Sorry Swara, I met this Batmeez (rude) boy.
Swara (teasing): Oho, what did he do?
Ragini looks at Swara,
Swara: Acha okay Baba, I’m sorry.
Ragini: Shall we leave?
Swara: Haa, your here and lets go.
Ragini and Swara leave.

They reach the pub, Ragini looks on,
Ragini: Swara?
Swara: What Ragini?
Ragini: You know I only come on every Wednesday’s and every Saturday’s and today is Friday!
Swara: But come na Ragini, Ria arranged her party here and it’s only girls!
Ragini: Okay let’s go.
Swara smiles: Thanks Ragini.
Swara and Ragini enter, they are shocked to see boys in there, Ria sees them and signals them to come in, Swara nods no,
Ragini: I’m going Swara.
Swara holds her hand,

Swara (shouts): I’m coming with you!
Ragini nods, Swara was about to leave when Ria comes and takes her in, Swara leaves Raginis hand,
Ragini: Swara….
Ragini looks around,
Ragini: There are too much people here.
Ragini turns and clashes in to Laksh again, Laksh looks at her and forces her to drink vodka, Ragini looks at him angrily,
Ragini: What the hell?
Laksh touches his ear to indicate that he can’t hear her,
Laksh (shouts): What?!
Ragini leaves, Laksh follows her,
Ragini to herself: What does he think of himself? And did Swaras friend had to choose this place?
Laksh holds her hand and she turns around in shock,
Laksh: At least tell me your name
Ragini: No, now get lost!
Laksh: Why are you getting moody?
Ragini: Because your misbehaving with me!
Laksh: I’m not!

Ragini: Leave my hand!
Laksh comes close to her, she moves back, he misbehaves with her and she pushes him,
Laksh smiles,
Laksh: That was misbehaving!
Ragini: You’re harassing me!
Laksh: I’m being nice!

Ragini gets angry and leaves, Laksh blows a whistle, Ragini gets scared and increases her speed, he taps her shoulder and she turns around and slaps him, he gets angry and looks up,
Ragini: What the hell Laksh, why are you being rude, I told you to stay away from me!
Laksh throws her bracelet at her and leaves, Ragini picks her bracelet up and realised that he was just returning that, she decides to say sorry to him but Swara comes,
Swara: Sorry Ragini, Ria took me so I didn’t realise when my hand let go of yours.
Ragini: It’s okay Swara
Swara: Shall we go?
Ragini: Yeah.
Ragini was about to go in when Swara stops her, Laksh comes out with his friends and points at Ragini,
Swara: Not there but home?
Ragini smiles and nods, they start walking.
Laksh: Who is that girl?
Arjun: Why?
Omi: She’s Swaras sister
Laksh: Swaras?
Arjun: What was her name again?
Lee: It was Ra…ra….
Omi: Haa, Ragini, Ragini Gadodia.
Laksh: Swara Gadodias sister Ragini Gadodia?
They all nod,
Arjun: What happened?
Laksh: I’m going to take my revenge.

Omi: Of what?
Laksh: I’ll tell you later, but I need you to do me a favour.
Arjun: What favour?
Laksh tells all of them his plan and they smirk and nod.
Omi: I’m in.
Arjun: But isn’t this wrong?
Lee: I’m in, don’t be a Fattu and do it, it will fun.
Arjun thinks he then nods and they high five and Laksh smirks.

Swara and Ragini reach home, Daadi sees them,
Daadi: What is all this?
Swara: What Daadi?
Daadi: Chee Chee, change your clothes first.
Swara and Ragini nod,
Daadi: Don’t stand there and nod, go get changed before your Dada Ji arrives.
Swara and Ragini rush to their room. Shekhar and Daada Ji come home, Laksh, Omi, Arjun and Les reach out side the Baadi,
Lakshya: Are you sure they live here?
Omi: Haa yaar, I checked the details from the college.
Arjun: You are too much, what would’ve happened if you got caught?
Omi: It’s impossible, I’m an expert at this!
Lee: Obviously, he has Mrs Gupta to butter up.
They all start laughing,
Omi: It’s not that funny!

Laksh: Anyways, is the video ready?
Lee smiles and nods,
Laksh: Picture?
Omi smiles and shows his phone,
Laksh: Letter?
Arjun nods and shows the letter,
Laksh: Who will go first?
Omi: Since Lee was talking too much, he might as well go first!
Lee: No, my entry should be last, it will be more fun.
Arjun: Omi should go first.
Laksh: Omi, are you ready?
Omi: Yes
Laksh: Text me when your in trouble.
He nods and they get out of the car and stand outside,
Laksh: Go
Omi goes in, he sees Daadi near the tulsi,
Omi: Excuse me, do you know where Ragini Gadodia live?
Daadi: Why?
Omi (acts): I bought her the ring she wanted, she used to tell me that I don’t love her but I do, I brought my proof.

