Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 15

Recap: Preeti getting the Job and Ragini telling the past.

The episode begins with Ragini getting shocked,
Sanskaar: I’m sorry.
He holds his ears and looks down,
Ragini: I don’t forgive you!
Sanskaar: Why? I said sorry.
Ragini: First look up at me and say your sorry for loving me!
Sanskaar looks up at her and in her eyes,
Sanskaar: I’m…sorry…..
Ragini: Wait! You shouldn’t be sorry for loving me! Then should I apologise too?
Sanskaar looks on, Ragini smiles and walks towards him and hugs him.
Ragini: I love you too Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari!
Sanskaar smiles and hugs her back,
Ragini breaks the hug, they both stand up and Ragini kisses him on the cheeks and he smiles, Ragini was about to go when Sanskaar holds her hand, she blushes, Sanskaar goes and locks the door,
Ragini: Why did you lock the door?
Sanskaar: Because I want to spend time with my wife!
Ragini: But….
Sanskaar cuts her words: No buts or Vuts.
Ragini: Really?
Sanskaar: Yeah, I should have rights to spend time with you.
Ragini smiles,

Sanskaar: You spent your whole time with my family, at least spend time with me!
Sanskaar walks up to her and she moves back, he walks towards her and she moves back, she finally can’t move anymore back due to the wall behind her, Sanskaar comes and puts his hands on the wall and blocks Ragini, he tries to kiss her when she moves her head the other way,
Ragini: If you manage to catch me then you can do whatever you want and if you fail, then sorry!
Sanskaar: Your challenging me?!
Ragini: Haa, now catch me!
Ragini escapes from under his arms and runs towards the door and and was about to opens it when Sanskaar turns around and falls on the floor.
Sanskaar: Ouch!
Ragini turns around and sees Sanskaar on the floor. She rushes to him,
Ragini: What happened Sanskaar?!
Sanskaar holds her hand,
Sanskaar: I caught you!
Ragini widens her eyes: You cheated!
Sanskaar: I didn’t.
Sanskaar stands up perfectly fine, Ragini: This is not fair, you cheated!
Sanskaar: I find my ways by hook or by crook!
Ragini: Hmm, by hook or by crook?

Sanskaar: Yeah.
Ragini stands up and goes near the window, Sanskaar follows and hugs her from behind, Ragini blushes, Sanskaar touches his head, he then takes the Pallu of her head and takes her to the mirror and looks at her from the mirror and Ragini smiles, he starts taking her jewellery off. Sanskaar then takes Ragini to the bed, he makes her lie down while Ragini smiles, he kisses her on the lip and then they consummate their marriage while the camera shifts to the moon.

Morning in MM:
Ragini wakes up and doesn’t find Sanskaar near her, she then gets up and gets changed, she goes downstairs and sees the family worried,
Ragini: What happened?
Laksh: Someone sent all of us a message saying that Bhai is in a hotel.
Ragini: What?!
Sakshi: Haa Ragini, someone sent a message to me too.
RP: Shall we go and check because everyone got the message.
DP: Your right Ram, let’s not waste time and start leaving.
They all nod while Ragini is thinking, the sit in the car and leave for the hotel.

Ragini turns her phone on and sees the message and is shocked, she thinks what Sanskaar must be doing there?
They reach the hotel and get out,

Raj: Bhaisa, I’ll check if there’s Sanskaar checked in.
Ragini: Room 204
Laksh: How do you know?
Ragini: It says here.
They all then leave for room 204, all are tensed,
Sujata: I hope my chore didn’t do anything wrong!
RP: Shut Up Sujata, wait till we reach there.
Laksh: It’s here!
They all rush there, Laksh was about to knock when the door opened, Laksh enters and is shocked, DP enters and is stunned,
All the family enters and are shocked, Ragini enters and comes at the front, she is shocked and heartbroken to see Sanskaar sleeping with another girl, their clothes are off and all look at Ragini, she has tears in her eyes and she runs from there,
Kangana: Bhabhi!
Ragini cries while remembering Sanskaar saying I love you.
The FB ends,

Preeti: I can’t believe he did this to you! He slapped you too??
Ragini: Haa
Radha and Shanaya get shocked,
Ragini goes in to a FB where she confronted Sanskaar,
Ragini: I hate you, I can’t believe you did this to me, why?
Sanskaar: Ragini….
Ragini: Why?!
Ragini wasn’t listening to Sanskaar so her slapped her, Ragini then left crying and came to Preeti. FB ends.
Shanaya: I bet he didn’t do anything, if he used you then he’s dead!
Tears fall out of Raginis eyes,

Ragini: Then I met….
Preeti: Me and I brought Rags to Dehli to stay with us. How couldn’t we, she is our cousin sister.
Radha: What?!
Shanaya: Yes, she’s related to us.
Radha: You all knew and I didn’t?
Preeti: Radha, I’ll tell you, our Mamma is her Dads sister.
Radha: So we are Rags Di’s Buas daughters?
Shanaya: Yes, Ragu Di’s Dad is our Maamu.
Radha: Oh, so Rag Di is our cousin sister?
Preeti: Yes.
Radha smiles.

