Swaragini – Someday We’ll Know (Episode 1)


Hey guys, Ahana here. this is my first FF on SwaSan. I hope you like it!!!

“I never thought you could manage to irritate me being miles away” she spoke into the speaker, while glaring at him. “It’s so easy to provoke you, idiot” he said. “I wish I could kill you through this computer screen Sanskar” she frowned “I wonder how your girlfriend deals with you”. “Unlike you Swara, she seems to enjoy my antics” he replied with a grin. “Poor girl is blinded by love” she laughed “Anyway, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about” she asked. “I’m coming back” he said. “You’re joking” she gave him a surprised expression; he frowned and said “Why would I joke about this?” “I’m coming back and joining dad”. “That’s great news, no wonder aunty was so happy today” she grinned “But what about you and Aisha? How will you guys manage long distance?” she asked. “That’s already sorted, she got a job in Kolkata” he said with a proud grin. She gave him thumbs up. There was knock on the door “Come in” Swara said. Her secretary entered “Mam, the clients are here. I escorted them to the conference room” Swara nodded and said “I’ll be there in 2 minutes”. “Acha, I have a meeting now. I’ll call you tomorrow” she said. “Bye. Take care” Sanskar said and disconnected the call.

After her meeting Swara came to her cabin and sat on her chair with her eyes closed. Memories of her childhood flashed which got a smile on her face. Swara’s parents Shekhar and Shramishtha Gadodia and Sanskar’s parents Annapurna and Durgaprasad Maheshwari were family friends. Swara and Sanskar had been friends since forever; there was not one thing which they hid from each other. As they grew, their bonding strengthened. Sanskar had gone to Canada for his further studies, but the distance did not change their friendship. Swara had become a well-known lawyer in Kolkata and Sanskar after finishing his studies, worked at a bank in Canada, before he joined his father in business. Swara was a workaholic by nature which was often a matter a concern for both the families. Whereas, Sanskar knew how to balance his personal and professional life, he often tried to explain Swara to loosen up, but in vain.

A knock on the door, got her back to the present. Durgaprasad Maheshwari entered “May I come in, Mam”. Swara went to greet him “Uncle, you should have called me, I would have come”. They settled on the couch in her cabin “Beta, I was going to meet Shekhar, I thought I’d drop by to meet you and I had to give you some papers for our new contract” he said as he handed her the papers. She studied the papers and said, “Okay uncle, I will draw up the contract document and have them sent to your office”. “So, did your friend tell you the big news yet?” he asked, she laughed and said “Yes sir, I spoke to him a while ago. But I had to cut short the call because of a meeting. When is he coming?” “Next month, he is serving his notice period currently”. They both spoke for a while and he left. After completing her work, Swara left for home.

When she reached home she saw Annapurna and Shramishtha talking. “Aunty” she went and hugged and kissed Annapurna on the cheek. Annapurna blessed her and said “Every time I see you, I feel you’re losing weight by the minute. What is this beta, Shramishtha was just telling me how your schedule is haywire” “Aunty, not you too. Ma has the habit of over thinking. I’m very healthy. If left to you both, you’ll just feed me the entire day” Swara said. “And if left to you you’ll just survive on air.” Shramishtha said. Swara sighed “You both continue with your talks, I will go freshen up” she said and left.

“You know Sumi, I always thought after they grow up Swara and Sanskar will be together. But these kids, whole day they’ll spend with each other, give each other account of every small thing that happens in their life and then they say we are just friends, we are not in love” Annapurna said with an exasperated expression. Shramishtha laughed and said “Not just you, all of us thought that, but maybe they are right, we misunderstood their friendship”. “Mark my words Sumi, they will not find anyone else, they will end up together”. Shramishtha looked at her and said “In case you are forgetting Annapurna, Sanskar has found his love and you even met her”. Annapurna sighed “See, this is what I am talking about. You had to remind me about his girlfriend. I have never pictured both of them with anyone else”. Shramishtha gave a smile and said “Give it time; when both of them come to India, you’ll automatically picture Sanskar with his girlfriend”. “I hope so” Annapurna said.

Credit to: Ahana

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