Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 17


Recap: Shanaya coming in the office, Shaan breaks Radha’s glasses and Sanskaar enters the house.

The episode begins at the office, Shanaya is brought in the presentation department, she looks around,
Shanaya: Even the departments are big
Man: Madam, if sir doesn’t like it then everyone’s gone, he takes everything seriously especially when it comes to work, madam you shouldn’t have came in or accepted his challenge! He’s just like his uncle!
Shanaya: Chill, I’ll make sure everything is perfect and I will make sure your salary increases, what’s your salary now?
Man: All of us that are working in this departments payment salary is 80,000 rupees!
Shanaya: Wow, I’ll make sure it goes to 100,000 rupees.
Man: Why are you making us dream big Madam? That’s on,y if this presentation is good then!
Shanaya: Don’t call me Madam, call me Shanaya! Now let’s get going!

Preeti is worried about Shanaya,
Preeti in her head: Oh God, who asked Shanaya to do this? I hope she gets it right!
Dev: Who is that girl?!
Preeti looks up,
Manager: I don’t know sir, she’s was here to look for someone
Dev: Well Anyways when are the clients coming?
Preeti: Today
Dev: What?!
Manager: That’s why we were telling you to stop but you didn’t lis….
Dev looks at him angrily,
Preeti: Don’t worry nothing bad will happen, we will crack this deal!
Dev looks at her,
Dev: Too much confidence isn’t good Miss…..
Preeti: Preeti.
Dev: I want to reschedule the meeting!
Preeti: But it’s too late
Dev: I don’t want to listen to anything, this meeting should be rescheduled!
Preeti: But sir…..
Dev leaves and Preeti looks on,
Preeti: Kadoos, he doesn’t even listen to anyone, oh god what should I do now?
Preeti calls the company.

Shaurya is walking down and whistling (?) Shanaya hears him,
Shanaya: This whistle seems familiar.
Shaurya stops and sees Shanaya sitting on the table and telling people to work, some of the girls look out at Shaurya and Shanaya notices,
Shanaya: Where are you all lost? I want this deal to crack because my sisters future is in this deals hands!
Girls: Yes Ma’am.
Shanaya: Start working, we have 20 minuets!
Shanaya then looks at where some of the girls were watching and sees Shaurya, Shaurya comes in,
Shaurya: What is she doing here? If she finds out I’m Shaurya then I’m dead.
Shanaya: You? What are you doing here?
Shaurya walks up to Shanaya, all the girls look there,
Girl: She hasn’t even became the boss and she’s acting like one!
Shanaya: Shaumin right?
They all look there, Shaurya nods yes, Shanaya turns around while Shaurya signals everyone to be quiet and don’t say anything.
Shanaya turns back,
Shanaya: What happened?
Shaurya: Nothing, I was just looking around.
Shanaya: Okay, what are you doing here?
Shaurya: Just looking at the department that I would like to work with.
Shanaya: That’s good, I’m just here to complete the challenge and after I done that then I’m out.
Shaurya: Okay.
Shaurya: I wish no one says my real name!

Radha: Do you need any water?
Sanskaar: No thank, are you alone?
Radha: No, I’m with my Di.
Sanskaar: Okay, where’s the washroom?
Ragini goes to her room,
Radha: It’s there, I’ll get some water for you.
Sanskaar: But….
Radha leaves to the kitchen, Sanskaar looks around and sees a room, he thinks that it’s a washroom and enters, he accidentally comes in Raginis room,
Sanskaar: Wrong room!
He was about to leave when he heard the washroom door open,
Ragini: Radha? What happened?
Sanskaar gets shocked to hear Raginis voice, Ragini comes out and Sanskaar turns around, they get shocked seeing each other.
Sanskaar: Ragini?
Sanskaar walks towards her, she glares at him,
Ragini: Just stand there and don’t come near me!
Sanskaar: Ragini…..
Ragini: No! I don’t want to hear anything from your filthy mouth!
Sanskaar: I didn’t di anything Ragini, I can’t even remember!
Ragini: I can’t believe you would do this to me, I truly loved you but you never valued my feelings! You’re just like your brother Laksh!
Sanskaar: Ragini, I never betrayed you, I…..
Radha comes in and Sanskaar looks back,
Radha: This isn’t the washroom, sorry I didn’t tell you clearly.
Ragini: It’s okay Radha, don’t worry, I was just telling him where the bathroom was.
Sanskaar: Yes sorry, I came in the wrong room.
Ragini: Who is he anyways?
Sanskaar looks at Ragini and Ragini ignores him,
Radha: He’s Mr Sanskaar, he is the one who gave Preeti Di that job.
Ragini: Oh, okay.
Radha: Oops, I forgot the water, I’ll go and get it.
Ragini gets worried and Radha goes out,
Sanskaar: You don’t know me?
Ragini: No!
Sanskaar: You forgot the train part?
Ragini: They don’t know your surname, if they find out then they will not spare you, go!
Sanskaar: You forgot our marriage?
Ragini: Leave!!
Sanskaar leaves in anger, Ragini gets upset.
Radha sees him leaving, she tries to stop him but he leaves in anger.

