Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 10


Recap: Ragini impressing Sakshi.

The episode begins with Sanskaar in his room, Ragini comes in, she sees Sanskaar thinking,
Ragini: What happened?
Sanskaar: I’m just worried when Shaurya will come back
Ragini: Shaurya? Why?
Sanskaar: Shaurya is Choti Maas son, when he comes back then Bade Papa and Choti Maa would have a fight.
Ragini: Why?
Sanskaar: Shaurya is loved by Choti Maa and hated by Bade Papa, he hates him because of his acts.

Sakshis room:
Rajnath comes in, he gets worried seeing Sakshi angry, Sakshi sees him,
Sakshi: I don’t get what Bhaisas problem is, he ruined the saree you gifted me! If he did t want me to go then he should’ve clearly said it, why did he spill water on my saree?!
Rajnath: It was an accident
Sakshi: Accident my foot!
Sakshi stands up and turns towards Rajnath,
Rajnath: Don’t worry Sakshi, I’ll get you more Sarees but you look beautiful in every outfit!
Sakshi: Oh come on Rajnath, is this any time for romance?
Rajnath: Our children are growing old and we are growing young, so why not Sakshi?
Sakshi smiles,
Sakshi: Rajnath, if Bhaisa finds out then you know…..

Rajnath: Nothing’s going to happen, being romantic is not wrong, you see I still have a young heart!
Sakshi: Like father like son, now I know who Shaurya got that off and I know who Dev is gone on!
Rajnath: Oh come on Sakshi, Dev isn’t that strict.
Sakshi: Dev is gone on Bhaisa, alway angry and shouts at people for no reason!
Rajnath: He is serious about work like me!
Sakshi: Well anyways one of the child had to go on one of the family member, but why Bhaisa?
Rajnath: Forget Bhaisa for now and love me!

Sakshi: Rajnath!
Rajnath laughs and Sakshi does too,
Sakshi: If Bhaisa was that romantic then…..

Laksh calls Shaurya, they have a conversation, Laksh cuts the call,
Laksh: I hope whatever he is saying works or else I have to be stuck in this marriage for years.
Laksh walks towards DPs room, he then sees Ragini coming out, Ragini thinks to tell Swara, she then sees Laksh going in to DPs room and goes near it, she peeks in and sees Laksh talking to DP,
DP: What?!
Laksh: Yes Papa, I want to marry Swara in 3 days, don’t ask the Pandit to rescheduled it.
Ragini is shocked hearing that, she thinks to meet Swara but she thinks about Shekhar and the rest.
DP: Okay, I will talk to Shekhar Ji.

Laksh nods and smiles.

Ragini comes out of the flashback, Shanaya, Preeti and Radha look intrested,
Shanaya: Then what happened?
Ragini: That’s for today, it’s night, you should go to sleep!
Radha: Rags Di, tell us na, we can stay awake for the whole night!
Ragini: No Radha, you need sleep and I don’t think I will be able to share the next part.
Shanaya: Rags….
Shanaya looks at Preeti,
Shanaya: Ragu Di, tell us, we won’t be able to sleep.
Ragini: Go to sleep, I started this story at 8 in the morning and it’s 10:50pm.
Shanaya: Since you insist we will go.
Radha: But Shanu Di how will we….
Preeti: Rags tell us.
Ragini: Your sleep is important, go!
Radha nods and leaves with Shanaya,
Preeti: I’ll stay with you for today.

Ragini: But….
Preeti: Rags, please.
Ragini nods,
Preeti: I know your strict with them but not me.
Ragini smiles.

Radha and Shanaya are sitting in their room and thinking,
Shanaya: It’s all because of Laksh and what’s the other guys name? Sh….sh…
Radha: Shaurya!
Shanaya: Right, Shaurya, I swear if I meet Shaurya anywhere then I would not spare him, I will actually batter him with my Bat!
She picks her cricket bat up and twists it around.
Radha: It’s all of their fault, Rag Di’s husband and family! They all disowned her!
Shanaya: I will not spare any of them, no sorry my bat won’t spare any of them!
Radha: We need to get Rags Di justice, but how?
Shanaya smiles: By moving to Kolkata!
Radha looks at her,

Radha: But how? We are in Dehli’
Shanaya smirks.

It’s morning, Ragini wakes up and doesn’t find Preeti, she looks at the time and it’s 9:30pm,
Ragini: Oh no, I’m late for work.
Ragini gets up and gets changed, she comes out and sees the breakfast ready,
Preeti: Good morning Rags, what would you like to eat?
Ragini: Did you make this?
Preeti nods yes,
Ragini: Is Radha gone to school?
Preeti: Haa.
Ragini: Is Shanaya still sleeping?
Preeti: Don’t worry Rags, I woke them both up and sent them to where they should be, Radha is in school and Shanaya went college.
Ragini lets a sigh out,

Preeti: Relax, your pregnant Ragini, I have called your office and I requested a leave and they….
Ragini: And they…..
Preeti looks guilty and bites her lips,
Preeti: They terminated you!
Ragini (Shocked): What?!
Preeti: Rags, calm down and I’m sorry.
Ragini sits down in shock,
Ragini: How could they?
Preeti: I don’t know, it was your boss!
Ragini looks at Preeti,
Preeti: I’m sorry na, have some breakfast please?!
Ragini drinks the orange juice.
Preeti: Relax Rags, nothing wrong will happen.
Someone knocks on the door, Preeti goes to the door and opens it, a man gives her a letter and she signs and the man leaves, she shuts the door and opens the letter, she is shocked to read it.

Precap: Shanaya’s exclusion and Radha being removed.

Thank you for commenting and liking, sorry to tell you all, I made Halima write the yesterday’s episode because I was a bit busy and I didn’t want to keep you all waiting so sorry, I think she also forgot to mention that in the FF, so I hope you continue liking,

Preeti: Sanjeeda Sheikh
Shanaya: Tanya Sharma
Radha: Barbie Jain

Dev: Barun Sobti
Shaan: Aryan Khan
Shaurya: Vatsal Sheth

Credit to: ???

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