Daadi gets shocked, she looks around and takes Omi in and shuts the door,
Daadi: What are you saying?
Omi: Oh, so this is Raginis house?
Daadi (shouts): Sumi, Shekhar, Shekhar ke Papa, Ragini and Swara!
They all rush out, Omi sees Ragini and smiles,
Omi: Ragini?
Ragini looks at him confusingly,
Omi: Look Ragini, I brought you the ring you wanted.
Ragini: Me? Who are you?
Omi: Ragini, don’t tell me you forgot me over this small ring?
They all get shocked and look at Ragini, suddenly someone knocks on the door, Daadi opens it and Arjun enters, he greets everyone.
Arjun: I came Ragini, now what?
Ragini and everyone are shocked, Daadi hurriedly shuts the door.
Ragini: Who are you?
Arjun: I’m your Arjun Ragini
All get shocked,
Omi (acting): Who are you and why are you calling my Ragini your Ragini?
Arjun: Oh hello, she’s my Ragini, I don’t know who you are?
Ragini: What’s going on?
Shekhar: What is this Ragini?!

Ragini: I don’t know Papa….
Omi: Why are you lying Ragini, Ragini don’t do this to me.
Arjun: Ragini?
Ragini: Who are you lot?
There is another knock on the door,
Daadi: Don’t tell me that another one came!
Daadi opens the door and Lee enters,
Lee: Ragini, my love, where are you?
He sees Ragini and smiles and Ragini looks on puzzled,
Swara: What is all this and who are you?
Lee: I’m Raginis boyfriend.
All get shocked including Ragini,
Omi: What? Ragini you already got two boyfriends? It was yesterday when you were upset at me and now I’m seeing two more?
Arjun: It means you cheated on all of us?
Lee: Don’t say anything to my Ragini!
Shekhar: We don’t know you, go away!
Arjun: I have proof Uncle.
Arjun shows a letter to Shekhar and Shekhar reads it he is shocked, Sumi takes the letter and reads it and she is stunned, Swara sees the letter on the floor and picks it up,
Lee: I have proof that Ragini loves me!
Swara is shocked,
Ragini: What happened Swara?

Swara looks at Ragini,
Swara: This is your handwriting.
Ragini takes the letter and reads it and is shocked,
Arjun: See uncle, she told me to come today to talk about our marriage.
Shekhar looks at Ragini angrily,
Omi: I don’t know what you are talking about but I have proof too uncle.
Omi takes his phone out and shows them pictures of him and Ragini hugging and together, Ragini is shocked while Shekhar is angry.
Lee: Ragini? I can’t believe you can do that to me, you promised to stay with me, what about our vows while doing the pehres?
Ragini is stunned, Lee puts the video on and shows Shekhar, all of the family are shocked to see Ragini taking pehres with Lee and then he shows them another video where Ragini and Lee are hugging.
Omi: You didn’t do good Ragini!
Arjun: Your already married and you were asking me to marry you!
Lee: I didn’t know you would do this!

Ragini is teary eyed and everyone give her the disgusted look.
Ragini: I didn’t do anything!
Shekhar slaps Ragini and Ragini is shocked,
Shekhar: I can’t believe you Ragini, you have disgraced me!
Swara: Let’s say that the Video and Pictures are fake but the letter? Your handwriting can’t be fake right?
Ragini: I didn’t do anything, I don’t even know who they are!
Lee: Ragini baby, why are you lying?
Daadi: I can’t believe you did this!
Ragini: Maa, Maa you tell them.
Sumi nods and wipes her tears,
Sumi: Shekhar, I believe Ragini.
Shekhar: Enough, Ragini can’t live in this house!
Sumi and Ragini get shocked,
Sumi: But Shekhar……

Shekhar grabs Raginis hand and opens the door, he throws her out and glares at Omi, Arjun and Lee, the trio then walk up to Ragini.
Shekhar: You are dead for us, I don’t want your shadow anywhere near us, get out! And yes you can stay with your husband!!
Shekhar closes the door and Omi, Arjun and Lee leave, Ragini cries and walks out Sumi rushes to her room and cries, Shekhar walks to the terrace and cries, he is ashamed of Ragini.

