Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 14


Recap: Shanaya clashing with Sanskaars Car and Sanskaar offering Preeti a job.

The episode begins with Preeti thinking,
Preeti: Okay, I accept this offer.
Sanskaar: Okay, you will have to come with us to sign the contract and then you would get the job and the house.
Shanaya: Don’t think Di, go! Me and Rads will help to pack with Ragu Di!
Radha: Haa Di, go quickly, we need to meet the school principal and finalise the school.
Preeti nods and leaves with Sanskaar, Shanaya and Radha go back to the house, they look around,
Shanaya: Thank God they didn’t unpack the stuff, we got saved from doing so much hard work!
Radha: True Di, now we just wait till Preeti Di comes back!
Shanaya: Rads, I told you to call me Shanaya when Di isn’t here.
Radha: Okay, then you have to call me Radha!
Shanaya: Okay, first take the luggage out.
They start taking luggage out one by one and lock the door, they see Ragini sitting on the bench and thinking. They go and sit beside her.

Preeti walks in with Sanskaar, people start staring at her, she looks around at them,
Sanskaar: Just go in the cabin and wait, I’ll bring the papers.
Preeti nods and goes to his office, she sees the name tag,
Preeti: So his name is Sanskaar.
She then remembers what Ragini said,
Preeti: Is he the same Sanskaar that Ragini……
Dev walks in,
Dev: Sanskaar, have you got the…..
Preeti looks back and Dev looks up,
Dev looks at her outfit and then her, Preeti stands there uncomfortable, Sanskaar walks in,
Sanskaar: This is Preeti and she will be joining our office, Preeti, this my brother Dev.
Preeti lets out a smile.
Dev: What will she be employed as?
Sanskaar: I’m still deciding.
Dev: Do one thing, employ her as my secretary.
Preeti looks at him,
Sanskaar: Okay.
Dev: I am getting late, where’s Mehtas file?
Sanskaar: Preeti, can you please pass the blue file.
Preeti picks the blue file and gives it to Sanskaar, Sanskaar gives it to Dev and Dev leaves with it.
Sanskaar: Don’t worry, you can call me Sanskaar not sir.
Preeti: Okay? If I’m working as his secretary then how much would my salary be?
Sanskaar: He pays more if you work hard, so maybe around 100,000 rupees.
Preeti: What Job were you going to offer me?
Sanskaar: The head of presentation and organisation department.
Preeti: I will get paid 80,000?

Sanskaar: Yes, you also get 100,000 if you work hard.
Preeti: Is it possible if I could take both of the jobs?
Sanskaar: What?! Both?
Preeti nods,
Sanskaar: Are you sure?
Preeti: Don’t worry, I will work hard and I can manage both of these jobs.
Sanskaar: Okay, if your saying so but as Dev’s secretary you have a lot of pressure to handle.
Preeti thinks,
Preeti: I’ll manage, anyways it’s good to be multi tasked, it helps!
Sanskaar remembers Ragini saying that to him once.
Sanskaar: You said there’s 4 of you right?
Preeti: Yeah.
Sanskaar: If you want I can give this other job to one of your sisters but not the youngest one.
Preeti: Sorry Rags can’t take the job because she’s…… What’s the name of this company?
Sanskaar: Maheshwari and sons.
Preeti: And you are?
Sanskaar: Sanskaar Maheshwari.
Preeti is shocked, she remembers Ragini telling her that mans name who left her, she looks at Sanskaar.
Preet in her head: If he’s the man, then what must’ve happened? Why is he behaving like nothing happened, I need to find out!

Preeti: I’m ready to take the job.
Sanskaar: Are you sure? I mean you can get your other sister to work.
Preeti: Who Shanaya?
Sanskaar nods,
Preeti: Shanaya will never work, you don’t know her!
Sanskaar: Well for now you take the secretary’s job, then I might think about the other one.
Preeti nods and signs the papers, she thinks to find out what happened to Rags.
The employers are thinking,
Women1: She’s going to become Dev sirs secretary.
Women2: God bless her, she is doing the wrong thing by signing the papers.
Women3: Don’t worry, this Bhenji won’t get the job! I should be promoted!
Preeti comes out and walks out, all look on to find out, Sanskaar comes out,
Sanskaar: She got the job!
All are shocked but some are happy because they didn’t get it.
DP comes in,
DP: May I Know the reason why everyone is out of their seats?!
They all sit down and start working, DP looks at Sanskaar.

