Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 16




The episode begins with Ragini sitting in her room thinking about Sanskaar, Janam….janam….tune….plays….
Sanskaar thinks about Ragini in his room tune…continues….playing….
Radha comes in with food for Ragini, she places the tray down on the bed and Ragini sees the food,
Ragini: How did you get this food?
Radha: Our Neighbours gave it.
Ragini: Which ones?
Radha: The ones on our right and don’t worry, I’ll never take food from the Maheshwaris.
Ragini: You shouldn’t say this, the women’s didn’t do anything.
Radha: Okay, so if the women come and give me food then shall I take it? What if Shanaya Di find out?

Ragini: Nothing bad will happen but you don’t take stuff from strangers.
Radha: Okay, promise I won’t next time, but I already ate and the food is safe.
Ragini: I’m not hungry.
Radha: You might not be but the Chotu baby must be na?
Ragini looks at her emotionally, Radha: Now eat na Rags Di!
Radha feeds Ragini and Ragini looks at her.

Preeti is sorting some files out,
Preeti: You have to quickly do this or else you would get shouted at.
She puts the correct files in place, she gets Shanaya’s call,
Preeti: Hello?
Shanaya: Di, Radhas entry fees are 20,000 and they want it tomorrow.
Preeti: What? How am I meant to get that much money?
Shanaya: Where are you?
Preeti: In the office.
Shanaya: Address?
Preeti thinks: If Shanaya gets to know this is Maheshwaris company then she would wreck it.
Shanaya: Di?!
Preeti: Give it to the Driver and I’ll tell him.
Shanaya: Why not me?
Preeti: Just do as I say!
Shanaya gives her phone to the driver and Preeti tells him the address.
Dev comes in, Preeti disconnects the phone and turns around,
Dev: Have the files been arranged?

Preeti: Yes sir, I have organised them.
Dev: We are here to work not waste our time!
Preeti thinks,
Dev: No bring the Malothra files and follow me!
Preeti: Yes sir.
Dev leaves and Preeti makes a face,
Preeti: No wonder no one likes him, he shouts for no reason and gets angry, Kadoos, I thought he will be nice.
She then quickly picks the file up and the notebook and follows where he went.

Shaurya is sitting down and waiting for food,
Rajnath comes and sees Shaurya sitting idle, Laksh comes and so does DP.
Rajnath: Bhaisa, Ram is at the office with Dev.
DP: Hasn’t he went to see the site?
Raj: It was meant to be Dev but he’s stuck in a meeting so I’ll go.
DP: Raj, you can take rest, Laksh, you will go and see the site!
Laksh (shocked): What?!
DP: I’ve been seeing that your taking too much leaves nowadays.
Laksh: But Papa…
DP: Your going and that’s final!

Shaurya lets a laugh and DP looks at him,
DP: Shaurya, you will go to the office!
Shaurya freezes while smiling and drops a apple piece on the table,
Laksh lets out a laugh,
Rajnath: That’s a great idea Bhaisa, I’ll take him today.
Shaurya: Dad, I have a stomach ache.
DP: You were perfectly fine a minuet ago now what happened?
Laksh: Papa, he heard the office word, which means work in his dictionary so that’s why he’s like that.
Laksh in his head: You were laughing, now laugh!
Shaurya: Mom…..
DP: Why are you calling your Mom?!
Shaurya stand up,
Shaurya: You see Bade Papa, I need blessing from Mom before I do anything and she’s not here so….
They see Sakshi returning home,
DP: She’s home now!

Shaurya looks on,
Raj: Come on Shaurya, stop making excuses and come and check it out.
Shaurya: But Dad….
Sakshi comes there,
Sakshi: What’s going on?
DP: I just want your Ladla(darling?) son to come and see the office!
Sakshi: If he doesn’t want to go then leave him!
Raj: But Sakshi….
Sakshi stands in front of Shaurya,
Sakshi: Come on Rajnath, he came back today, let him rest!
All glare at Shaurya expect from Sakshi.
Shaurya: Don’t worry Mom, I’ll go all they want me to do is see the office not work there.
Sakshi: Are you sure?
Shaurya: Yes Mom, I’ll be fine.

Sakshi: Okay, then go.
Shaurya nods and leaves with the Men, Sanskaar is in his room.
Laksh goes to the site.

Shanaya reach the office, she looks at it and goes in forcefully. She enters and sees the inside and gets dazed,
Shanaya: This big? How will I find Preeti?
She goes to the reception,
Lady: How can I help you Ma’am?
Shanaya: Um…do you know where Preeti Raheja is?
Lady thinks,
Lady: Why?
Shanaya: I need to meet her, I need some money.
Lady: Why?
Shanaya: Because I do.
Lady: She’s in the meeting room but you can’t meet her.
Shanaya: Oh Okay, where is the meeting room anyways, it’s such a big office?
Lady: It’s not that big, there’s only 2 floors and this is the ground floor.
Shanaya: Oh, well I bet you don’t remember any rooms!
Lady: I do, I’ve been working here since 15 yrs.

Shanaya: Wow, that’s a lot of yrs, where is the meeting room then?
Lady: On the second floor on the left and third room down.
Shanaya: Thanks!
Shanaya runs up the stairs and the lady looks on.
Lady: Ma’am!!

