SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 5)


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Ragini opened her eyes.. She looked here and there. She was alone….suddenly the whole incident flashed in her mind. Her eyes got filled with tears… She was such a girl who always used to smile in any situation… But today… Today she couldn’t… She shouted… Shouted very hard.. And murmured..
‘God,why…why did u do this to me?I want my parents back.. I can’t live without them. Maa…why did u do this to me?u always said that u won’t leave my hand..and in that moment u pushed me out of the car to save my life… But why don’t you understand… Without u people.. I am meaningless… U both made me alone… I won’t leave u so easily.. I am coming to u…ya..I am coming..

She stood up.. Her face seems to be determined.. She walked through the path which leads to a hill.she reached on the top of the hill. She saw a board which had a sign of danger. (Yes guys, it is a suicidalpoint). She smiled at the board. And looked at the sky.. And said…
Sorry papa mamma….I can’t live like this.. So do the arrangements there to welcome me..
She looked down.. And closed her eyes.. She was about to jump.. Someone catch her hand..
She turned with a shock (oops, sorry guys… He is not our sanky.. He is our swayam,who saw her coming to the hill…and followed her…I knw u r angry on me..but wt can I do?.. I think destiny need some more time to make them meet..)
Ragini- u..kid..wt r u doing here?
Can’t u understand the symbol of danger? Just go from here..
Swayam- oo…wait.. I can also ask the same question to u..wt r u doing here?
Ragini- wo…wo…
Swayam- wt wo wo…
Ragini- I…I..ha…I came here to enjoy the view..

Swayam- wow..me too…our taste r so similar na?
(This time our ragini got really angry..)
Ragini- I said you to go from here.
Swayam- this place is not in ur name.. OK?…so take a chill pill.. I am not going to leave from here..
Ragini- wt?u have to go…
Swayam- no ,I won’t…who r u to order me?
Ragini- OK ..don’t go…I will go..
Swayam- OK cool…BTW ,where r u going?… In my opinion, u won’t get a better place than this for suicide.
Our ragini was hell shocked ..she didn’t expect this from a kid at least…(but guys..today’s children r more dangerous than seniors. They r one step forward than us..in fact.. They r big encyclopedias..don’t u guys think so?)
Ragini- wt..suicide?.. No no..r u mad..I am not going to do suicide.
Swayam- oo..really ,oh ..hello.. I am not a new born baby.. I am 14
Ragini understood it is waste of time to argue with him…she can’t win it…(of course… Our swayam is too smart..)
Ragini- ya..iam going to do suicide.. Do u have any problem?
Or u want to join me?
Swayam- noo…and no problem at all.. Woh kya hai na…I never see anyone doing suicide.. I really want to see it once..go head..

Ragini- u r 14…and ur attitude is like a 21year old person.
Swayam- of course… I think u r 18or19..and u r still behaving like a child..then,I have to be matured na?
Ragini fed up.. She again tried to jump from the hill … But..swayam interrupted again…
Swayam- sorry for the interruption…u know na ..this is our last meeting.. So can I ask one question?
Ragini- wt?
Swayam- why r u doing this..?

This question made our ragini goes through the whole fb once again in her mind… Her eyes got filled with tears.. She replayed in a low voice.
Ragini- there is nothing left for me now….u won’t understand it.
Swayam- oh really?.. I am not mentally retarded like u..so I can understand OK…anyway I know you girl’s problems…u may had any bf..and the same old drama.. U guys had really bad break up.
So u want to do suicide… In fact..
U already tried it.. But completely failed… That’s why u have so much bandages na?…oh God .tum girls bhi na…I can’t believe it BTW..I can solve ur problem..u know what.. I have a big brother.. He is single.. Aur handsome bhi hai….not up to me.But he Will be OK for u.waise bhi…muje usse koi kaam nahi hai..u can make him ur bf..i don’t mind.. Kisi ko to kaam aayega…

Ragini couldn’t even speak a single word.. She was in shock.. Literally in shock… Of course anyone can be in shock.. Isn’t he sound so crazy.. I salute u sanky… U r incredible.. U shared ur room with him..,UNBELIEVABLE…!!!

At last Ragini came to her sense .
Ragini-it is too much now..wt do u want really?
Swayam- don’t u get it now?u r a tubelight…it is too simple.. I want stop u from doing suicide.
Ragini- but why?.. U have no connection with me.
Swayam- who said? We r connected. My mom says..we r God’s children.. So if u and me r God’s children… Then u r my sister na?
Ragini became somewhat imotional by hearing the word sister.
Ragini- thank you.. Thank you for being a brother..but today u can’t stop me from going to my mom an dad…I always lived for them.. I can’t live a second without them.
Swayam- wt u mean?
Ragini- I lost my parents in yesterday’s car accident.

Oops..our swayam was in shock…he never thought in his dreams that ,the reason behind her pain will turn out like this..he also felt the same pain….but he gained some wt confidence to talk with her… Of course.. He can’t loose such a good sister like this na…he was in teary eyes but..he hold it somehow.. He is our strong boy na?
Swayam- I am sorry…
Ragini- its OK… She smiled a little..

