Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 11


Recap: Shanaya’s makes a Plan.

The episode begins with Preeti getting shocked while reading the letter, Ragini looks at her,
Ragini: What happened Preeti?
Preeti doesn’t say anything, someone knocks on the door, Preeti opens it in a hurry and sees Radha
Preeti: Radha?
Radha comes in and Ragini looks at her, Ragini then walks up to them,
Ragini: What happened? Why are you back so early?
Ragini takes the letter off Preeti and Preeti looks on, Ragini reads the letter and is shocked,
Radha: What happened?
Radha takes the letter and reads it too, she is shocked just then Shanaya comes in and they look at her,
Preeti: Why are you two back?
Shanaya: What happened to all three of you? It looks like you seen a ghost?!
Shanaya sees a letter in Radhas hand, she takes it and reads it loud,
Shanaya: You have 2 days to evacuate this house and if you do t then we will take you to the court and we will call the police!
Preeti: What is this? I need to talk to the Landlord.

Ragini: First my termination and now we lost this house, what else is there to hear and see now?!
Ragini gets a call and she picks it up, she is shocked and looks at Shanaya, Shanaya looks guilty
Ragini: Okay thank you.
Ragini cuts the call and looks at Shanaya,

Shanaya: Ragu Di….
Ragini cuts her words,
Ragini: What is this Shanaya?! You got an exclusion for punching the principal?!
Preeti and Radha looks at her and are dazed,
Preeti: Rags, relax, you shouldn’t be taking tension, it’s not good for the baby!
Ragini: What else do I do Preeti?!
Shanaya makes an innocent face,
Shanaya: It wasn’t my fault….
Preeti (Angry): Shut up Shanaya! What am I hearing?!
Shanaya: I was just….
Preeti: No!
Shanaya looks at her angrily,
Preeti: What is your reason now Radha?!
Radha: Di, I didn’t….
Preeti (Angry): Tell clearly and get straight to the point!
Shanaya: Let her at least complete her sentence! Speak Radha!
Radha: The Principal told me to move schools and he has selected the best school so he said that students like me should go there so he told me to talk to you.
Radha shows the letter the principal gave and Ragini takes it and reads it.
Ragini: In Kolkata?!
Preeti: What?!

Preeti takes the letter and reads it,
Radha: He said that they would teach me better there, I told him I can’t but he said it’s better for my future.

Shanaya: Kolkata? Well it’s not that bad, that’s the only place where I can get admission because no one would want me here.
Preeti: There are better job options as well.
They look at Ragini, Ragini then thinks and nods yes,
Ragini: We have no choice, that’s where we can live peacefully, but..
Preeti: Are you sure you want to go Kolkata?
Radha: I’ll tell the principal to cancel it.
Ragini: No, we will go, start packing, we will leave today it self.
They all nod and they leave to pack, Ragini sits down and thinks.

They finish packing and Preeti comes with the tickets,
Shanaya: Train?!
Preeti: We are not that rich to afford plane ticket!
Shanaya: But..
Preeti: Be happy with what you have!
Preeti looks at her clothes, Shanaya is wearing black plain shirt with knee length jeans shorts and adidas hooded jacket with open curly hair and Nike air max.(Shoes)
Radha comes out wearing a long light green knee length dress with green leggings and black jumper on top with black flat shoes, Ragini is wearing pink and black saree with light jewellery while Preeti herself is wearing long baby blue Anarkali suit sleevless and scarf pinned down her shoulder, she is also wearing long earrings and pendant.
Radha is also wearing studs and a silver chain. Shanaya isn’t wearing any jewellery.
Preeti: Is that what your going to wear?!
Shanaya: Yeah, what’s wrong with it?

Preeti: Nothing but if it was abit longer then….
Shanaya: Oh please Preeti Di, we have to be uncomfortable in the train journey, so I feel comfortable in this!
Preeti was about to say something back but Radha cuts in,
Radha: Di, we are getting late!
Ragini: Radha is right, we should leave.
They nod and head out, Radha and Shanaya sit in the taxi, Ragini and Preeti look at the house, they lock it and give the key to their neighbours to give it to the landlord. They sit in the taxi and leave for the train station.

They reach the train station, they find their train and go in with the luggage, Shanaya comes out and gets some water,
Shanaya: How much is it?
Man: 100 rupees
Shanaya: What?!
Man: Yes Madam.
Shanaya: Your lying! I can get the water bottle in 20rupees!
Man: No madam, you get it for 100 because the rages gone up!
Shanaya: Your rate must’ve gone up but not in the real world, I’m inly paying 50!
Man: I don’t have change!
Shanaya gets money out and gives him 100 rupees but takes an extra bottle.
Man: Madam, you took extra bottle!

Shanaya: I said I’m paying 50 so I’m taking two bottles for 100!
Shanaya turns around and sees her train leaving, she runs after it, she puts one of the bottle in her jacket as there is a pocket in there, she shouts stop. She gets worried,
Shanaya while running: Oh God, if I miss this train then I will be stuck in Dehli and how will I take revenge from SHAURYA!!
Shanaya: STOP!!!
A man sees her, he puts his hand out for her to reach but his face isn’t shown, she runs and holds his hand, he pulls her in and they both fall and Shanaya falls on top of him, she opens her eyes and looks at him and he looks at her, Shanaya then sits up and leans against the wall, he sits up and smiles, that man is none other than Shaurya.
Shanaya: Thank you, I though I’ll miss this train.
Radha comes there,
Radha: Di are you okay? Where were you?
Shanaya: I’m fine!
Shanaya catches her breath,
Radha: What happened?
Shanaya: Come sit down.
Radha: Here?
Shaurya: It’s okay, helping ladies is my duty.
He smiles looking at her,

She looks at him weirdly,
Shanaya: Are you going Kolkata?
Shaurya: Yes, unfortunately!
Shanaya: Okay, so where are you coming from?
Shaurya: From London
Shanaya: You came all the way from London to here by train?
Shaurya: No, I came London to Dehli by flight.
Shanaya: If your going Kolkata then why did you come Dehli?

Shaurya: You ask too many questions.
He looks up and down at her, Shanaya finds him weird.
Radha gets bored and goes,
Shanaya: If you look up here then I can answer your questions!
She fake smiles and he looks at her,
Shaurya: Sorry, I came Dehli because the flight going to Kolkata wasn’t available and then the airport said that I had to wait for 2 days to catch a flight to Kolkata but I’m in a hurry to reach there, I couldn’t wait for three days. What about you?
Shanaya: Me?
Shaurya nods,
Shanaya: I’m not from Kolkata, I was born in Mumbai but I’m going Kolkata to murder someone.
Shaurya looks at her,
Shaurya: Who?

Shanaya: Someone that I want to kill so bad.
Shaurya: Is he from Kolkata?
Shanaya nods,
Shaurya: I wonder who that lucky person would be?
Shanaya: Lucky?
Shaurya: Why not? He is lucky that you would be touching him while murdering him.
Shanaya looks at him and he lets a 2 second laugh out.
Shanaya: Your right, I won’t give him an easy death, I am going to torture him before!
Shaurya: I might know him, who is he?
Shanaya thinks, Shaurya starts whistling his tune (Shauryas tune?)
Shanaya: His name is Shaurya Maheshwari!
He stops whistling and coughs, he looks at her in shock.

Precap: Shaurya shocked and Shanaya asks his name.

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Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth
Dev: Barun Sobti
Shaan: Aryan Khan
Kangana: Poonam Preet

Preeti: Sanjeeda Sheikh
Shanaya: Tanya Sharma
Radha: Barbie Jain

Credit to: ???

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