Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 18


Recap: Ragini talking to Sanskaar, Shanaya finds out the companies name.

The episode begins at the office,
The presentation is finished, all look at the clients, they talk amount each other, they nod their heads no and look at Dev, Shanaya pushes Shaurya and looks in, he breathes and looks in too.
Client1: Your presentation wasn’t good.
They all get shocked, Dev gets angry, Shanaya smiles,
Client2: I’m sorry to say that you beat all the other competitors!
Client3: You cracked the deal
Client2: Your presentation was amazing, I never seen a presentation like this before!
Shanaya gets shocked and Rajnath and RP smile,
Dev: You actually liked the presentation?
Client3: Yes, it was one unique presentation.
Shaurya smiles,
Shanaya: Meaning they got the contract!

Shaurya: It’s your benefit!
Shanaya: Sure!
Client3: I would like to meet your presentation department and the head, I’m quiet impressed!
All the presentation department enter the meeting room,
Dev: Meet our presentation department.
Shaurya: Go in!
Shanaya: No!
Client3: Did you make this presentation?
The department nods yes,
Man: There’s more people who helped us.
Client2: Who?
Shanaya: There’s two people on my list!
Shaurya: Who?
Shanaya: First it’s Shaurya then it’s Laksh!
Shaurya: What did they do?!
Shaurya in his head: I was already in her list, now why has Laksh came on her list? Now what did Laksh do?
Women: Shanaya and Shaurya sir.

Shanaya hears Shauryas name,
Shanaya: When did he help me?!
Shaurya gets shocked,
Shanaya: You helped me a little but Shaurya?
She looks at him,
Shanaya: Was Shaurya there?!
Shaurya is stunned.

Laksh comes back from the site, he is talking on the phone, he stops his car and he nearly banged his head, he slowly moves back and looks up, he sees a girl but can’t see her face because her back is facing towards him.
Laksh: I’ll call you later!
Laksh disconnects the phone and goes out,
Laksh: What the hell?! If you were so fond of dying, couldn’t you find any other car to come in front of?!
She turns around in anger and looks at him, he gets shocked to see Swara,
Swara: I’m so fond of dying? Oh hello mister! If you were so fond of killing then go in the jungle and find a dangerous animal, not this puppy!
He sees the puppy in her hand,

Swara: It’s your mistake and you’re telling me off? If anything bad happened to this puppy then I would’ve jailed you!
Laksh is looking at her, he seems lost while Swaras shouting at him, he smiles and Swara looks at him weirdly.
Swara snaps him out, he looks at her,
Swara: Hello?! Where are you lost?!
Laksh: I’m sorry!

Swara: You weren’t before!
Laksh thinks that Swara looks changed, he remembers the old Swara with curly long hair with a jumpsuit. He now sees Swaras long straight hair and she is wearing a light red Anarkali suit with Black border around the bottom and her scarf pinned to her shoulder with long sleeves and the end of the sleeves have black border.
Laksh: You look changed.
Swara: Excuse me?
Laksh: Nothing, if you want I’ll drop you home.
Swara: It’s okay, I’ll go on my own.
She lets go of the puppy and he runs towards the jungle.
Laksh: No, I will drop you, anyways I came here for some office work and….
Swara cuts his words: Office work?
Laksh nods,

Swara: It doesn’t look like it.
She sees him wearing a white shirt with red leather bomber jacket on and jeans with new black and blue Armani shoes.
Laksh: Why?
Swara: Your looks are nowhere near to be compared to the office looks!
Laksh: When you go office, you look at the work not clothes and who says that having a formal look in office is important, whether it’s informal or formal you do the work not show off your clothes.
Swara gets impressed by his words,
Swara: True, looks don’t define your true character right?
Laksh in his head: I find this true now, you look so different from the last time I met you!
Laksh: So shall we leave?
Swara nods, they sit in the car.

