Swaragini – we are sisters (Epi 1)


So guys this is my seconf ff first is swasan she changed my life hope you all enjoy it
Guys I will start my ff from where swara know about sanskar truth but doesn’t know about ragini truth and ragini and swara go to mandir

Ragini: swara you go to mandir and do pooja I will be here only
Swara: but ragini u also come na please
Ragini: swara no you go and give me your phone you will not get disturbed ok
Swara: ok meri ma and smiles and give her phone
And swara go towards mandir and ragini think I am soory my sona but I don’t have any option left I love u but I cant give him to anyone please I know u will understand me and go from their
Swara do pooja and go backside of mandir and their she see ragini already standing
Swara: ragini you here I am searching you their only
Ragini: I know swara you will come here only so I come here only
Swara: ok lets do pooja

Ragini: swara you know my life is like this river you know swara from childwood everyone left me my mom left me and dadi she only make me do what she she want but I always respect her
Swara: yeah ragini I know but what happen ragini
Ragini: you don’t know anything swara god always snatch my happiness from me always he snatch my lakash my first love from me swara now u are becoming that house bahu which should be I
Swara get shocked hearing this
Swara: ragu what are you telling
Ragini: yeah swara I love lakash and for this I am also with sanskar in his everywork so that lakash hate u but no he always love u swara if you love me please give me my lakash back swara
Swara hearing this ragini did all this shatter and fall and started crying
Swara: ragini you did this with me for that laksah I cant belive ragini
Ragini also cry and sit

Ragini: swara please I don’t have anyoption I love him swara please give me back my lakash
Swara: ragini if you tell me once I will give you my jaan but you did this with me
Ragini crying: I am soory swara please forgive me I cant live without my lakash
Swara: ok ragini what you did with me but I am your sister I cant be happy letting you in pain ok you will only marry to lakash
Ragini see swara: really
Swara: yeah you forget that I am your sister but I cant forget about it
Ragini bow her head in guilt and swara see her teary eyed

If you like the plot please comment guys as on your comments base I will write more episodes

Credit to: queen

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  1. Nice…..but please make it swasan & raglak please

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  3. Pls update other fiction it’s nice I. M waiting for tat then happy new year

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