Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 13


Recap: Shaurya, Shanaya, Ragini, Preeti and Radha coming to Kolkata.

The episode begins with Shaurya entering MM, Shaurya smiles. He looks around and finds the house empty,
Laksh comes out and gets happy, Shaan comes out and shouts Bhai and runs and hugs him, everyone come out as Shaurya smiles while hugging Shaan,
Shaurya: How’ve you been Shaan?
Shaan: Good, what about you Bhai?
Shaurya: I’ve been awesome!
DP gets shocked to see Shaurya,

Shaurya looks at DP, Sakshi hugs Shaurya too, she breaks the hug and Rajnath puts his hand on his head and smiles, Shaurya hugs him.
Shaurya walks forward and takes Sujata and APs blessing, RP hugs him and he bends down to take DPs blessing but DP moves back and Sakshi looks on,
DP: It’s good your back!
Shaurya: Don’t lie Bade Papa, it clearly says on your face that your not happy.
DP in his head: How will I be when your manoos (unlucky) foot steps entered my house.
Shaurya: What happened Bade Papa?
DP: Nothing!
Sujata: Chore, go freshen up and I’ll set out food for you.
Shaurya nods and leaves with Laksh,

Lakshs room:
Laksh hugs Shaurya and Shaurya hugs him back,
Laksh: The house was so empty without you.
Shaurya breaks the hug,
Shaurya: I know as I’m missed by everyone expect from you dad!
Laksh: Why are you spoiling our mood by saying is name?! He doesn’t even like me!
Shaurya: Where’s Bhabhi?
Laksh: I didn’t get married.
Shaurya: What?! So our plan worked? I though Bade Papa…
Laksh: Something else happened.
Shaurya: What?
It goes in to a flashback when it was Lakshs wedding day, he is worried and he starts leaving, suddenly DP gets a call and is shocked, he rushes to the hospital with the whole family, they see Swara in OT.
DP: What happened?
Shekhar: Swara had an accident.
Everyone get shocked, Laksh is happy from the inside but abit sad also.
Laksh: How?
Shekhar: She got hit by a car.

AP walks up to Sumi,
AP: Don’t worry nothing will happen to Swara!
Sumi nods and wipes her tears,
2 hours later the Dr comes out,
Dr: She is out of the danger, you can meet her after we shift her to the ward.
They all nod and get happy, the Dr leaves, they thank god and smile, Laksh nervously smiles.

They go in and see Swara lying down, Swara opens her eyes,
Swara: Papa?
Shekhar walks up to her,
AP: How are you feeling Swara beta?
Swara looks at them confusingly,
Laksh (acts): Swara, thank god you came back.
Swara: Who are you?!
All get shocked,
Laksh: Swara, I’m your Laksh.
Swara: What?! I don’t know anyone called Laksh!
The Dr comes in,
Swara: Baba, who is he and why is he calling me his Swara?
Dr: Can you please go outside and wait, I’ll come there and tell you everything.
They nod and go out, Dr comes out too,
Dr: I’m sorry to say that Swara has forgotten her memory.
All are shocked and Laksh is shocked but is happy from the inside, he thinks that no more marriage.
Shekhar: What are you saying Dr?

Dr: She only remembers her time with you and her sister, not them!
Laksh: But how can she I’m….
The Dr cuts his words,
Dr: She needs rest and your faces are new to her and if she puts a pressure to her brain then her health conditions can be at risk and she can get brain damage.
They all are shocked, DP folds his hands and leaves, the family follow on,
Laksh (acts): Don’t worry Uncle, I will wait for Swara, even if it takes years!
Shekhar nods and Laksh leaves.
He comes out of the FB.

Shaurya: Wow Bro, you got saved without trying too hard and what about the other one?
Laksh: I’m not like you, one today and the other tomorrow! What do you mean?
Shaurya: The other one that you wanted to get rid of?
Laksh: Who Ragini?
Shaurya: Yh her, Sanskaars wife.
Laksh: She exited ages ago.
Laksh: I haven’t met her or her sister for 12 Months!
Shaurya: Cool, I told you, Shauryas plans will never fail.
Laksh: Because your brain is smarter and cunning like a fox!
Shaurya: I’m stuck in a problem!
Laksh: In problem and you?
Shaurya: Yh.

Laksh: What problem?
Shaurya: I’m on someone’s murder list!
Laksh: What? Who wants to kill you and why?
Shaurya: Why are you asking me? I met this girl on the train and she wants to torture and kill me for some reason.
Laksh: Don’t worry, she won’t be able to reach you!
Shaurya: True!