Radha looks at the Calendar,
Ragini is thinking about Sanskaar,
Radha: Di, it’s Holi tomorrow, look today is the 23rd and tomorrow is 24th.
Ragini is lost, she doesn’t pay any attention to what Radha said,
Radha: Di!
Ragini looks at her,
Radha: Where are you lost Di?
Ragini: Nowhere.
Radha: Really Di? What did I say then?
Ragini sees the Calendar in Radhas hand and thinks,
Ragini: It’s Holi tomorrow and you have to go school.
Radha: Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that!
Suddenly they hear an door bell,

Radha: You rest Di, I’ll get it.
Ragini nods and Radha goes, she opens the door and sees the courier man,
Man: Is this where Radha Raheja lives?
Radha: Yes, I am Radha.
Man: Sign this please.
Radha signs and the man gives her a letter and leaves. Radha opens it and reads it.

Sujata and AP are making preparation for tomorrow’s Holi.
Sujata: JiJi, I can’t believe it’s Holi already.
AP: I know, the house looks empty without the children.
Sujata: JiJi, I heard that someone new came in our neighbourhood, shall we invite them too for Holi?
Sakshi comes down,
Sakshi: Who are you planning to invite Sujata?
Sujata: I was just saying Bhabhi, well since your asking I might as well tell you, there’s new people in our neighbourhood so I thought to invite them.
Sakshi: Well you might as well.
Sujata: Really?
Sakshi nods yes,
Sujata: Okay, who’s going?
Sakshi: You’re going Sujata, who else will? You’re the one that wanted to invite them!
Sujata: Haa Bhabhi but I don’t want to go alone!
Sujata: Well I’m not coming with you.
Sujata looks at AP,

AP: Sorry Sujata, I have lots of work to handle.
Sakshi: Don’t worry Bhabhi, I’ll handle the outside decorations.
AP nods,
Sujata in her head: I guess I have to go myself!
Sujata: Ok, koi ni, I’ll go myself then!
Sujata leaves and Sakshi looks on.

Sujata reaches the house, she knocks and Radha comes and opens the door,
Radha: Yes?
Sujata: Are you the new people on our neighbourhood?
Radha nods,
Sujata: Oh okay, I’m here to invite you to Holi around our house tomorrow.
Radha: Okay, come in please.
Sujata: Ok thank you.
Sujata comes in and sits down, Radha sits on the sofa near her.
Radha: What time?
Sujata: Well anytime but the proper time would be 10.
Radha: Oh okay, I won’t be able to come because there is a Holi party in school tomorrow and that will start at 8 and finish at 10 so I won’t be able to come sharp 10.
Sujata: No it’s okay, do live you alone here?
Radha: No I live with my sisters.
Sujata: Okay, come with all of them.

Radha nods,
Sujata: By the way, we live opposite you, you see the Maheshwari name tag, that’s our house.
Radha stands up in shock,
Sujata: What happened Chori?
Radha nervously looks down,
Radha: Nothing Aunty, we….we will try to come.
Sujata: Okay, I’ll leave now. Here’s the invitation card.
Radha nods, she goes out and Radha lets out a sigh.

Shanaya and Shaurya come in,
Man: This is Shanaya and Shau…
Shaurya glares at him and nods no, DP looks on.
Shanaya and the clients shake hands, they look at her dressing, they then shake Shauryas hand and see his clothing sense, he is wearing Black leather jacket with black shirt and the black and white airmax(shoes)
Client2: I can’t believe they helped in the presentation.
Shanaya: It wasn’t only me, it was all of the department, so the credit should go to all of us, you should look at the work not the clothing sense because clothing formal doesn’t help, the amount of work being done does!

The clients get impressed, Dev glares at her while Preeti smiles,
Client1: Impressive!
Client2: If you weren’t hired by the Maheshwaris then I would’ve hired you!
Shanaya: Well I’m not….
DP cuts her words
DP: I agree but we are sorry that we selected her.
Shanaya and everyone look at him.
Client: We will leave now and we will send the papers through the manager.
They nod and leave. DP looks at Shanaya.
DP: We need people capable like you in this office to run it, not the useless ones!
He looks at Shaurya.
Shanaya thinks what Shaurya said and thinks that she needs to find Shaurya and Laksh.
Shanaya: Okay but I have 2 conditions.
DP and all look at her,
DP: What are the conditions?
Preeti in her head: Oh God Shanaya, don’t ask for stupid conditions!
Shanaya: My first condition is that I will receive my Salary in advance.
Dev: This is not possible!
DP: What’s the other condition?!
Shanaya: First accept the first condition! If you don’t accept the first condition then how will you accept the second one?
Shaurya smiles,