Shanaya thinks: I think it’s Shauryas plan but I can’t say anything until I get proof.
Preeti: I can’t believe Sanskaar can do this, there needs to be a mystery and I need to find that out.
Preeti: I think we all need rest, let’s go.
Shanaya: Your right Di, we need planning.
Preeti: Planning?
Shanaya: Yeah to bomb the Maheshwari Mansion!
Shanaya leaves while saying that and Preeti and Ragini look at each other in shock.
Radha: Don’t worry Di, she isn’t going to bomb it. By bombing she means something else.
Preeti: What?

Radha: I’m tired Di, I’m going to rest.
Preeti: Food, no one had anything and they are going to sleep on an empty stomach!
Ragini: Don’t worry, I made noodles and Radha and Shanaya already ate, it’s just you that needs to.
Preeti: Have you ate Rags?
Ragini nods,
Preeti: Sure?
Ragini: Haa Baba, do you think Radha would let me go without eating?
Preeti: No!
Ragini: So I ate!
They share a laugh,
Preeti: Come Rags, take rest.
Ragini goes to her room and Preeti goes to hers,
Preeti: Thank god there’s no stairs or upstairs here. Rags doesn’t have to run up and down.
Preeti shuts her door and they all go to sleep.

Radha: We are getting late, can we go?
Ragini: Have you got the address?
Radha: Haa, it’s in this letter that the principal gave me to give to the new school.
Shanaya: I didn’t know that cleaning is such a hard work!
Radha: Why are you complaining? You barely did any work, all you did is instruct me!
Ragini: Shanaya should be a instructor!

Shanaya: There’s no time for jokes, we are getting late!
Ragini and Radha laugh while Shanaya walks ahead.

They reach the school and Shanaya pays the taxi fare, they go in and wait outside the principals office, finally the principal calls them in and they go, just then Shaan walks past, the principal asks them to sit down and Ragini and Radha sit, Radha gives the letter to the principal and the principal opens it and reads it.
Principal: Impressive feedback, by the way I’m Mrs Sengupta.
Ragini: Good evening Mrs Sengupta, I’m Ragini and this is Radha.
Principal: Radha Raheja right?
Ragini nods,
Principal: It’s good to see such bright students, how old are you?
Radha: I’m 16 Ma’am.
Principal: Well I don’t think we need to interview you.
Ragini, Shanaya and Radha are stunned,
Principal: Relax, you got the admission.
They smiles,
Principal: This letter has done an interview for you, you didn’t have to do more hard work.
Radha smiles,
Principal: You can join tomorrow, you will meet your teachers and classmates tomorrow too.
Ragini: And the fees?
Principal: Yes, the fees, well I can put her on a scholarship if you want?
They smile,

Principal: The previous principal has sent her reports to me and she is higher than our expectations.
Shanaya: That’s good, who’s sponsoring for the scholarship?
Principal: Well our school and the government.
Shanaya: That’s pretty good, I never expected this school to give scholarship.
Principal: Well this school does help when help is needed.
Ragini: What is the entry fee?
Principal: Its much, only 20,000 rupees.
They all get shocked,
Principal: What happened?
Shanaya: Nothing, when do we have to pay the fees?
Principal: By tomorrow or whenever you have the money.
Shanaya: Okay thank you.
Principal: It was nice meeting you.
Radha: Thank you.
They leave and come outside of the school.
Shanaya: 20,000 rupees by tomorrow?!
Ragini: How will we do this?
Shanaya thinks, she then remembers Preeti telling her about the job offer.
Shanaya: Don’t worry, I got a solution and you two go home.
Ragini: But
Shanaya cuts her words,

Shanaya: No, you two go and leave it to me! Radha take Rags Di home and I’ll come.
Radha nods and Shanaya leaves,
Shanaya calls Preeti.

Ragini and Radha reach their new house, Ragini pays the taxi fee while Radha goes to open the lock, Ragini pays and turns around, she was about to slip when Sanskaar hold her, Saree flows up and in between them, Ragini feels his touch, Sanskaar puts his hand on the Pallu and pulls a little bit down, he only managed to see her eyes, they share an eye lock,
Janam janam…tune….plays….
Shaurya comes out,
Shaurya: Bhai!
Sanskaar looks back and makes Ragini stand she quickly rushes in, he turns around and sees her gone, he thinks that he knows her.
Shaurya: What happened Bhai?
Sanskaar: Nothing.
Shaurya: Okay let’s go.
Sanskaar nods and leaves, Ragini comes out from behind the car and rushes inside, tears fall out of her eyes.

Precap: Shaan clashing with Radha and Sanskaar making Shaan apologise.

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Dev: Barun Sobti
Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth
Shaan: Aryan Khan
Kangana: Preet Ponaam

Preeti: Sanjeeda Sheikh
Shanaya: Tanya Sharma
Radha: Barbie Jain.

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