SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 9)

For your SMILE
Hi friends,
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I saw ,many of u wanted me to upload episode everyday… But guys..I am really very sorry… I am going to appear medical entrance exam… So I can’t upload it daily due to my studies.. I hope you guys understand..
Here is ur 9th episode.
A police jeep arrived there. An inspector named Ragav(played by saket in kalash,life OK)came out from it with some police officers
Raghav- who called us?
Amaya stood up and interrupted him.
Amaya- sir,I called u….the thing is……….
She narrated the entire story
Raghav- that means, this girl(he looked at Ragini in a weird way ..which made her uncomfortable.) And this man were kidnapping the boy…
Amaya noded yes.
Arjun looked at the name plate on raghav’s uniform.
Arjun- Mr.raghav ,first plz try to listen us once.. We didn’t do anything.
Raghav- did I ask you?… BTW..call me sir..and I know what to do OK…so don’t teach me.
(Raghav didn’t understand Arjun is an IPS officer.. Bcz Arjun joined the station two days before only… So only some police officers saw him, who were present in the hospital,When Ragini got admitted there.)
Arjun- u don’t know who I am..
Iam a poli…..
Raghav- a police officer right?… I know, all people who get cought in police hand will say same thing. But u don’t know who I am…and wt I can do…don’t worry.. U will get it know very soon after reaching the police station.
Suddenly sanky interrupted them.

Sanky- sir,plz..can we go?.. My brother is still unconscious, I want to take him to the hospital asap.
Raghav- ya..sure,your names ..
Sanky- I am sanskar and she amaya
Raghav- whatever.. U two come to police station after admitting him.. Some formalities are there to be filled.
Sanky- ya..sure sir.
Raghav- take his car..
Amaya- thank you sir…
Raghav took the key of Arjun’s car..and gave it to Amaya.
He looked at her…and gave a evil smile… Amaya felt strange.. But she ignored it.

Sanky and amaya left the place.
Sanky felt some kind of pain in his heart… He didn’t wish to hurt her even after falling so low(in his view ,Ragini was trying to kidnap his brother na..)…situation was so worst that he couldn’t listen the voice of his heart… He did everything according to his mind blabbering…..

Now only Arni(Arjun+Ragini), raghav,and some police officers were left there.
Raghav once again looked at Ragini top to bottom in a disgusting way with an evil smile…Ragini felt like a hunter is looking at his prey… She was uncomfortable… Arjun was fuming in anger. He couldn’t control his temper due to the disgusting look of raghav towards his sister. He understood his intentions. He went near him,grabbed his shirt… Pushed him and gave a tight slap.
Arjun- don’t u dare to look at her like that…
But the police officers who were present with raghav cought Arjun and locked him in their hands… raghav went to Arjun and slapped him….took the gun and pointed towards him.suddenly he felt someone on his feet.
Ragini- plz sir… Leave him plz..
Raghav looked at her.
Raghav- BTW….who r u to him?
But he got the answer from Arjun.
Arjun- she is my sister.
Raghav- sister and all ha…?say truth…. Koi setting hai kya?

Ragini got angry hearing this.. She stood up and slapped him really hard.
Raghav burst out.. He caught her hand with the help of other police officers.. And took Arni towards jeep.
Arjun- u can’t arrest my sister without the presence of a lady inspector. So leave her….otherwise.. U will pay for it.
Raghav didn’t listen him,he tightened the grip on her hand.Arjun looked like a fire,Ragini was also angry… But she couldn’t do anything as Arjun’s life was in danger.. He already pointed gun towards him…so she didn’t take risk.
He took them to the police station.

Sanky and Amaya Rushed inside the hospital with swayam. Doctor attended him in room…SaYa (sanky and amaya)
r standing outside the room.. Sanky was crying… Amaya tried to console him.
After some time, swayam got consciousness…doctor asked him some questions.. He answered
it.doctor came out of the room.