Shaurya in his head: Now speak Bade Papa! Why is your mouth shut?
Dev: No….
DP: I agree
Dev: But Bade Papa….
DP: Dev! I know what I’m doing!
Shanaya: Good, my second condition is that you will increase the employers salary to 100,000
All get shocked,
Shanaya: Don’t worry, only in the presentation department.
Dev: Impossible!
DP thinks,
Shanaya: I wasn’t talking to you SIR! So I don’t need your comments!
Shaurya in his head: This girl is brave and one unique! She isn’t scared of Bade Papa or Dev Bhaiya!
DP: Why?!
Shanaya: Because everyone in that department are equal, they equally work hard for it and if one person gets paid more then would that be fair?
DP gets impressed,
DP: Okay.

Dev leaves angrily, Preeti puts her thumbs up at Shanaya.
Shanaya: Thank you sir.
DP: Give her the advance payment and make new papers and new change in payment!
Shanaya smiles while the department gets happy,
Manager: Yes sir!
Shanaya takes the money and signs the contract.
Shanaya: Then I will join after Holi.
DP nods and Shanaya leaves.

Shanaya comes home with the money,
Ragini: How did you get that much money?
Radha: Haa Di, how?
Shanaya: I just used Shanaya’s Magic!
Ragini: Be honest, how?
Shanaya: By working
Radha: Working?

Shanaya tells them everything that happened. They get shocked,
Shanaya: I had no option but to accept for the money, Preeti Di was anyways going to bring their money! But now offering me a job would be their mistake!
Ragini: No Shanaya, it wasn’t their fault, it was only…..
Shanaya: Laksh, Sanskaar? And Shaurya?
Ragini nods,
Shanaya: I can guarantee you that Sanskaar didn’t do anything wrong!
Ragini thinks, Shanaya gives the money to Ragini and goes in.

Laksh and Swara reach the Baadi,
Swara: Thank you
Laksh: Your welcome, by the way I’m Laksh.
Swara: Laksh? I heard that name somewhere.
Laksh: There are many Lakshs in this world, you must have heard their names from someone!
Swara: True, by the way I’m Swara.
Laksh: Nice to meet you Swara.
Swara: Thank you again.
Laksh: No thank you or sorry I’m friendship!
Swara: Friendship?
Laksh: Yeah
Swara: When?

Laksh: Today, in-fact a minuet ago!
Swara: Your pretty fast, slow your car.
Laksh smiles: Well sorry, this car isn’t going to slow down.
Swara smiles,
Laksh: It’s Holi tomorrow, why don’t you come around ours?
Swara: Like we know you!
Laksh: Your Dad knows my Dad.
Swara: Do they? How do you know?
Laksh thinks,

Laksh: Unless your not Shekhar Gadodias daughter?
Swara: I am.
Laksh: So you can come, I guarantee you that you got the invitation already.
Swara: Sure! Well it was nice meeting you, bye.
Swara leaves and Laksh smiles, he then realised what he was doing.

Everyone come home, Shaurya is happy, Laksh sees that, he was about to ask when DP asks him about the site.
Laksh: The site was okay but I won’t recommend it.
DP: Why?
Laksh: It’s near the village and it’s going to take half of their space.
DP: Hmm, is there any other sites?
Dev: There are two more sites left to check.
Laksh in his head: Thank god he believed me, I hope he doesn’t send me again.
DP: Okay.
RP: Bhaisa, I’ll go and see the rest two sites if that’s okay with you.
DP was about to sit down when Sakshi stops him,
Sakshi: What are you doing Bhaisa?!
DP stands straight,

Raj: What happened Sakshi?
Sakshi: Bhaisa, those chairs and Sofas are for the guests! Why are you going to ruin them beforehand?
DP looks at her,
Sakshi: Do one thing Bhaisa, sit over there.
Sakshi points at a plastic chair.
DP: No! I’m fine!
Laksh and Shaurya smile.
Shaurya: Bade Papa, are you going to stand up and do all the talking?
Sujata comes: There’s no need for that, the food is ready so come at the dining table.
They nod and go there.

Precap: Holi……..special……

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