DP, Shaurya and Rajnath reach the office, Shaurya looks bored, the ladies look at him and they start fixing their hair, Shaurya winks at them and they blush, he then smiles.
DP: Let’s go upstairs!
Rajnath: Yes, Dev’s in the meeting room.
DP: Okay, let’s go!
DP head towards the stairs while Shaurya heads towards the lift.
Raj: Shaurya?
Shaurya: Sorry Dad, I’ll come by the lift!

DP: We are older than you and we are not that lazy!
DP and Rajnath run up the stairs while Shaurya looks on,
Shaurya: He just wants excuses to taunt me, especially in front of beautiful girls, just because he doesn’t get some!
Shaurya then sees a girl walking towards him, they both go in the lift.

Shanaya reaches the meeting room and sees the presentation going on, she looks around and doesn’t see Preeti, Dev notices her, Shanaya looks at the presentation weirdly. Dev stops the presentation and the lights come on, Shanaya then opens the door and puts her head in and scans the room, Preeti isn’t in there, she was about to leave when Dev stops her and she stops, she turns and sees Dev.
Dev: What the hell?! Who are you?!
Employers: She’s gone!
Shanaya: Sorry, I was just here to search for someone.
Dev: There was a meeting going on here, couldn’t you see?
Shanaya: Yeah and the meeting stopped so I came in, I had that much manners in me!
Dev: You…
DP and Rajnath walk in,

DP: What happened?
Dev: Bade Papa, she came here and distracted our meeting.
Shanaya: No I didn’t actually! He stopped the meeting and then I came in!
DP: Why?!
Shanaya: I was searching for someone.
DP: Who?
Manager: Who are you and why are you here?! Why did you ruin the presentation?!
Dev: What do you mean?!
Manager: She doesn’t work here!
Dev: What?!
Shanaya: I didn’t ruin the presentation and is this what you call presentation?
They all look at her,
Shanaya: The clients would’ve go bored seeing this! You put such gaudy and plain colours!
Dev (angry): How else should a presentation look like? Fancy?!
DP: Listen….
Shanaya: Sorry Uncle but your presentation does not even look good, no offence I wouldn’t want to look at it, I wonder how people even say yes?
RP: What are you saying Chori?! They like our ideas that’s why!
Shanaya: They listen to you not look at the presentation, there’s not much details! Be honest how many of you people liked the presentation?
No one put their hands up,
Shanaya: Exactly, now sorry I don’t have time, I need to find Pr…
Dev cuts her words,

Dev: If you have so much knowledge about presentation then why don’t you make one?
Shaurya comes out of the lift and the girl fixes her dress,
Shanaya: Me?
Dev: Yes you! You don’t even know anything and your talking!
Shanaya: Your commenting on my talent?!
Dev looks at her and Preeti enters, she gets shocked seeing Shanaya,
Shanaya: I accept your challenge and I will win it too!
Dev: Too much confidence isn’t good!
Shanaya: I trust myself!
Dev: Okay, why don’t you make the presentation for today’s meeting in 30 minuets?!
All get shocked,
Manager: But sir….
Shanaya: I accept it!

Dev looks at her,
RP: Someone take this Chori to the presentation department!
They take Shanaya and Shaurya enters but misses seeing Shanaya because he dropped his keys and he bended down while Shanaya went the other way.
Shaurya: What happened?

Radha goes out and sees the Icecream man on the opposite road, she goes up to the Icecream man and clashes into somebody, her glasses fall of and she falls on the floor, she looks up and touches her head,
Radha: Ouch!
Shaan moves forward and steps on her glasses by accident,
Radha: Oh no!
Radha (quietly): Stupid idiot, couldn’t he see while walking!
Shaan: Hello?!
Radha stands up and looks at Shaan, she then bends down and picks her glasses up but Shaans foot is on it.
Radha: Can you please move your foot.
Shaan moves his feet and sees Radhas glasses in pieces
Shaan: Oh, sorry….
She picks her glasses and goes back to her house while cursing him, Shaan looks on weirdly and smiles.

Ragini sees Radha upset,
Ragini: What happened Radha?
Radha: Di, my glasses broke.
Ragini: What?

Radha shows her,
Ragini: Don’t worry, I’ll buy you another pair.
Radha: But I have school tomorrow and….
Ragini: Radha, don’t worry.

Shaan tells Sanskaar and Sanskaar sees the house and thinks to visit it. He then walks towards it and sees the door open, he walks up the stairs that are outside and stands at the door step, he knocks and Ragini feels him, Sanskaar feels her too,
Radha: I’ll go Di, don’t worry.
Radha comes out and sees Sanskaar at the door step, she then sees Shaan behind him.
Radha: You?
Sanskaar: Sorry to disturb you but Shaan told me about what he did and he feels guilty.
Radha: It’s okay.
Shaan: Yh, I’m sorry, because of me your glasses broke, I would’ve got you new ones but I didn’t know your number.
Radha: It’s okay.
Shaan: I apologised Bhai, should I go now?

Sanskaar nods,
Sanskaar: Are you Preetis sister?
Radha nods yes,
Radha: You can come in if you want.
Sanskaar: No I’m getting late.
Radha: Thank you, because of you we are here, if you weren’t there to help us then…..
Sanskaar: It’s okay, you don’t need to say thank you
Radha: Then you should come in if you don’t want me to say thank you.
Sanskaar: No…

Radha: Please
Sanskaar sees her innocent face and nods yes and comes in, he feels Raginis presence getting stronger, she stands behind the pillar and sees Sanskaar.

Precap: Sanskaar comes in to Raginis room by accident and Shanaya making presentation.

Credit to: ???

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