She closed her eyes once again and was going to jump…
Swayam- one minute…
(This swayam is really crazy..)
Ragini was in anger.
Ragini- now wt?
Swayam somehow gained his attitude.(I think his mission to save ragini is on air)
Swayam- sorry to say… But u can’t see ur parents even after ur death…
Ragini- wt u mean?of course.. I will see.
Swayam- that means.. Ur parents were so cruel that ,u r damn sure ki woh log hell main hi hoga?
Ragini- wt nonsense.. They r too good..they will be in heaven OK?..
Swayam- wahi tho…u can’t see ur parents.. Bcz u r going to hell na?
Ragini- wt?..tum se baath karne ke alawa ,I didn’t do any mistakes..OK..
Swayam- oh hello.. Plz ha..wt I said is true.. My mom says that ,
if we do suicide.. We will go to hell..bcz..God created us with a lifespan… And u r taking it
without his permission.

Ragini- u know what.. I really don’t care…
Swayam- u know what.. U have to care….as this is not ur life OK..so u have no right to take it.

Now swayam seems to be angry…of course he will be angry na…he is trying really hard to stop her from doing suicide..

Ragini- wt u mean?…
Swayam- look…till now I talked with u like a brother… Now i can’t..the fact is u don’t worth it. U even don’t worth ur parents..
Ragini- u r talking too much…don’t cross ur limits OK…?
Swayam- wt I said is right… U even don’t care about ur parents.
Ragini- wt the hell?
Swayam- don’t shout…look..u said u lost ur parents in an accident.. And u also got hurt..that means. U also were there in the car..but u survived..I am damn sure… U r still alive only bcz of ur parents.. Am I right?
Ragini said yes with teary eyes.
Swayam- wow…well done…they put their life to save u..instead of respecting that..u r making their death a joke?… Now this is not ur life to do wt u want.. They gave their life to u with a trust that u won’t prove them wrong.. But I feel sad for them seeing u..seriously, I don’t think u really deserved it.I am a big fool..that I am talk with you.. U think this is ur life na?go head…do wt u want…no one will stop u…I am going.. Bye..bye forever…

Swayam left from there with full of anger…ragini is full on tears. She breakdown there….she was in full of thoughts.
She murmured…
“No..hw can I do this…I can’t do suicide… He is right… I can’t make their sacrifice a joke… I have to live…I will live for u mom and dad.. .ha…I know what to do now….haa… I won’t leave u Mr…..I won’t leave u for whatever u did it to me..I won’t leave u for takingMy parents from me..she shouted.. Shouted really hard.
LAKSH… I won’t leave u now. mark my words…she was fuming in anger.. She wiped her tears and once again shouted… Dad ..and mom…u know what… U guys wait and watch… I know by thinking about suicide,I made u sad….but nw I won’t let u down..your Ragini is back dad…ur laado is back mom…

She came back from hill..she was really happy for her discission. Suddenly,she saw some one waiting for her so impatiently… Ya..ur guess is right this time… Ha..our cute swayam…
Ragini- u didn’t go ?
Swayam- hw can I go without ur treat..?
Ragini- treat?
Swayam- ha..treat.. I saved u from suicide na?
Ragini- u r unbelievable
Swayam- I know… BTW I was joking… I just wanted to see u my sister..
Ragini become once again imotional hearing the word sister. She hugged him.. He also hugged back.
Ragini- thank you for making me realize my mistakes.
Swayam- its OK…anyway iam sorry for being rude and for everything wt I said there.
Ragini- its OK..waise..I am so happy to get such a handsome angry young man as my brother.
Swayam- woh to hai.ha..I forgot to ask…wt shall I call u my sis?..
Ragini- u can call me laado.
Swayam- is it ur real name?

Ragini- its not my real name.. But special name..only some very special people in my life have this right to call this name..u r one of them.
Swayam- then I will call u laado only
Ragini- OK..as u wish. Wt is ur name brother?.
Swayam- my name is swayam. OK..I will see u tomorrow.. Same time here…now I want to go.. My brother will be waiting. BTW I forgot to ask where will u stay?.
Ragini- u don’t worry.. I will manage.. Ya I will see u tomorrow.. Bye…
Swayam- bye..
He kissed on her cheek..she also kissed him back…he went from there. Ragini looked at him with a cute smile..
She started her walk again.. She was thinking wt to do?..where will she go…she murmured..
I can’t go home he will be searching for me…I am sure they would have got information about my survival through media. Wt can I do now?..she was still walking.. She saw a coffee shop ,there…a news channel was playing on TV..she entered into the coffee shop to watch it. She was in shock to see that news…

In news..the reporter said that including her..everyone dead in the accident…she didn’t understand…
She asked her self.. “Wt is going on? Police know about my survival.. Then also?.. Her thought were interrupted by a coffee boy.but she went out from there without saying a word.. She started her walk again. But someone hold her hand and made her turn.she was hell shocked to see that person.. She was going to say something.. The person slapped her on her cheek. Very hard!.
Precap- no precap
Hi friends.. Thank u so much for reading my ff…ur comments really encouraged me..today I used some Hindi words.. But I am so bad in it..so I hope u will forgive my mistakes..
And today’s episode was really lengthy.. If u thing..I am dragging so much.. Plz tell me..I will cut such conversations… Plz give me some suggestions… And don’t worry about ragsan… They will meet soon….so..keep reading…
I am eagerly waiting for your comments.. Once again love u all..have a great day..
*swayam- played by Faisal Khan

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