Ragini comes out and sees Laksh,
Laksh: Now my revenge is complete, remember Miss Gadodia?
Ragini looks at Laksh with disgust and Laksh leaves with his friend.
The flashback ends and Sanskaar is shocked.
Ragini: I came to Mumbai, I didn’t pay the rent so they kicked me out and then some goons started chasing me so I ran here.
Sanskaar: I can’t believe Laksh can do that.
Ragini: Well he did!
Sanskaar: Okay, you go to sleep and we will talk in the morning.
Ragini nods and Sanskaar thinks.

Precap: Ragini comes to Kolkata.

(Thank you for commenting and liking and supporting, well I haven’t decided the pairs but can you all please vote either Ragsan or Raglak, please so that I can make the next episode, thank you)

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  1. Pls ragsan laksh don’t deserve her what he did was totally wrong
    So please make it ragsan fanfiction
    Hope you posting the next part soon

  2. Pranami

    After reading this episode…one thing is clear..laksh needs to suffer after what he did to ragini..just for a slap he ruined her life…i don’t care about pairs…even if you make raglak…one request, don’t make ragini fall for laksh so easily..a very interesting storyline..i hope u’ll make it more interesting..waiting for the next epi..

  3. Lyla

    Aww, but I can’t believe Laksh, Ragsan please…….?????????? it’s a request, there are too many Swasan, I like Swasan but this time Ragsan???

  4. Lol

    Please make it Ragsan, please?????? there are slot of Swasan, I like Swasan but I want to see Ragsan, please

    • Lyla

      There are a lot of Swasan, I like Swasan but I haven’t read Ragsan in ages, so please???????

  5. Sheela

    Hey I luv ur ff. Plz do ragsan. Ragini doesn’t deserve laksh after what he did to her. Plz plz do ragsan. One morr thing really dont like this raglak couple. I luv ragsan

  6. Aaradya

    Ragsan please… I want Shekar to regret a lot because he didn’t trust his daughter and I want Lakshya to fall in love with ragini but she should reject him. For a small little thing he almost ruined her life

  7. Dhara

    U decide what u want.. Readers does not know ur plot. It’s always writer’s right to decide what they want.. And ya as per the name of ur ff (sorry) I think it should be raglak…

    • Pranami

      I agree with u…please don’t do this voting.. it may hurt both the fans…it’s ur ff..u can only decide which pair will fit perfectly in ur plot…

  8. Anjali

    I don’t mind anything as long as laksh suffers for the consequences…. but it would make an even interesting storyline if swasan come together and ragini learns to be independent….
    Make it like sanskaar tries to do something such that swara feels bad that she didn’t believe her sister and in the process they fall in love…
    But it’s your idea… so do whatever you want..lets see how the story progresses

  9. un

    Ragsan…..suits ur story.plz take care of 1 thing That ragini will not forgive her family so easily

  10. unknown

    I dnt understand wht’s swasan’s fans problem……… There are lots of fan fiction on swasan.each evry tym inhe swasan chahiye.please stop it.sab se jyda ff swasan pe h pr inhe abi b swasan hi chahiye.i m feb bcs f dis swasan.now a day bcs of swasan i feel irritated. So i wanna change. Ragsan.

    • abi

      c i do no hindi……bt i n clr u r taunting me…..u dnt have any rights to taunt me…..i dint say dat all ffs should b swasan…..i just want to know d pairs first itself thats it…..who r u to taunt me???mind ur words…..nd i dnt want to give explanation for dis….u r talking as if i m d only one who s asking for swasan ff????i dnt have any pblm with ragsan ff just i want dat writer to clear d pairs….nd keep in mind pairs means not just their scenes if it starts with swasan means it should end with swasan…..dat s pairs…..even in dis ff i dint vote dat i want swasan…..first f all u dnt have any rights to scold me…..

  11. twinkle

    raglak and swasan…bt according to your ff name..it should be raglak….As it named sorry

  12. anu4875

    make it raglak ………since ragini n laksh hate each other……hate story will b interesting…………………..

  13. Darsh

    i ‘m sry but i can’t control myself.. its ur story just decide pairs by urself.. this voting really creates haterness between swasan, swalak, ragsan and raglak fans..

  14. kaira

    plsz make it ragsan no raglak or swasan plsz nice and awesome upfate and update soon………

  15. safa

    shruti ur absolutlii ri8 plszz make raglak nd swasan…bcuz hatred is deh first step towards luvb..frm der deh 2 heartsz meet each othr.plszz i beg tew yew dude..:):(

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