Sanky- Dr…hw is my brother?
Doctor- nothing serious.. It is just an allergic response…
Amaya- allergic response?
Doctor- ya…u r the sister of the patient right?
Amaya- ya..
Doctor- u gave him a bouquet right?… It had orchid flowers.. He had allergy with its pollen grains… That’s it.
Sanky- wt….that’s it?…
SaYa were quiet…they felt guilty about their actions towards Arni…
Doctor- he is alright nw…if u want, u can take him home.
Sanky- thank you sir.
Sanky and amaya went to the room. Swayam hugged them..but his eyes were searching for someone else.
Sanky- wt r looking?
Swayam- wo.. laado?…
Sanky- wo..wo…
Amaya- she left to home.
Swayam- wt…she left me alone… No..no…impossible…

Amaya- wo..kya hai na…this is a hospital… So the authorities won’t allow so many people to accompany a person. So she left..
Swayam- its OK…BTW…hw did u get to know about this… U don’t know laado also..hw did she contact u?….
Sanky and amaya were struggling hard to escape from his questions….
Suddenly AP and DP reached there…they went to swayam and hugged him.
Ap- wt happened to my son?
Swayam- nothing mom…I am OK..
Dp- Ammu beta…thank u for saving my son…u called police on time… Otherwise they would have kidnapped him…
Swayam- kidnap?… But who?..
Amaya- nothing…, Uncle… Can we talk for some time…
Dp- OK beta…come.

Swayam looked at sanky for an answer.. To avoid it sanky also came out of the room with amaya and DP…
Amaya and sanky narrated whole incident…dp was in shock.
Dp- unknowingly, we did wrong with them.
Sanky- ya papa…
Amaya- we have to release them… I think we have to go police station asap.
Dp- ya…u two go…
Sanky- but dad…if swayam get know about this…. We r gone…
Dp- don’t worry.. I will take care of it…. I will take him to home… If u need any help, call me OK…
Sanky- OK..dad…Ammu..come..

They left to police station.
@police station.
Police jeep reached there.
All get out of the car except Arni.
Raghav- get out of the jeep nw…I have to question u individually

He stressed the word individually
Looking at Ragini… Her face turned red…her eyes were filled with tears. She turned to Arjun

Ragini- bhai…can I ask u a favor?
Arjun- laado… U just order me..
Ragini- I..I know.. It will be against ur rules.. But…I want to settle my part my self.
Arjun got her point.
Arjun- ur wish is granted….
Raghav didn’t get it…but he was least bothered about their talks.
Raghav- if ur talk finished.. Can we get in?
Arjun- I am also waiting for it.
Raghav- shut ur mouth.
Raghav took ragini’s hand and get her out of the jeep. Arjun also came out.
Raghav- waise…girl..if u r not comfortable… In the police station, tell me ha…I will take u my home… We can continue our questioner there..
Arjun looked at raghav with full of anger.
Arjun- can we get into the police station?
Raghav looked at them with an evil smile.. And took them into station.
They entered into the station.
Raghav’s senior police officer stood up and saluted looking at them..raghav was in full of confusion.
Raghav- sir..why r u saluting at me..u r senior sir…
police officer looked at raghav and made some actions to shut his mouth. And turned to Arjun.

Police officer-sorry sir,don’t mind his word…he was absent for 2days..that’s why he didn’t identify u..sir..he is raghav…And raghav, he is Mr Arjun Mehra, the new IPS officer who took charge 2 days before.

Oh God.. U r great… Wt an introduction…
Raghav was in hell shock..he didn’t understand wt to do…not only him,but also all the police officers who helped him to catch Arjun was shivering in fear…
Arjun- Mr raghav… Oops, I hope nw I can Call ur name instead of sir..right..
Raghav- sorry sir…I…. I….
Arjun(to everyone)-can everyone excuse us for some time?
All were going out.. But Arjun stopped Ragini.
Arjun- laado… Here he is..I kept my promise… Do wt u want…
Ragini- thank u bhai
Raghav- madam, I am really sorry.. I didn’t…

Ragini- u r asking me sorry?..really… Oh…I am a sister of an IPS officer right.. But if my brother was an ordinary man then?…u wanted me alone in ur home na…today I won’t leave u…
Ragini came near him.


She punched on his nose.. It was bleeding…
She gave two more moves…
He fall on the floor.
Ragini- first one was for talking with a girl with out respect. Second one was for pointing gun on my brother and beating him..and the last one was for utilizing ur power on wrong way…now..Jo punishment pending hai…bhai will complete it…. Wo kya hai na… I am not comfortable to do my moves in this dress…my bad luck… But, I hope my brother won’t disappoint me…
She looked at Arjun,,he smiled and hugged her
Arjun- laado, just wait and watch..I won’t give you a chance to complain…Mr raghav…. Is there any cell which is empty?
Raghav pointed a cell.
Arjun took him to there..and closed its doors.. Raghav was pleading to him to show some mercy…but…………..

