Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 12


Recap: Shanaya meeting Shaurya and them going Kolkata.

The episode begins with Shaurya getting shocked,
Shaurya: Sh..sha…Shaurya?
Shanaya: Haa Shaurya, do you know him?
Shaurya: Why what has he done?
Shanaya: Something bad!
Shaurya thinks, Preeti comes there,
Preeti: Shanaya you….
She stops seeing Shaurya,
Preeti: Come quick, we are waiting for you.
Shanaya: I’ll be there in two minuets!
Preeti nods and leaves,
Shanaya: You don’t know how bad I wanted to go to Kolkata, I had to do a lot.
Shaurya: What do you mean?
Shanaya smirks, it goes in to a flashback, Shanaya comes to the kitchen,
Shanaya: What are you cooking Di?
Preeti looks at her,
Preeti: Are you feeling okay?
Shanaya: Yeah why?
Preeti: Your calling me Di and you woke up early.
Shanaya: Why can’t I call you Di? And what’s wrong with waking up early?
Preeti: Nothing’s wrong but from Preet, Preeto, Pre, Preeta, Pretu and Pranny to Di?
Shanaya: Oh come on Di, I’m not that bad.
Preeti: Why are you here? Tell me directly.
Shanaya: I was worried about Ragu Di.
Preeti: From Rags to Ragu Di?
Shanaya: I’m serious Di.
Preeti: Sorry, go on.
Shanaya: I was thinking that she has a lot of pressure from work and she needs rest because she’s pregnant and…..
Preeti: And you want me to tell her to rest.
Shanaya nods,
Preeti: Okay, I’ll call the office and tell them.
Shanaya smiles,
Shanaya: Thanks Di.
Shanaya leaves and smirks, she heard about the termination for the people that take more than one leave so she made Preeti call the office.
Then it shifts to when Shanaya tells the Landlord something and he nods, he then says okay and leaves, Shanaya smiles,
Shanaya: Plan B, Done!
Then she goes to Radhas school and talks to the principal and the principal agrees and starts typing the letter and Shanaya smirks.
Shanaya: Last plan left to be done.
She goes to her college and talks to the principal, the principal gets happy that she’s leaving and agrees to do what she says.
Flashback then ends, Shanaya smirks and leaves while Shaurya is stunned.

Shaurya thinks what he has done wrong to her,
Shaurya: I never had this girl in my life and this is the first time I’m meeting her so why is she after my life?!
Shaurya then thinks that he needs to find out or beware of that girl,
Shaurya: She isn’t actually going to murder me right?
He then goes to his place and sits down and thinks, he then thinks to forget it because she can’t reach him.
He starts whistling (Shauryas Whislte?) Shanaya hears him,
Shanaya: Di, I’ll be back.
Preeti: Where are you going?
Shanaya: Just in front.
She comes there she was about to shout but sees him whistling with his eyes closed and sees no one near him or opposite him.
Shanaya: Hello?!
Shaurya stops and opens his eyes, he gets shocked seeing her,
Shaurya: You?
Shanaya: Yeah me, why?
Shaurya: Nothing, come sit down.
Shanaya: No sorry, I have to go, I was just here to tell you to keep the volume down.
He nods and Shanaya leaves,
Shaurya: Well for Shaurya it isn’t hard to woo a girl and get a girl do it should be easy for me to find out what she has agains me.
He smiles and rests his head back and closes his eyes.

Preeti: Who was he?
Shanaya: Who?
Preeti: The guy you were talking to?
Shanaya: Shh, Ragu Di is sleeping.
Shanaya then closes her eyes to avoid Preetis questions.
Ragini remembers her and Sanskaars romantic moments but them remembers him slapping her and wakes up in shock, she looks around and sees its morning. She wipes her tears and Shanaya wakes up,
Shanaya (tired): What’s wrong?
Ragini nods no and Shanaya sits up, she rubs her eyes and looks at Preeti who was sleeping on the top and Ragini was on the bottom, Radha was opposite Preeti.
Shanaya takes the water bottle out and gives it to Ragini and Ragini drinks the water.
Shanaya: Are we in Kolkata?
Ragini: I think so.
Shanaya: Wait let me ask.
Ragini nods while Shanaya gets up, she walks out while Ragini thinks, There are some people running, Shanaya is walking and the push Shanaya and she falls down.
Shanaya: What the hell?!
She gets up and cleans her self, she sees the conductor,
Shanaya: Excuse me, are we in Kolkata?
Conductor: Yes, we just reached 20 minuets ago.
Shanaya: Okay thanks.
Shanaya walks towards her place, Shaurya wakes up and touches his neck, he looks around,
Shaurya: What a luck! I had to come in this cheap train box.
He gets up and sees the conductor,
Shaurya: Hey!
Conductor looks, Shaurya signals him to come,
Shaurya: Have we reached Kolkata?
Conductor: Yes Sir.
Shaurya: Okay, are we allowed to go?
Conductor nods and leaves, Shaurya gets his bags and starts walking out, Shanaya comes back to Ragini,
Shanaya: Yes, we have officially reached Kolkata!
Radha and Preeti hear her and wake up,
Preeti (tired): What happened?
Radha (annoyed): What?
Shanaya: We have reached Kolkata and now hurry up and get ready! I’m going out and I’ll wait for you lot.
Radha rubs her glasses and puts them on and tried opening her eyes wide,
Shanaya takes her shoulder bag and heads out.

Shaurya and Shanaya clash in to each other,
Shanaya: What the hell?!
She looks up and sees Shaurya,
Shaurya: We’re you bling while walking?!
He looks up and sees Shanaya,
Shanaya: You?
Shaurya: Sorry….
Shanaya: It’s okay, don’t worry.
Shaurya: Anyways I haven’t caught your name yet.
Shanaya thinks: He’s very fast, I haven’t even talked to him properly and he wants to know my name, next it would be my number.
Shanaya fake smiles: Shanaya and you?
Shaurya: Shau….
Shaurya remembers,
Shanaya: Shau?
Shaurya: Shaumin.
Shanaya: Shaumin?
Shaurya nods,
Shanaya: It’s a unique name, I never heard anyone with that name.
Shaurya: You see I am unique!
She lets a 2 second laugh.
Shanaya: Okay, bye.
Shaurya: Bye!
He leaves and lets out a sigh.
Shanaya rolls her eyes after he left.

Shaurya gets a call, he picks it up,
Shaurya: I’m back!
Laksh: What? Really, where are you?
Shaurya: I’m coming! Let it be a surprise!
Laksh: Come quick!
Shaurya: See you soon!
Shanaya, Ragini, Preeti and Radha come out of the station and hire a taxi, Preeti thinks that she will find out the truth and Shanaya thinks that she will not spare the Maheshwaris while Ragini thinks about Sanskaar.

Precap: Shauryas entry in Maheshwari house and DP getting shocked.

(Thank you for commenting, I saw the comments and I will reunite Ragsan soon, till then enjoy this episode:)

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