DP: I hope that girl impresses the clients, if we loose this deal then our whole Hardwork would go in vain!
RP: Don’t worry Bhaisa, we have an extra copy and Dev is trying to reschedule the meeting.
Dev comes in the meeting room,
RP: What happened Dev?
Preeri comes in,
Preeti: Sir, I tried to reschedule it but they already left and they are on their way.
All get shocked,
Dev: That girl better not ruin everything, I will not spare her.
Preeti thinks: Oh god, help Shanaya.
Reception lady comes in,
Lady: Sir please don’t fire me please, I tried to stop her but she wouldn’t listen.
Preeti gets shocked,
Dev: Because of your carelessness this happened!
Preeti: But why are you firing her sir? This….
Dev: Enough! If we don’t crack this deal then you are fired!
Preeti in her head: Kadoos, what the hell, I swear if he wasn’t my boss then I would’ve slapped him!
Dev: Is that clear?!
Preeti: Yes sir!
Lady: Yes sir.
The lady was about to go when DP stops her,
DP: Stop! Who was that girl here for?!
Lady: Preeti Ma’am.
Dev looks at Preeti and Preeti avoids looking at him,
Dev: You may leave now!
Dev then looks at Preeti,
Dev: Who was she?!
Preeti looks at him,
DP: Is she Preeti?
Dev nods yes,
Dev: I said who was she?!
Preeti: She is my sister.
Dev, DP, RP and Rajnath are shocked.

Shanaya finishes making the presentation,
Shanaya: Thank you guys, without you I wouldn’t have done it, now I can shove it in your boss’s face!
Shaurya: Who?
Shanaya: I don’t know?
Man: Dev Sir.
Shaurya: Good luck.
Shanaya: Thanks, anyways are you planning to work here?
Man: Ma’am, should I take the presentation down?
Shanaya gives him the memory stick and the man leaves with it,
Girls get jealous seeing Shaurya talking to Shanaya.
Shaurya: I’m surprised you worked for them!
Shanaya: It’s only a one time thing, why?
Shaurya: Wait, do you know the companies name?
Shanaya: No!
Shaurya: You don’t?!
Shanaya: Why?! It’s not like it’s the Mahesh….
Shanaya: Wait! Who’s company is this?!
Girl: The Maheshwaris
Shanaya gets shocked,
Shanaya: So Preeti Di works for the Maheshwaris and I don’t the presentation for the Maheshwaris?
Shaurya nods,
Shanaya: I need to break that memory stick.

Meeting room:
Dev: So that girl is your sister?
Preeti: Yes.
Preeti looks Dev into the eyes.
Dev: What the…..!
DP: Why was she here?!
Dev: If this presentation does not impress the clients then you’re fired too!
Preeti looks at him in shock,
Preeti: Sorry Sir, you can’t fire me!
Dev looks at her,
Dev: What do you mean?!
Preeti: I signed a contract and according to that contract I have to work with you for 6 months and till then I can’t leave or you can’t fire me!
Dev gets angry, and looks at her in anger, she glares at him,
Preeti: And don’t worry Sir, I trust my sister!
Dev was about to leave when the clients come.

The clients come and sit down, Dev and DP are nervous,
Client2: It’s good to see you back Mr Dev.
Dev: Thank you.
Client1: Shall we start the presentation?
Dev: Sure.
The man comes and gives the memory stick to Dev, Preeti takes it and plugs it in and sits down.
The manager starts explaining, Shanaya and Shaurya reach the meeting room,
Shanaya: Oh Fish, we are late! I won’t let this presentation get successful!
She was about to go in when Shaurya pulls her back and takes her to the side.
Shanaya: What the hell?!
Shaurya: Leave it, if the presentation is successful then they will offer you a job and you….
Shanaya: I will never accept their offer!
Shaurya: This can be the best chance to find Shaurya!
Shanaya thinks: He’s right, I need to find Shaurya Maheshwari and this is the best opportunity.
Shaurya thinks: This is the best opportunity to find out why this girl is after my life!
Shaurya then looks at her, he smiles,
Shaurya in his head: Control Shaurya! Your weakness are beautiful girls, control!

Precap: DP offers Shanaya job, Laksh meets Swara.

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Shaan: Aryan Khan
Dev: Barun Sobti
Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth

Radha: Barbie Jain
Preeti: Sanjeeda Sheikh
Shanaya: Tanya Sharma

Credit to: ???

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