Swaragini-My Sister Is My Enemy ( Chapter Two )

Hi friends I’m back with chapter 2. I hope you all like the new characters and I want to know which one did you like the most.
So let’s begin

Recap; Swara’s P O V

Ragini’s P O V

We both were standing face to face for the first time after these many years, I must say she has changed a lot, she has changed from fat to fit but still she was just an older version of her childhood just like me. We both wanted say so many things to each other but we were unable to do so and suddenly a voice from upstairs came to our rescue
‘’Swaru!!! Please save me….Help me….She will kill me come fast
‘’Oh my GOD! Resham ‘’ said swara and ran upstairs. I followed her upstairs till the room from where the voice was coming and there was a women screaming and jumping on the bed, we both looked at each other wondering why was she screaming like that and suddenly Swara started screaming too and she went running to the bed to join Resham and they both were hugging each other tightly, ‘’Ragu!!! Save us ‘’ shouted Swara on top of her lungs, I was overjoyed hearing the word Ragu from her mouth after so many years but that happiness was replaced by anger hearing their constant screams and my head was about to blast because of their screams ’’Shut the hell up’’ this time I shouted too and they both went silent ‘’From whom do you both want me to save you’’ I said angrily, Seriously! They were shouting as if a ghost was trying to kill them both. ‘’From her ‘’said Resham pointing towards the lizard on the wall. I banged my head on the door ’’Oh GOD! Do you both want me to save you from this poor creature I think it is more scared than you seriously you both are unbelievable’’ I shouted angrily, I knew that I needed to calm my anger and suddenly I remembered my devil’s words ‘’ If you are very angry and you want to calm down then just close your eyes and try to imagine someone whom you love the most’’ I closed my eyes and tried to imagine her face and my anger was vanished. ‘’ Hey I’m sorry I was being very rude but seriously your screams gave me a terrible headache’’ I said innocently, ‘’It’s ok but please do something so that she can go from here ‘’ said Resham still shivering. ‘’Ok tell me where do you keep the brooms ‘’I said, ‘’Downstairs in the cabinet near store room ‘’ This time Swara replied. ‘’Ok then come with me’’ I said and went towards her offering my hand, she nodded and held my hand and came down from bed, we were going downstairs but we were stopped by Resham ‘’Hey don’t leave this Abla Nari alone’’ she said, ‘’ Ok fine come ‘’ we both said at the same time and then looked at each other smiling but suddenly her smile disappeared she left my hand and held Resham’s and then I realized that she was being nice to me because in her fear she forget about our distances. We went downstairs to get the broom and after finding it I told them to stay here only I went upstairs to do my work, after few minutes I came down and told them that the work was done, hearing this Resham almost jumped on me and gave me a bone crushing hug ‘’ Thank you very much Ragu you are the best ‘’ she said and again hugged me and I was almost out of breath, from the corner of my eyes I saw that Swara was giggling but when she noticed me she stopped giggling and again her face was covered with a stern expression.

