Swaragini (Sorry) Episode 1


The episode begins with a girl running, her eyes are shown, she reaches the train station and looks around, she hears an announcement saying that the train from Mumbai to Kolkata has started to leave, She sees the train moving and runs to catch it, she shouts stop and continues running, suddenly a boy is shown, he looks out and smiles, he suddenly sees the girl, he looks at her and forwards his hand, the girl increases her speed and catches up to him, she gives him her bag and he takes it and puts it down, she holds on to his hand and he pulls her in, she looks out and her full face is shown and she sticks her tongue out at the men and they look on angry. She turns around and breathes while holding her legs,
Girl: Tha….thank you.
Boy: No problem but what happened?

Girl: I was trying to get the ticket but the train started to move so I ran behind it.
The boy: You could’ve catched another train
Girl: I didn’t have enough time
Boy: Why?
Girl: What do you mean why? I wanted to catch this train because I wanted to!
Boy: Okay chill, I was just asking you don’t need to get angry!
Girl: Your annoying me! Let me at least sit down!
The girl leaves with her bags and starts looking for the conductor.
Boy: She’s so rude, I helped her and she’s showing me attitude.
The boy nods his head and goes to his place.

The girl meets the conductor,
Girl: Sir, I didn’t get time to get my ticket.
Conductor: Do you want one?
The girl nods,
Conductor: Okay, what’s your name?
Conductor gets his pen and paper out,
Girl: My name is Ragini Gadodia.
Ragini realises and goes silent,
Conductor: And you want to go to Kolkata?
Ragini doesn’t respond,
Conductor: Hello?

Ragini: Sorry and yes I do want to go to Kolkata.
The conductor finishes writing and gives Ragini the ticket and Ragini pays, she looks at the ticket and smiles, she thinks how she will find her seat. She starts walking and looking around, she finally sees the number in her ticket, 520 and looks at the sit, she smiles and goes there, she sees the same boy she met earlier, he has earphones in his ears and he is on his phone listening to music.
Ragini: I have to sit next to him?
She looks around,
Ragini: Well he isn’t that bad and it’s only him so I don’t have any tension.
She puts her bag underneath the seat and sits on the seat, the boy looks up and notices her, he takes out his earphones and switches the music off.
Boy: You?
Ragini opens her eyes,

Ragini: Yeah me?
Boy: Is this your seat?
Ragini: If I’m sitting here then it has to be mine.
Boy: Okay, cool.
Ragini: By the way, what’s your name?
Boy: My name?
Ragini: Haa, your name
Boy: My name is Sanskaar, what about yours?
Ragini: Ragini Gad….
Ragini goes silent,
Sanskaar: What happened?
Ragini: Nothing.
Sanskaar: Ragini Gad?
Sanskaar giggles, Ragini looks at him,
Ragini: What’s so funny?
Sanskaar: Nothing
Ragini: Then why were you laughing?
Sanskaar: It’s nothing Baba!
Ragini: No tell me
Sanskaar: If you won’t tell me then why shall I tell you?
Ragini: Fine, don’t tell me!
Ragini closes her eyes and moves her head back, Sanskaar lies down.

Ragini is sleeping, she has some flashbacks and wakes up saying Baba, Sanskaar hears her and wakes up,
Sanskaar: What happened?

Ragini: Baba, Baba…
Sanskaar goes near her and wiggles her, Ragini gains sense and looks around,
Sanskaar: What happened? Are you okay?
Ragini wipes her forehead and looks at Sanskaar,
Sanskaar: At least now tell me
Ragini looks away, Sanskaar nods his head and moves back, he was about to close his eyes when Ragini starts talking,
Ragini: This is about a year ago, I used to live in Kolkata with my Maa, Baba, Sister and Dada Daadi, I used to be their favourite, my surname is Gadodia.
Sanskaar is looking interested,
Ragini: One day, this guy was misbehaving with me, I slapped him and he took his revenge, because of him my parents kicked me out, because of him my sister stopped talking to me, because of him my Dada Daadi hates me and I hate him.
Sanskaar: What’s his name and what did he do?
Ragini: I will never forget his name, his name was Lakshya Maheshwari
Sanskaar is shocked,
Sanskaar: What did he do?

Ragini: He ruined my life!
Tears fall out of her eyes.
The episode freezes on Sanskaar surprised and puzzled face.

Precap: Ragini tells Sanskaar what Lakshya did.

(I hope you like it, comment if you want more because if you don’t like it then I will not continue, thank you)

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