SWARAGINI- For your SMILE (Episode 1)


For your SMILE….(episode 1)
Hi friends… Here is ur first episode.. Enjoy it…
Night… In a highway.
A girl is seen lying on the road with full of blood. Her innocent eyes where searching someone.
Some people comes there.
Person1-oh my god ..look..a car is completely crushed… What an accident.. I am damn sure.. No one will be survived.
Person2-ya..I am also thinking the same. Anyway call the police

Person1 was going to call the police,he saw a girl lying on the road some distant .
Person1-look..is that a girl?I think she is alive …come on..
They went near the girl.
person2-call the ambulance fast…
Thy called the ambulance and took her to the hospital.
Police came to the hospital.
They asked the witness some questions.
Person1-sir we don’t know anything about them..we were going to home after film,we saw a car completely crashed. And saw a girl lying on the road.so we informed u.it is looking like she jumped from the car before accident to escape.
Inspector-ok..anyway u can go.ha..give ur no.if we need any information we will contact u
Person2-sure sir.BTW what about others in the car..
Inspector-they r no more…

Hi guys.. Hw was the episode? What do you think.. Who was the girl???what is going on?
U need to wait for next episode for the answer.. I hope u guys enjoyed it.. Plz support me through comments so that I can upload next episode with full of energy… Plz give me suggestions… Have a good day..
Love you all..

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  1. Oh god nice! Bt remember don’t separate any pair ha.

    1. Don’t worry dear…I am not so rude like serial writers…(joking yaar)…plz support like this… I will reveal the pairs soon..

  2. interesting …

    1. Thank you.. Keep reading..

  3. interest…

  4. plz na ragsan

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