In Kolkata

A baadi was shown and in a house a lady was making breakfast and suddenly one girl came and hugged her from back ‘’Good Morning Dida’’ and kissed her cheek the girl was wearing white shirt and blue denim jeans and her hairs were tied in a high ponytail. (Yes the lady is Dida) ’’Good Morning Laado ’’ said Dida and kissed her forehead. ‘’What is this Dida why did you make the breakfast and where is this Shanta Bai even after my warning she didn’t came today also I think that we need to find someone else for work ‘’ said the girl angrily, ‘’No no Radhika don’t find someone else see I’m here only but Dida only told me that she will make the breakfast today’’ said Shanta Bai entering in the kitchen, (Yes the girl is Radhika only) ‘’Yes Laado I only told her not to make the breakfast because before you leave I wanted to feed you breakfast made from my hands I know how much you love my handmade food’’ she said with tearful eyes, Radhika immediately wiped her tears and hugged her ‘’I will miss you two’’ said Dida crying like a small baby ‘’Hey don’t cry like old ladies you are still very young Pushpa’’ now radhika was also in tears ‘’ And it is the matter of only few days and I promise that I will be back with both of your granddaughters and we all will like a happy family now come on stop crying ‘’ said Radhika and wiped her tears, ‘’You too’’ now Dida said and wiped her tears and feed her breakfast . After finishing the breakfast Radhika took her suitcase and hugged Dida and Shanta Bai before leaving ‘’Shanta Bai in my absence you have to take care of Dida and yourself too and if there is any problem then you can call me or Prachi Maa ok’’ said Radhika. ‘’Don’t worry about us dear and go Prachi must be waiting for you’’ said Dida. ‘’ Oh my GOD! Dida I’m very late, today she will surely kill me ok Bye Dida Bye Shanta bai ‘’ she hugged both of them, put her suitecase in car and started her journey towards her Prachi Maa’s house as fast as she could and after 15 minutes she reached there, ‘’Bhagwan ji please bacha lena’’ (Oh GOD please save me) she said to herself and went inside and knocked the door and waited for the door to open. Prachi opened the door, by looking at her face anybody could tell that she was very angry ‘’You are 30 minutes late Miss Radhika Mehra ‘’ she said folding her arms and looking in a different direction but when she looked forward there was no sign of Radika and she looked here and there and when she looked down she saw that Radhika was kneeling down before her with eyes closed and hands joined, she smiled looking at her antics and she too kneeled down in front of her. Radhika opened one of her eye to see the reaction of her Prachi Maa but when she saw her looking at her she closed her eyes again ‘’ I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m really really sorry Prachi maa I know I’m late but it was not my fault really I’m saying the truth there was a lot of traffic outside you can punish me also but please don’t be angry with me please, by the way you are looking very young and pretty in this shirt I must say ‘’ she said buttering her ‘’It’s ok but you should have better seen my dress before buttering me’’ said Prachi with a smirk on her face ‘’What’’ said Radhika opening her eyes and then she realized that Prachi was wearing a kurti instead of a shirt, Radhika bite her tongue sheepishly and Prachi held her ear ‘’Drama queen tujhe kiya laga tha hank e tu mujhe makhaan laga ke bach jaegi ha nab dekh mein kiy akarti hon’’( Drama queen what did you thought that you will be spared by buttering me now see what I’ll do) she said still holding her ear. ‘’Are meri maa ye baatein to raaste mein bhi hoti rahen gi ab chalen nahi to flight miss hojae gi’’ (Oh my mother we can talk on the way also but now can we leave or else I will miss my flight’’ she Radhika in pain, ’’ Oops I almost forgot about the flight come on let’s leave’’ she said and left her ear ‘’Thank GOD’’ she said to herself ‘’Did you say anything?’’asked Prachi raising her eyebrows, ‘’No I said nothing now come let’s leave’’ she said rushing out hurriedly and they both left for the airport, Prachi was driving and Radhika was enjoying the ride, ‘’Did you took your medicines’’ said Prachi ,’’Yes Prachi Maa said Radhika ‘’Radhika I’m warning you if you skipped your medicines then I swear you will see the worst side of mine’’ said Prachi ‘’Hey sweetheart I’m sorry I know I’m being rude but I really don’t want to lose you, you are the only reason of my existence you know na’’ said Prachi ‘’Don’t worry Prachi Maa I understand your concern and I promise that I will take my medicines properly so now give my your pretty smile and also all your worries so that I can go peacefully’’ said Radhika .Prachi gave her a broad smile. They reached at the airport on time and Radhika gave Prachi a bone crushing hug and Radhika kissed her forehead ‘’Take care of yourself and if there is any problem then you will call me ok’’ said Radhika. ‘’I will now go ‘’ she said, both of their eyes were filled with tears and both were forcing them in trying to be strong in of each other Radhika went inside and Prachi also went home.

Precap; Radhika to live in Gadodia Mansion to help Ragini, but how???

So guys this was along chapter for you all enjoy it and also give your reviews about Radhika’s character. If you have any confusions then you can ask me, keep reading and take care see you all with next chapter of My Sister Is My Enemy till then bye everyone

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