Swaragini-Some Unspoken Things By Aditi Ayansh Episode 2


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“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Recap: Sanskar’s intro
He sees a father and daughter coming towards the bus.
Father: beta take care ok if there is any problem then just call me ok.
Daughter: don’t worry daddu. Relax
Father: take care ok..
Father hugged his daughter.
And she got into the bus with a bag.
She looked around and found and empty seat.

She sat there..
And it was beside Sanskar.
They bus started.
The girl started waving her hand towards her father.
And Sanskar was watching all this.
Once the bus was at some distance she settled down
Sanskar stared at her.
She smiled a little.
Sanskar: I cant believe that there are still people who cannot travel anywhere on their own. People want their family to drop them and pick them. So disgusting.
The girl looked him.
Girl: sorry but i think..

Sanskar: oh sorry i almost forgot that you were sitting beside me.
The girl looked on.
Girl: but u said..
Sanskar: oh don’t worry its about you..i just said casually.
The girl gave Sanskar a angry look.
Sanskar friend Sahil came to him
Sahil: bro come someone has agreed to exchange the seats come.

Sanskar took his belongings and stood up.
He looked at the girl.
Sanskar: ok i am going to go and someone else will be here.
Girl ignored him
Sanskar: by the way i was talking all that about u only.
She looked at him angrily
Sanskar went
Girl: kadoos.
After some time the bus stopped a place so that the passengers can have lunch.
Kavitha: come guys lets get something to eat
Sanskar: yh i am starving too
They got down.
The girl also got down.
Sanskar and his friends started having lunch.
The girl occupies an vacant table and haves her lunch.
Sahil: Sanskar look she is the girl who was sitting with u right?
Sanskar looked.

Sanskar: yh the same.
Kavitha: looks like she is alone? Can we just ask her to join us?
Sanskar: are u mad? There is no need for that
Avanti(Sanskar’s another friend) : Or we can join her
Sanskar: Avanti yaar there is no need for all this. She is like a amul baby.
Sahil: how do u know.
Sanskar: i can very well say that. Look at her she looks like the Sayani types.
Rohan (Sanskar’s friend): i don’t think so.
Avanti: that it guys look at her she is sitting alone and there is no problem in giving her company.
Avathi and Kavitha went to that girl.

Kavitha: Hii
The girl looked on.
Girl: hi but i am sorry i don’t think i know u
Kavitha: no not at all. But i think u know our friend
Girl: your friend?
Avanti: Yh he.
She said pointing at Sanskar.
Girl looks at him
Sanskar ignores it
Girl: that khadoos?
Avanti and Kavitha bursts out laughing

Avanti: yh the same
Kavitha: we saw u were sitting alone so thought of giving u some company.
Girl: thanx..pls sit down.
Kavitha: so what is ur name?
Girl: My name is Ragini.
Avanti: I am Avanti and this is Kavitha.
Kavitha: They are our friends Sahil and Rohan. (Pointing at them)

Avanti: and that is Sanskar. The khadoos
Kavitha; where are u going?
Ragini: Rajasthan.
Kavitha: we are also going to Rajasthan.
Avanti: we are having an internship
Kavitha: and what about u?
Ragini: woh my brother is working there so i am going to visit him.
Kavitha: Thats nice.
Ragini gets a call.
Ragini: Excuse me.

Ragini takes the call
Ragini: Hlo bhabhi…no don’t worry yh …i’ll be there by 7 yh…no don’t tell anything to bhaiyu..no pls bhabhi..ok ..take care bhabhi see u soon.
Ragini disconnected the call.
Kavitha Avanti and Ragini talked for sometime.
Later they got into the bus.

Precap: Rajasthan
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