Shanaya is seen stepping out of the taxi and looking around,
Shanaya: Shaurya Maheshwari, get prepared, I’m coming!
Preeti, Radha and Ragini get out, they see the house,
Preeti: This is all we have right now, but don’t worry and relax, I will get a bigger and better one.
Shanaya looks at the house and her smile disappears,
Shanaya: We will live in this small hut?
Preeti: It’s better than the roads!
Shanaya: I would rather live in a Baadi than here!
Ragini remembers her Baadi, she then remembers her family.
Preeti: I made it clear earlier that I will get a better one as I will work!
Shanaya: Work?
Preeti: Everything comes for free na?
Ragini: It’s okay, we will live here!
Preeti: And Rags, you will relax and not take tension, let me take tension and you would chill, okay?
Ragini: But….

Preeti: Why am I asking you? You are relaxing and that is final!
Radha: I’m hungry Di, please can we go in?
They nod and go in, they see the house messy with cobwebs.
Shanaya covers her nose while Radha coughs,
Shanaya: Di, I can’t stay in this!
Shanaya and Radha go out, they sit on the bench.

Preeti comes out, she sees them two sitting on the bench,
Preeti: You two should help and Rags should be resting!
Shanaya: Di, please get a job quick, I can’t stay in this Junk!
Preeti: Unbelievable you two, I can’t understand Radhas reason but yours?
Shanaya: Please Di.
Preeti goes in, Shanaya stands up,
Shanaya: I need to think of something soon.
Shanaya looks around, she sees a dance poster and walks towards it, Radha looks around,
Shanaya picks it up and sees the dates,
Shanaya: Oh fish, today are the dates but isn’t there any other way?!
She walks and the car was about to hit her but stops, she falls down but doesn’t get hurt, the man come out of the car, Radha rushes there, Shanaya gets up and fixes her clothes,
Shanaya: What the hell?! Were you closing your eyes while driving?!
She looks up angry,

Man: Sorry, I was….
Shanaya: What?!
Man: Did you get hurt?
Shanaya: Be thankful I didn’t or else you would’ve been in jail!
Man: Well….
Shanaya looks around,
Shanaya: Where did that paper go?
Radha: Which paper Di?
Shanaya: That poster!
Shanaya puts her hair behind her ears,
Shanaya: Oh God, now how am I going to get the money?!
Shanaya looks at the man and glares at him,
Shanaya: Because of you my opportunity to win money are gone! Now how will we get out of this junk?!
Shanaya points at the house and the man looks at it,
Man: Sorry, I agree it was my fault too but if you want I can offer you a job!
Shanaya: Job?
Man: Yes, Job at my office
Shanaya: And you are?

Man: Sanskaar, Sanskaar Ma…..
Preeti comes out, she sees Shanaya and Radha and walks there,
Preeti: What happened Shanaya?
Shanaya: Di, he’s offering you a job at his office.
Preeti: What?
Sanskaar: I know because of me you had suffered from a loss but I can make it up to you.
Preeti (Confused): Loss?
Shanaya: Haa Di, loss that I suffered, now quickly accept it and get us out of that house!
Preeti thinks,
Shanaya: Ok not for me but at least for Ragu Di!
Ragini feels Sanskaars presence and turns around, she walks out and sees Preeti, Shanaya and Radha talking to someone, she can’t see his face because of the tree that’s in the way.

Radha: How much is the salary?
Sanskaar: 80,000 rupees per month.
Shanaya, Radha and Preetis jaws drop,
Shanaya: 80,000?
Sanskaar nods,
Shanaya: But I have conditions!
They all look at her,
Shanaya: My only condition is that just get us out of this house.
Sanskaar: Don’t worry, I will talk to the company and they will gift you a house and all the payments would be done by the company’s side.
Shanaya nods,
Sanskaar: How much of you are there?
Shanaya: I’m an original piece and there’s one of me!
Ragini walks down, Sanskaar feels Raginis presence, Ragini gets shocked to see Sanskaar, Sanskaar looks around but Ragini hides behind the tree.
Preeti: He meant how many people are living with us!
Shanaya: Oh, then there’s 4 of us!

Sanskaar looks around and doesn’t see Ragini.
Shanaya: Hello?!
Sanskaar looks at them,
Radha: There’s 4 of us.
Sanskaar: Okay, don’t worry you would get the house today it self if you wish to join.
Ragini looks at them from behind the tree.
Ragini: What is Sanskaar doing here?
Ragini touches her stomach.
Preeti thinks.

Precap: Preeti accepting the job and they go in the new house.

(Thank you for liking and commenting, I know some of you want to see Ragsan and want the past to be revealed, please cope up, I don’t want the episode to get too long so please enjoy till then.

Dev: Barun Sobti
Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth
Shaan: Aryan Khan
Kangana: Poonam Preet

Preeti: Sanjeeda Sheikh
Shanaya: Tanya Sharma
Radha: Barbie Jain

Credit to: ???

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