SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 7)


For your SMILE.
Hi friends,
When I saw ur comments.. I was literally jumping on my bed.thank u …thank u so much..
I decided the pairs… They r..
I hope u r fine with this…u can check the comment box…swalak is lead…I hope u will continue supporting me….
Amaya- will be played by Hiba nawab…and the -ve character I think shourya from EHD will be apt one…(I really hope.. U r not angry with me.. If so..then I will change it…)
OK…now here is ur 7th episode.

Ragini- Arjun bhaiya….
Arjun- don’t u dare to call me brother.
Ragini- plz..don’t say like this.u r my brother..
Arjun- like really?.. No …u r mistaken…I am an orphan… Who came to ur family without invitation… Right?
Ragini- bhaiya… Plz…

Arjun- no no laado… Oops,I am sorry.. I have no right to call u that… So…ragini.. Today u showed me only blood relation matters…u never ever considered me as ur brother na?…I was a fool to believe that, if my laado have any problem, she will first dial my number …its OK.I know I am not ur brother.. But..as I am a police officer, its my duty to protect u..so plz ..come with me..

Ragini was continuously crying.. She tried really hard to speak…but she couldn’t. In this world, she have only him…but now,her brother also left her alone. Arjun looked at her with immense pain… He entered into the car with her.and started to drive fast.
The same day.

@malhotra home.
A pink coloured room is shown. All things are neatly arranged. A girl is sleeping on the bed. She looks really pretty… A lady came to her room..she looked at her daughter lovingly. She started to call her…
Lady- good morning shona… Wake up.. It’s already 7:00 dear..

Yes…she is non other than our swara…
Swara- maa..plz 5 min more…

Lady- no way… Wake up…
Swara- papa…. Papa…. Plz..aapki pathni sujatha ko lejaao na…I want to sleep.
Yes guys,in my ff…swara is daughter of sujatha and RP.
RP came to room with news paper.
Rp- suju kyon meri Angel ko pareshaan kar rahi ho?…
Sujatha- Angel?… OK…sleep…u don’t want to meet Ragini na?
Hearing ragini’s name swara wake up.

Swara- wo Ragini ki bachi ko to main chodoongi nahi..she lied to me..to her childhood bff..2day she is going from here..her flight is at 9:00..she even didn’t call me..
RP- she is going to London.. Not any party..she may have any pending works dear..leave it na..
Swara- hw can I leave it?..if she didn’t want to come.. Then why she called me yesterday?.. And said me ki she is on the way to my home?…just for… packing her stuffs with out my disturbance… Look maa..hw neatly I arranged whole room in one night for her…u know na…I even don’t make a coffee for my self and did all this for her…can u believe it?
Sujatha- oho…leave it na beta…its OK…she didn’t call u ..but u can call her na?…
Swara- OK …I will call her…hw can I leave her so easily… She messed with wrong person.. And..no one will take her side today.. Did u get it?
RP and sujatha nodded yes.
She dialed the number.. But didn’t get it…Rp started to read the news paper… Swara is continuously trying to get her…

Swara- BTW where is my brother?
Sujatha- shourya went to his friend’s house for party yesterday night and…
Swara- and as usual he didn’t come yet..24*7party…yeh bhai bhi na..
RP was going through the news paper.. Suddenly a news stroked in his eyes.. News paper fall from his hand..
Sujatha- kya hua ji?
Swara- kya hua papa?
But RP was silent…
Swara took the newspaper and started to read.. Her eyes got filled with tears..
Swara- laado…no..it can’t happen.. I know she is alive.. She can’t leave us like this…

Swara and everyone collapse on the floor. For swara, ragini was not only a bff..or sister… But..she was her world…

@mehara mansion.
Arjun and Ragini reached there.neither Ragini nor Arjun speak a word till night. At last Ragini initiated the Talk.
Ragini- bhai…
Arjun didn’t listend her…she was already going through pain.. But this silence made her more weak.
At last…
Ragini- OK Mr IPS officer Arjun Mehra… I know my life is in danger.. But u have no right to take me to ur home.u can call my relatives or anyone to take care of me.. I hope you understand..

Arjun was in shock.. He didn’t expected this na..(.I think she is on swayam’s track…oh God Ragini.. I really hope swayam’s idea work here also…fingers crossed… )

Arjun- u can go tomorrow.. So take rest..
Ragini- its non of ur business.., I want to go from here right now.
Arjun gave an angry look to her..
Arjun- u can’t…
Ragini-who r u to speak like that?
Arjun- I..I…I am an IPS officer.. And it’s my duty to pro…
Ragini- oh plz sir..I am not any VIP so that ,an IPS officer take care of me….so stop this drama.. I am going..
Arjun catch her hand with a red face.. Eyes with Full of tears… Arjun- I said na u can’t go..
Ragini- I really don’t care.. Who r u to stop me… Or give me a single reason to stay here..
Arjun- bcz…bcz..
Ragini- I am going…
Arjun- I am ur brother damn it… Can’t u understand I am worried for u?…can’t u understand I care for you… Can’t u understand hw much pain u r giving to me?… I wanted to be there with you every time and in every problem.. But u always considered me as an outsider na?..but now I can’t allow this…if anyone want to harm u…then he have to face me first.. So shut ur mouth and go to ur room…

Ragini’s eyes were filled with tears of happiness.. She hugged him. Arjun couldn’t resist this time… He also hugged her back…. He was crying.. But Ragini wiped his tears with a smile…
Ragini- bhai …u r my world.. And hw can u say that u have no right on me?… I am ur laado…no blood relation can compete with our brother-sister relationship. Did u get that?..we lost our parents.., but u know what?… I am not missing them nw..bcz I can see them in your eyes. And don’t u dare to call me Ragini again.. I am laado to u…aur ek aur baath, aapka complaint yahi da na…main koi problem aapke saath share nahi karthi…kya bhai…aap bhi na..?…saare logonki pareshaaniyam kam de kya..aap meri bhi sun ne ki zid kar rahi ho?…ab aap ka too much imotional drama ke baad, I am not going to leave u…kal subah ..thaiyaar ho jaa na…meri complaints sun ne ke liye…bade aaya ek IPS officer…

Arjun couldn’t speak a word, he was really happy to get his laado back..he hugged her again.
Arjun- matlab my laado is back on track ha?…
Ragini- no bai..I was always on track…woh kya hai na…u r too slow on walking na?…that’s why u couldn’t see me….be fast next time ha..
Arjun- achaa….

Ragini giggled…and hugged him back….
Precap-Ragsan first meeting.

Sorry guys, I couldn’t write RAGSAN’s first meeting on this episode.. But don’t worry… Next episode is dedicated to them OK?..so keep reading… Give me suggestions. Plz commenting like this..it will boost me to write more… Once again love u all…have a grt day…

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