SWARAGINI : The Sisters Story { Intro }

Hiiii Everyone………… I’m Nilu…a silent reader..
So I am going to start a new ff………

Swaragini : The Sisters Story
So plz tell me about my mistakes…and plz love me and I will use short forms of some words
So lets start…..hope u all like it…. 🙂  
Character sketch:
The D’souza Family :
Helly Shah as Swara D’souza / shona : she is a bubbly, cute, caring, modern, naughty girl…. Loves dance. A happy go lucky girl… fav of her dad…dreams abt her elder sis…. Loves her dad n mom….age 20

Sachin Tyagi as Shekhar D’souza : He is a common businessmen…..caring. crime partner of swara….loves his daughter…..little worried of her…as she miss her sis….always thinks that his daughter should become what is her dream is in future….so he tries to educate her with the best quality…loves Sharmista
Parineeta Bhorthakur as Sharmista D’souza: She is caring loving, happy go lucky as swara n shekhar…..strict to swara n shekhar…..thinks same as shekhar abt swara…dreams that may she get a good life partner….
The Kapoor / D’souza Family:
Tejaswi Wayangankar as Ragini kapoor / D’souza /ladoo : She is Quiet, beautiful, traditional, listens to her dadi loves her dadi….only has her dadi….no one more than her dadi….she also dreams abt her sis….age 24
Alka Kaushal as Paravti Kapoor/ D’souza : Strict to ragini, caring, kept hidden some past to ragini , …always thimks abt ragini n her future…. Not much strict to ragini….ragini is her life….
The Verma Family : Their entry will be later so I will introduce them later….sorry

So here I stop the story will start with the next update….
Hope u all like it…..Bye…….

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  1. A.xx

    Nice xx

  2. love ragini

  3. Swaragini r sisters right??loved it. Make it ragsan plz

  4. no plzz make it raglak and yaa I think Ragini is legal daughter of shear and sharmista is the person who had the child of sekhar so he left kanji and kanji give birth to ragini and when sekhar know about ragini he do every possible way to get ragini and this cause jeleousy in sharmista and swara and again ragini comes in front as swara love sanskar and sanskar love Ragini to but raghave to marry lakshya

  5. Swasan

  6. Ragsan or raglak!! Interesting

  7. Superbbbbb

  8. Nilu421

    Hiii everyone…….thx for the commets

  9. Nilu421

    N nikky as u said its nothing like that……u will come 2 know it soon

  10. Ragsan plzzzzzzz

  11. Nilu421

    Thx…..N the poster is wrong sorry

  12. Interesting and Raglak plzzzzzzzzz

  13. Jazzy

    amazing dear

  14. Anu

    Awesome nilu continue soon! Nd ya plz reveal pairs in next prt only

    plz make swasan but rest is ur wish but plz tell in nxt prt

  15. Asra

    awesome dear….

  16. I thnk mn lead is swara wl intrestng love ragooo

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