Dishyoom…. Dishyoom….. Dishyoom……

After half an hour, Arjun came out with raghav…

OMG… I thought only plastic surgery can change someone’s face, but…hats off to u Arjun….tune tho kamaal kar diya…I am the writer of this story.. Even I couldn’t identify raghav yaar…well done.. Ha..ha..?

Ragini- bhai…nice work…
Arjun- thanks.
He called other police officers in..all were in shock to see raghav’s state..but didn’t utter a word…suddenly inspector noticed Ragini.
Inspector- sir…she is that girl na…who left the hospital..?
Arjun- ya..she is my sister… And one more thing… No one will speak a single word to anyone about whatever happened here…even about u met my sister… Am I clear?..

All noded yes. They returned to their job.Arjun looked at Ragini.
Arjun- laado.. Kya hua?
Ragini- I am getting bored..
Arjun- oops…let me think ha…idea…raghav come here..
Raghav- sir…
Arjun- plz entertain my sister..
Raghav- me?…
Arjun- ya..u…do u have any problem?…
Raghav- no..no…I will do it…
He started to entertain them… Arjun was happy to see smile on ragini’s face..he sat on the table.
“Excuse me…can we come in?”

(Who is that?….oh nooo….sanky and amaya…. Wt a timing guys…u people r gone today…)

Arjun- yes..come in.

Sanky and amaya entered into the room… They were in shock to see raghav’s state..
Amaya went to raghav.

Amaya- sir…wt happened to u?..who did this?..ur face is bleeding… (She looked at Arjun)..is he did this?…
She went to Arjun
Amaya- till nw we were in guilt that.. We did wrong with u both..but nw..I think u deserved it. Hw can u beat a police officer in ur anger…
Sanky tried to stop her..but all in vain…
Ragini- u didn’t even see him beating him,then hw can u put blame on him?
Amaya- I knw ..only he can do this… Disgusting..
Ragini- don’t u dare to say any word against my brother…
Amaya- oh hallo… U also not less than him..u even didn’t stop him from attacking a police officer.. Wt kind of sister r u?
Sanky- Ammu…shut up yaar.. We came here to release them.
Amaya- sorry sanky..but I changed my discission. Nw they will go jail for sure..

She took a paper,wrote a complaint…and went to raghav who was shivering…
Amaya- sir,don’t worry..u didn’t take action against them bcz u had no witness right…?.. U got witness nw…I am here with u..I will come anywhere to give statement… Here is ur complaint sir..u can arrest him..
Raghav nodes no

Raghav- I can’t take this complaint…
Amaya- but why sir…?
Raghav- if senior officers r present, only he has the right..
Amaya- OK..then…show me him…
Raghav lift his hand and pointed Towards Arjun. Amaya looked at him with a question mark…
Arjun- don’t get confused… Give it to me.. I will take care of this complaint…
Amaya- who r u?…
Arjun- sorry… I forgot to introduce myself… I am Arjun… Arjun Mehra… New IPS officer.. And she is my sister Ragini.
Sanky and amaya were in shock.
Arjun(to raghav)-that cell is empty right?…
Raghav- yes sir…
Arjun- then plz take them to there…I won’t leave a single person who made my sister cry.

Ragini tried to stop him but……

Raghav was going to take them to the lock up… A voice interrupted them.

“How dare u”

Yes it was non other than DP…
(He waited for sanky and amaya at home.. But they didn’t come..so he himself came to police station)
Dp- hw can you arrest my children?…
Dp entered into the main office.. Suddenly he got shocked to see someone.
Dp- Laado……
Ragini also was in damn shock.
Ragini- Duggu uncle….

The episode ended on both shocking faces of dp and Ragini..

Precap-not decided… Planing for some RAGSAN moments….

I hope you liked this episode.. Plz tell me ur openions… And I was thinking to make Ragini stay in sanky’s home…as my readers wish…I hope u will like upcoming episodes….
Keep supporting like this… And plz pray for me for my medical entrance exam….love u all…have a good day….

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