Swaragini sisters analysis


I am doung a analysis on helly aka swara and teju aka ragini. In the beginning of the show when all was good they showed both actresses to be having equal rolled but later on they started showing a love triangle where bicchari swara was pushed and almost killed. At that point all of us started to take sides of swara. Bit Wr forget that ragini loved laksh and she faced some cheating as well. First she was engaged to him later on the marriage was broken. Aap sub log sirf swara ke bare me socha kabhi nahi aap ragini ke bare nahi socha.i am not justifying her act but explaining my point of vow am nor a ragini or swara fan am a swaragini fan. Later she realized her mistake and tried to rectify it but laksh became a hindrance. All she needed was his love. But she never got it infact her innocence got used. But now laksh wants ragini back neither her or her family will agree easily. This is not something that happens in serials out happens in big towns as well. I just want you all to know that a girl’s feeling is not a toy. If a girl has the willpower she can do anything. I just want the bakwas story writer to know this. I am sorry if I hurt some one I just thought the message should reach you all.

Credit to: Asmitha

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  1. I totally agree with you

  2. wow…that was deep..

  3. good you thought well . i like it
    first of all i want to say that ragini was not cheated her wedding was broken because swara didint want ragini to be get cheated
    the love triangle between swara laksh and ragini started wwhen ragini forced swara to love laksh
    now laksh is loving ragini and its a good news for raglak fans that they are soon getting married
    ragini still loves laksh from bottom of her heart………..

    i was writing this because this is what i understand from the story and i am a swaragini fan too
    please write what you think about the serial again,,, sorry if i hurt you

  4. acha lekin jab sb thik ho gaya tha jab laksh KO rag ki sachai pata chl gayi uske bad b usne swara KO manane ki koshish ki laksh KO accept krne k liye or use characterless b prove krna chaha …now she is positive so we don’t have any problem with her …n we like her too now

  5. You are right.i totally agree with you

  6. yes ragini was hurt but it does not mean she will try to kill some one

    most of us do not get our first love or get betrayed but that does not mean you will kill innocent people or ruin their lives

    i refuse to believe it was love it can only be obssession which has so much hatred and selfishness and cruel in it

    and if ragini changed after getting lakshya love it would show her as spoilt brat and sent wrong message to society

    for your information raglak marriage will happen this week only

  7. I agree with u dear I too dont understand this

  8. I appreciate your point of view ammu I agree it was a obsession but she didn’t make a mistake and swasan are more intense then swalak.i did not get hurt I am happy you commented.

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