SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 2)

For your SMILE.. Episode 2
Thank you guys for supporting…. Here is your next episode…
Recap-an accident a girl survived

The girl opened her eyes..she looked around. Her eyes get filled with tears… Nurse saw her she rushed to doctor who was talking with the inspector.
Nurse-doctor,patient opened her eyes.
Doctor-oh thank god… Nw she is out of danger… Inspector u can come with me
They come to the room. And opened the door… But she was Missing…
Inspector-where is she?
Doctor- we don’t know sir
Inspector send some police to find her. Suddenly he got a call.
Inspector- hello sir, we r really sorry sir for the inconvenience. We were there to receive u..but sudden an accident case came, so we had to rush. Thank you… Thank you sir for understanding… Yaa…haaa..we r in ABC hospital.. No sir…no need to come.. We will handle it… So..so..sorry sir..ya…the hospital is on the highway.. OK..ya..I will stand in front of the hospital… OK sir..sure.
He cut the phone and murmured… Oh God..I am gone today.where is the girl? What shall I say to him…episode end with his worried face.
Precap:new entry…
The girl is revealed.
Guys..I hope you u like my ff..plz support me through ur valuable comments.. Don’t worry about the pairs..I will reveal it soon..have a good day… Love you all…


  1. Harleen

    I like your story line like where it is going but I think it is a bit too short! awaiting for the next episode!!

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