SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 8)


For your SMILE.
Hi friends,
Hw r u all?…guys last time, I got only few comments… If u r getting bored with my ff…plz tell me guys…I will stop it soon…ur comments really mean a lot to me… Plz ..
Here is ur 8th episode

@mehara mansion.
Ragini opened her eyes.. Arjun came to her with coffee.
Ragini- good morning.. Bhai…
Arjun- good morning laado. It’s only 6:00am.u sleep some more time na…
Ragini- wt 6:00?oh noooo…I have to go..
Arjun get angry hearing she needs to go.
Arjun- yesterday I said na…u can’t go from here… That is final.
Ragini- oh…hello ..I am not going from here permanently… I just want to meet someone. BTW u don’t worry… Ab tum khud mujse jaane ke liye kaha to bi ,main nahi jaane waali… U r MY RESPONSIBILITY na???
Arjun- me??..wo bi tumhara responsibility?… U r my responsibility… Did u get that?
Ragini- oh…hello.. I can take care of my self ha…waise I have one more brother to take care of me.

Arjun look at her with shock.. He knw, he is the only brother she have… Others are just namesake brothers.. But today…her words made him jealous….
Arjun- brother?.. R u kidding me?.. I know I am the only brother u have.. So stop ur drama..
Ragini- oh…ho…it is past…now I have one more brother… In fact I was going to meet him today.. That’s why I want to go from here… He will wait for me.
Arjun- BTW what is his name?
Ragini- swayam… What an awesome name na?and his personality.. Just rocking.. And he is handsome and smarter too.

Omg….I think Arjun’s jealousy will defeat Everest in height… Plz yaar..control….she is talking about her new brother… Not her boyfriend ….

Arjun brush his hair with his hand and said
Arjun- but not up to me na?…I am ur favourite… I know…
Ragini- no bhai…he is mind blowing… In fact… He is no.1…oh ho….I can’t stop praising him… So will u plz stop this KBC questionnaire…? And plz drop me there…
Arjun- OK I will…but it isn’t safe for u to go out..
Ragini- I know… Don’t worry.. I will be ok..trust me…and also it is near to our mansion na?…BTW why r u worrying about me…u have to be worried about others… U know na I am a black belt…
Arjun smiles seeing her actions.
Arjun- OK…meri maa..but I don’t want everyone get to know ur identity and the truth that u r still alive..
Ragini- that means u r the person behind the news… Don’t worry.. I will take care of it.. But why did you do that
Arjun- we will talk it evening after my work… OK…
Ragini- ya…I will get ready.. But dress?
Arjun- ur dresses r there..I got ur bag from the car..
Ragini looked at Arjun …the atmosphere changed into awkward silence… I think she went through the fb….atlast…ragini broke it…
Ragini- OK I will come with in 5min…u also go and change..

They left from there after getting ready.

Sanky and swayam r doing jogging.
Swayam- bhai…
Sanky avoid him.
Swayam- I said sorry na?yesterday u took revenge from me by talking about the fight happened in our school to mom…nw plz stop this silence…
Sanky- OK..this is last time I am forgiving u..don’t mess with me again…
Swayam- OK..thank God… BTW I want to ask you something..
Sanky- wt?
Swayam- isn’t dad feeling well? Wo kya hai na…he didn’t go to office.. Didn’t eat with us.. Even didn’t talk with me…I felt so strange..
Sanky remember yesterday’s news.
Sanky- oh my question bank…nothing to worry.. He is just tensed about some deals in our company.. That’s it.
Swayam- OK..
Swayam and sanky reached the place where they went different direction yesterday
Swayam- bye brother… See you later..
Sanky-where r u going?
Swayam- the same place where I went yesterday
Sanky- but why?..amaya will be waiting for you
Swayam- oh plz..she won’t come on time anyways… I will catch you later na..nw I am going.
Sanky- but why?…do u have to meet someone?(in a joking manner)
Swayam- ya.
Sanky- wt?..but who?
Swayam- my sister
Sanky- sister? U have no Sister. I know amaya is the only person whom u consider as ur own sister.
Swayam- ya amaya is my sister. But nw I have one more sister her name is laado.
Sanky- laado?…wt kind of name is that?Anyways….u r not going anywhere today.
Swayam- I will go..I promised her
Sanky- I won’t come with u.
Swayam- in fact I didn’t ask u to accompany me… So bye..
Sanky was going to say something he got a call from amaya.
Amaya- sanky… Where r u yaar..?
Sanskar started to narrate whole incident… In this gap swayam left from there.
Amaya- laado…wt kind of name is that?and hw can swayam trust her in one day?
Sanky-yaar…I was going to ask the same question to him…nw u ur self ask it..I will give him the mobile.
Amaya- ya
Then only he notice that,swayam already left the place.
Sanky-oh noo
Amaya- kya hua?
Sanky- he left already..
Amaya- omg..plz God..save my brother..
Sanky- chill,nothing will happen to him
Amaya- chill?…really sanky.., he is child yaar..I am really worried.. We even don’t know her..yaar agar wo…wo…
Sanky- what?
Amaya- agar wo kidnapper nikhli to?I saw yesterday’s news that,a kidnappers gang entered in our city.. I am really worried… Look..she even didn’t say him her real name.