Preeti comes back, she sees the trio sitting in the bench, Radha sees her,
Radha: Di…Di did you get the job?
Preeti: Yes.
Shanaya smiles,
Shanaya: What about the house?
Preeti shows them the key, Ragini is lost in something.
Shanaya and Radha smile, they get in the car that Sanskaar sent for them. They driver comes out and puts their suitcases and luggage in the car.
Preeti: What happened Rags?
Ragini looks up at her, she stands.
Ragini: Nothing.
Preeti: I know why your like this! He was Sanskaar na?
Ragini looks at her in shock,
Ragini: No…. He….
Preeti: I asked him and he told me he was Sanskaar Maheshwari, why didn’t you tell me before I went?
Ragini looks down,
Preeti: I got the job.
Ragini: That’s good.
Preeti: In Maheshwaris office!
Ragini: Does he know about me?

Preeti: I haven’t said anything to him but I felt like slapping him.
Ragini: It’s not his fault.
Preeti: If it wasn’t him then who else is it? Well anyways he asked you to join.
Ragini: You know I can’t.
Preeti: I didn’t tell him.
Shanaya shouts: Di hurry, we don’t have time!
Ragini and Shanaya go to the car and sit in it. The driver recognises Ragini, he was about to speak when Ragini nods no and Shanaya sees,
Shanaya: Who are you nodding at Di?
Ragini: No one!
Shanaya: No tension only relax!
Radha: Di, when are we going to see the new school?
Preeti: Tomorrow.
Shanaya: What Di? We will go today with Ragu Di!
Preeti: Ragini needs to rest and your coming with me.
Shanaya: Why?
Preeti: He wants you to work as well, I told him you can’t do it!
Shanaya: I’m not qualified!
Preeti: I knew you would say this.
They reach the house, Ragini steps out and sees the house, she turns around and is shocked to see the house opposite Maheshwari house, she sees Sakshis car going in through the gates and turns around immediately.
Shanaya: Wow, it looks good.
Radha: I know Di, it looks big too.
Shanaya: It’s better than the other house, the other house was plain and empty, are you sure that wasn’t a store room?
Preeti: Now shush and go in.
They walk towards the house, Preeri opens the lock and pushes the door open, Shanaya enters and smiles,
Radha: Wow, it’s nice.

Ragini walks in and turns the lights on.
They see the sofas covered with the white sheets, the driver brings their luggage in, Shanaya stretches and looks outside, she sees Maheshwari house and read the name and gets shocked,
Shanaya: Maheshwaris?!
Radha: What?
All come out and see,
Preeti: Where?
Shanaya points at the house,
Shanaya: The name tag says Maheshwaris, I didn’t have to do much work.
Radha: Meaning?
Preeti: I didn’t know we were opposite the Maheshwaris, I would’ve never applied for the job.
Ragini: Don’t worry, nothing will happen.
Driver: Madam, sir had called and he said to go back.
Preeti nods,

Ragini nods,
Ragini: Thank you.
Driver: It’s okay Ma’am.
Shanaya, Radha, Preeti and Ragini start decorating the house.

2 hours later:
Shanaya came out of the shower wearing a white shirt that says LOL in red writing diagonally, she wears a black colour jeans and she is drying her hair. She finishes drying her hair and puts her black sneakers on with black leather jacket and walks out.
Radha is wearing ankle length pink dress with scarf around her neck and tied hair with her black ray band glasses.
Ragini comes out wearing a green and gold saree.
Shanaya: Di, you look superb, why only Sarees? Try something new.
Preeti comes out in a long pink ankle length Anarkali suit with black boarders down the bottom. She has her scarf pinned to her shoulder.

They sit on the sofa,
Shanaya: Since we are free, you might as well continue your story Ragu Di.
Radha: Haa Di, even I want to know the next part
Preeti: Haa Rags, tell us what happened next.
Ragini thinks, she looks up and it goes in to a flashback, Ragini is shocked to hear Laksh wanting to marry Swara, she rushes to Sanskaar.
Laksh comes out of DPs room, he thinks that he has only 2 days to do whatever he wants and he should start now. He smirks.

Ragini sees Sanskaar sitting on the sofa,
Ragini: Sanskaar, Laksh and Swara are going to get married in 3 days, we have 2 days to do something!
Sanskaar turns around and looks at Ragini.
Sanskaar: I want to say something to you Ragini.
Ragini (confused): What?
Sanskaar bends down on his knees and Ragini looks on,
Sanskaar: Ragini, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you in the train, I fell in love with your cuteness and innocence, I fell in love with your bubbly words, I don’t know how I gave my heart to you.
Sanskaar looks sad and looks down while Ragini is shocked,
Sanskaar: I’m sorry Ragini, I know I shouldn’t love you, but there’s one more truth. I didn’t stop the wedding on purpose.
Ragini: What?!
Sanskaar: Haa, I’m sorry Ragini!
Ragini looks at him.

Precap: Why Ragini left Sanskaar —-> revealed in the next episode!?

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Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth
Dev: Barun Sobti
Shaan: Aryan Khan
Kangana: Poonam Preet

Shanaya: Tanya Sharma
Preeti: Sanjeeda Sheikh
Radha: Barbie Jain. )

Credit to: ???

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