SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 4)


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Here is the 4th epi.
Recap- Arjun’s entry.he cries seeing ragini’s photo.

Night,at the road.
A girl is running through a narrow path(the path really looks like, no one used it for years.). Her head and hands had bandages. Her beautiful innocent eyes glittered in the night due to the tears.yes…your guess is right.. She is our ragini suddenly she feels dizzy…and fainted on the path.


Maheshwari mansion
A blue painted room is shown.
2person r sleeping on the bed.we can’t see their faces,bcz they covered their whole body (including head) by a blanket. Suddenly a lady comes to their room.ya..she is non other than our sweet AP.she opened the curtains and started to call her sons.
Ap- sanskar.. Swayam… Get up..its already 5o’clock, get up na…
She pulled the blanket from one side. She saw his legs instead of head…AP turned opposite direction and called his name again in a loud voice. This time a young,handsome man wake up from the bed and hugged AP and said ..’gd mrng mom’
Ap-gd mrng.. sanskar..
(Ya..he is our sanky…In my story sanskar and swayam are the sons of AP and dp.)
Suddenly dp called AP for his green tea.
Ap- ji..I am coming.. Sanskar plz getup ur brother also..I will come soon, I don’t want to see you guys on bed again. Did u get that?
Sanky-yes mom,I will call him don’t worry.u go …otherwise papa will set whole house upside down.
AP smiles and goes…sanskar also smile back and turn to his brother’s side.
Sanky-swayam..come on wake up.. We have to go for jogging,get up fast. He took blanket from his face.
A cute handsome innocent face is shown.. In fact cuteness overloaded.. Ya he is swayam.brother of sanky. (Played by Faisal Khan.. My super hero… Love u faisu…)
Swayam-plz bhai..stop it..let me sleep na..
Sanky-get up fast.. Otherwise it won’t be good 4u
Swayam- I don’t care.. Go head,I want to sleep.(he again put blanket on his face)
Sanky- ok5n…I also want to know how u will sleep.
He went to bathroom and took a bucket full of water and came.
Sanky-it is last warning.. Get up..otherwise..
He didn’t get any reply
Sanky put whole water on him.
He went to the bed and pulled the blanket. Oh God…it was pillows. He heard someone laughing.
Sanky- u idiot..
Swayam- sorry bro,u disturbed my sleep..so it was ur punishment. Look, the bed is completely wet.if dad get know about this na..he won’t leave u..means…today u can’t sleep… Ha ha…
Sanky- u…I won’t leave u today (sanky ran towards swayam, and swayam also ran from there and go to kitchen and hug AP,who was making green tea, she smiles)
Swayam-ma..plz help me.. Ur son is out of mind. He is trying to beat me.
AP smiles and hug him like a protective barrier.
Ap- stop it sanky,wt is this.. U r not a kid anymore.
Sanskar-mom,bcz of him my bed got wet..u know whole bucket of water fall on my bed.
Ap- swayam…
Swayam- wt me?no ma…I didn’t do it.do u really think an innocent boy like me can do such things?
AP nodes no and looks @sanskar
Sanky- no ma..I am saying truth.I swear..
Swayam-ok..then tell,who put water on bed?
Sanky- bcz of him…
Swayam- I don’t want any reason,
I asked who put water?
Sanky- that…that..
Ap- answer his question.
Sanky- me.
Ap- wt?but why?..why did u put water on bed?
Sanky was going to explain everything.. But swayam didn’t allowed him.
Swayam- oh ma..u didn’t get him?..I was the target not the bed..but he missed it.so he is trapping me..
Sanky- u…
Ap- don’t u dare sanky.
Sanky-ma but he…
Ap- I don’t want to hear a sentence. Say sorry to him.
Sanky- no ma..never.
Ap- say..
Sanky was going to say sorry, swayam make some cute faces without showing ap to make sanky angry.
Sanky- mom..he is..
Ap- say sorry, otherwise forget ur fav.dish on breakfast.
Sanky- ma..noo..OK.. I am sorry. Happy? Ma.. u always support swayam.. It is not fair.
Swayam- ya.bcz she love me more. Don’t be jealous OK..
Ap- stop it both of you.. Both r my fav OK…nw go for jogging..I have to give this tea to ur papa
(Swayam and sanky nodes yes.they got ready and wentout for jogging. AP took green tea and went to the garden. Dp was doing yoga.she give it to him).
Dp- gd mrng
Ap- gd mrng ji
Dp- did they go for jogging?
Ap- yes
Dp- OK.(he was drinking the tea..suddenly he stops)
Do one thing.. Call sanskar and say to come home at 7:30.we have to leave to office early today
Ap- but ji why so early?meeting is at 11:30na?
He will directly reach there on time .
Dp-no..no..the thing is… U know na our business partner shekhar? His daughter is going to Landon today for her higher studies., so I thought to go with them to drop her.
Ap- ji..OK..but why sanky?
Dp- I think sanskar need to meet that girl once before she leaves. She is very good girl. They will look great together.
Ap- what?..u mean..
Dp- yes..she will be perfect for him.she have all the good qualities.. Some times.. I even feel so jealous to shekhar for getting such wonderful girl ,who took care of them like their parents… I want her to be in this house as our daughter.
Ap- I can’t believe it. I never ever heard so much appreciation for anyone from u..but today… I am so happy… Wt is my daughter’s name?
Dp- her name is Ragini.
Ap- nice name…sanskar and Ragini… Sounds really good..
BTW did sanky ever met her?
Dp- no..but iam sure he will like her..
Ap- I know… Ha..I forgot.. I will call sanky.. OK
Dp- ya..good.
(AP calls sanky and tell him to Come home early)

On road.
Swayam and sanky is running..
Swayam-btw bro…hw was my plan?
Sanky- u idiot… I don’t want to talk to you OK?
Swayam-oops…order from big brother is accepted.. So iam going in my own way..OK?
Sanky- do whatever u want..I really don’t care.
Swayam- lets see..
They both turn opposite sides..they continued their jogging in 2different paths…

Precap-someone hold ragini’s hand..a shocking news to Maheshwaris.

Sorry guys for same precap…but I hope u enjoyed my ff..plz ..give me suggestions through ur comments… So that I can write next episode with more energy.
Guys..I am a student.. My exams r coming.. So I can’t post my ff everyday.. But..I will definitely post 2episodes in a week I hope u will keep supporting me..
OK..I knw all r eagerly waiting for the pairs.. Ya ur guess is right.. It’s RAGSAN… Other pairs will be revealed soon…once again thank you so much for reading my ff..love u all…have a good day.

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