Oh God…this time our sanky got really tensed… They r like one soul in two body…he really love his small brother a lot…
Sanky- I never thought of it… I don’t know what to do… I have to go and find him out…
Amaya- OK…I will also join u there.
Sanky- OK bye..
He cut her call and went in search of his brother.

@road(near hill)
Arjun and Ragini reached the place in car.
Arjun- r u sure he will Come?
Ragini- ya…200%.he is my brother.
Arjun- whatever…
Ragini- if u want.. U can go to the office.
Arjun- no..no..I also want to see the world’s best brother’s face once…hw can I miss it.?
Ragini- hmmm…jealous ha..?
Arjun- jealous my foot…
Ragini- I know.. But..it’s OK…soon u will get to know that he really deserve best brother title.
Arjun was fuming in jealous… And Ragini was enjoying it.
Suddenly Arjun got a call from office and he went from there to pick it.
Ragini was waiting for swayam… She saw someone coming… Yes that was swayam.. He came to Ragini and hugged her…she also hugged him back.
Swayam- good morning laado.
Ragini- good morning my brother.
Swayam- hw r u?…u r OK na?where did u stay yesterday?… BTW what is ur….
Ragini- omg….meri angry young man… Please take a deep breath first… I am OK…don’t worry about me.. I am staying with my brother.
Swayam- brother?.. Means u have one more brother…
Ragini- ya…but he is elder to me…BTW I brought something for you..
Swayam- really… What?
Ragini- wait…
Ragini went near the car and took a bouquet of different flowers.. It was really beautiful…
SANKY also reached there. He was behind a tree.so no one can see him… But he saw Ragini.. With hand full of flowers… First time in his life he mesmerized by seeing a girl… She was looking so pretty in yellow skirt and red top..he felt she was the most beautiful flower in them.. He couldn’t shut his eyes once. Her smile made him smile… He was enjoying the moment….
Ragini gave that bouquet to swayam. He took it with full of love.
Swayam-thank u sister.. Love you so much..
Suddenly swayam felt dizzy and he fall on the road..
Ragini was in shock to see him and our sanskar…. He was in super shock. Ragini took swayam’s head on her lap and started to call him.she was crying.. But he didn’t respond. Sanky ran to him..she took him and was going to place him in the car,sanky snatched him from her hands.
Sanky- hw dare u to touch my brother?… Sanky was fuming in anger.. He thought she was kidnapping him…he burst out..
Ragini-u r his brother?… Thank God u r here…,I don’t know how he fainted..
Sanky- don’t u dare to act in front of me.I know girls like u…u r a member of kidnapping gang right?I won’t leave u….u will pay for it.
Ragini- no…u r misunderstanding me.I am also worried about him. I really don’t know wt happened to him.
Sanky- oh…r u trying to fool me?I saw u giving him a bouquet.. And he fainted…. Wt was in it that, he fainted on the road?..
Ragini- plz…listen to me….I really don’t care what you are thinking about me.. But nw important thing is his health… We have to rush to the hospital..plz get into the car…
If someone other was there instead of her,he would have killed them now…but he didn’t understand why he become weak in front of her tears….. His face was red ,but he agreed to take him hospital in her car.suddenly a voice disturbed them.
“Wt the hell is happening here?”
Yes..it’s amaya.. She arrived there in her scooter. She was also fuming in anger seeing swayam unconscious…she went near Ragini.. Ragini avoided it and went near swayam and was going to touch him..
Five fingers were printed on ragini’s cheek…yes …amaya slapped Ragini… She was burning in pain… Sanky was in shock… He lied swayam in car and was going to talk…
One more slap sound…but it was more harder than previous one.whole 5fingers printed on her cheek… Which turned really red… Oh…but this one was not on the ragini’s cheek… It was on amaya.She fall on the road due to pain…she looked at the person who dare to slap her…it was non other than… Our..Arjun…
He was fuming in anger.. He went to Ragini and hugged her with teary eyes.. Sanky was in shock again.. He went to Arjun with full of anger.. And was going to punch him..a police jeep arrived there….!
Precap- DP and Ragini’s meeting.
Thank u guys for reading my ff…I hope u liked it….plz convey ur openion through comments… I am eagerly waiting …have a good day… Love you all….

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