SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 6)


For your SMILE.
Recap- Ragini tries to commit suicide, but swayam save her and make her realize her mistake.
A new brother-sis bond between Ragini an swayam.
Someone slap ragini.

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Here is ur 6th episode,

The same day
Sanskar was waiting for someone on the road. A pretty girl came and hugged him from back….sanskar start to smile.
Sanky- good morning Ammu.. Do even know what is the time?…

Yes..she is Amaya.. Sanskar’s childhood friend. Her parents are in abroad. So she lives here with her grandma.swayam, sanky and amaya goes for jogging together.. It is like their daily routine.
Amaya- good morning sanky.. Sorry yaar..I didn’t hear the alarm… Plz leave it na…BTW where is our chatterbox?..
Sanky- who…swayam?

Amaya- obviously… Aur koi chatterbox hai kya?
Sanky- tum hai na?
Amaya- u….
Sanky- OK..sorry.. Woh…today also we had a fight..
He narrated whole incident.
Amaya- so u allowed him to go alone?

Sanky- ya..he is 14nw…so chill..
Amaya- chill?..really sanky?.. He is just 14yaar…
Sanky-ok…sorry… Plz forgive me this time…I won’t repeat it..
Amaya- hm…sounds better.. Otherwise I won’t leave u alive..
Sanky- OK meri maa…now can we continue our jogging?.. Waise…today I have to leave home early..7:15..I will leave OK..
Amaya- kya hua?
Sanky- I don’t know… Maa called me..
Amaya- it is already 7:00..15min keliye jogging karke kya hoga?can we talk for some time?
Sanky- as u wish…
Amaya- waise…I have to tell you something…
Sanky- kya hua?

Amaya become nervous
Amaya- wo..wo…I tried to tell you so many times..but I couldn’t.. Ab swayam bhi nahi hai tho…I want to tell u ki…
Sanky- will u plz stop this intro?…last one week se main yahi sun rahi hum..wt happened to u?..wt is the matter?
Amaya- will u plz shut ur mouth sanky… I am already nervous.. And u r making me more…
Sanky- wt?…u nervous?.. Woh bhi mujse baath karne ke liye…aisa kya bolna hai tuje?…take a deep breath and tell..
She took a deep breath
Amaya- wo..wo…sanky… I..I….Lo..lo..aagaya…
Sanky- kya?…kon aagaya?..

Amaya- our chatterbox..

Wow swayam… Wt a timing dear…u changed the whole story with an entry yaar..
(Yes guys…amaya loves sanky.. But for sanky, she is his one and only best friend forever…)
Sanky saw him…he turned his face…swayam also looked at him Angrily. And came to amaya and hugged her.
Swayam- good morning Ammu
Amaya- good morning chatterbox…. BTW what a timing yaar.. I must say…
Swayam- thanks for the compliment… Wt r u talking? Did I miss anything?
Amaya- no..no..not at all..we were just talking like that..
Sanky looked at her face with a questionmark..but she ignored it.

Sanky- oh God…it is 7:13..I want to rush to home.. U do one thing.. U two continue ur jogging and Ammu make sure to drop him home on time..I will go now..
He hugged Ammu and said bye to her…and went from there without looking at swayam.
Swayam- hw rude is he..
Amaya- tum bhi kuch kam nahi ho..
Swayam- oh really..? Ab jogging continue kare?
Amaya- OK
(The continued their jogging)


Sanky reached home on time.
Ap- sanky u came…where is swayam?
Sanky- he will come with Ammu mom…
Ap- OK go and get fresh.. Breakfast is ready.
Sanky- OK maa
He fresh up and came back.. Dp and sanky sat on the chair… AP served them the breakfast.
Dp- AP…plz switch on the TV..I want to watch news..
AP switch on the TV…everyone was in shock to see the news.
Yes..it was the same news..the car accident of shekhar and his family.
Dp couldn’t move from hisSeat.

Sanky- dad…shekhar uncle and his family…
First time everyone saw dp with teary eyes.. He was literally scattered… Shekhar was not only a good friend to him..but also a brother.. And Ragini..she was his life…he was going to ask her hand for his son…but today…he lost everything.. Even his daughter… AP was crying by seeing the situation of dp..she took him to room.sanky also felt bad for whatever happened… He wasn’t so much attached to shekhar..but he admired his personality… He also went to his room.


The person slapped Ragini..
Ragini was in shock.. She moved her lip…Arjun bayya..
Yes..it was Arjun..he searched her whole city yesterday like a mad person… His eyes were red..we can understand he didn’t even shut his eyes yesterday… Looking at her..he was literally crying like a baby…

Precap- swara’s entry …
May be RAGSAN’s first meeting.

Friends, I hope u liked this episode..
Guys I really need ur help.what do u think..whom will u like to see together..?.
1)SWALAK ..or SWAJUN(Arjun-kunj from tei)

2)whom do u want as Amaya(give me a good actress name), who will pair up with other one (laksh/Arjun) later …
3)I need a handsome young negative character… Plz suggest me someone for it.

Plz comment fast…so that I can give u next episode asap..I am eagerly waiting for your suggestions.. And plz keep supporting like this. Love you all..have a grt day…

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